From the Junior School

Come Together

Ms Amanda Hall | Head of Junior School

The learning journey for our Year 1 cohort has been very much following the theme and importance of coming together. Under the guidance and care of Mrs Sharyn Bomford, Year 1 students have embraced the value and power of storytelling. On Friday 26 May, they presented a captivating assembly presentation to convey these messages to the Junior School. The enthusiasm with which they sang the song Come Together by Isaiah Firebrace, Lee Kernaghan and Mitch Tambo demonstrated how cohesive this group of young people have become.

Year 1 students also brought to life the storybook No Way Yirrikipayi. The main character is a crocodile, which is also the Year 1 class totem for 2023. Through working with Ken Brown and a number of art sessions, students produced stunning works of art encapsulating the crocodile.