From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Director of Co-Curricular Activities

Cattle Show Team at EKKA

Rainy skies did not dampen the spirits of our Cattle Show Team at the commencement of this year’s EKKA, which of course always starts with the Interschool Cattle Parading and Judging competition.
Our Show Team busily got to work preparing cattle for parading and judging events for their week ahead and really enjoyed mixing it with the best from schools around the state who also have a keen eye for cattle and a strong interest in the beef and agricultural industry.
Our Cattle Show Team experienced some excellent success over the week.  Here’s a rundown of the results –
  • We WON the team judging event – this was a fantastic result for Dan Hughes, Ben Carey and Georgia Mulcahy which also earned them a special write-up in the Queensland Country Life.
  • Georgia Mulcahy placed 4th in the parading and also delivered a speech in the State finals representing the Darling Downs for Prime Judging
  • Natalie Mulcahy received a 2nd place in the Stud School Junior Judging
  • In a field of 80+ competitors, Mackenzie Taylor and Georgina Buchan both had the opportunity to speak about their selections, with Georgina placing second in her class and Mackenzie receiving commendation for her speech.
  • Some more ‘Highly Commended’ young judges were Natalie Mulcahy, Mackenzie Taylor, Charlee Pennell, Mia Bischoff and Maddie Taylor in their respective age groups.

Sheep Show Team at EKKA

The Sheep Club took a team of 12 students to the EKKA with a number of highlights as collated by Mrs Kuhn below. We congratulate the students on a fantastic week of learning and competition.

Fleece judging 6 SCOTS PGC students were selected to speak in the judging finals with the best results in Junior and Senior categories proving very successful. Congratulations to our students on the following achievements:

  • Benn Hunter | 1st in the Junior section
  • Tilly Judd | 3rd in the Junior Section
  • Connor Ryan | Highly Commended in Junior section
  • Amelia Kuhn | Highly Commended in Junior section
  • Maggie Myer | 2nd in the Senior section
  • Abby Brown | 3rd in the Senior section

Connor Ryan, Abby Brown, Tilly Judd, Benn Hunter, Amelia Kuhn and Maggie Myer

Dairy judging Tilly Judd, Highly Commended

Tilly Judd – Dairy Judging

Junior Judging Austin Judd, the only SCOTS PGC student selected to speak, was awarded a highly commended.

Austin Judd – Highly Commended

Junior Handlers Angus Hamilton, 2nd, Genevieve Hunter, 4th, and Grace Ryan highly commended in a strong field of competitors.

Angus Hamilton, Genevieve Hunter and Grace Ryan

Overall Handlers – selected from a combined group of the junior + senior handler winners saw Angus Hamilton take out 3rd place which was an excellent effort across all sections.

Angus Hamilton – 3rd place in Overall Handlers

Texel Sheep – Our Texel sheep were awarded class ribbons but did not receive Champion ribbons.

Corriedale SheepThe Corriedale sheep were also awarded class ribbons but did not receive Champion ribbons.

Merino Challenge – (First year it has been run) – SCOTS  PGC entered late in the Merino challenge, with only limited time to prepare both animal and fleece. Our Merinos placed 5th & 6th against a strong field of competitors. It was decided to bring one Merino back with us so we can practise preparing a fine fleece for the show in preparation for next year’s challenge.

Finally, Mrs Kuhn came 2nd in the teachers handling competition out of a field of about 25 Staff from 8 schools, proving she knows her stuff.

Congratulations to all students and staff on a great week of competition and learning.

College Choir: A Round of Applause!

Miss Peyton Crofton – Music Teacher

We are thrilled to share some fantastic news from our College choir! Their recent performances for 105 Years of PGC and Book Week have truly been remarkable and deserve a hearty round of applause.

The choir members have showcased their dedication and hard work, leaving the audience impressed with their harmonious voices and captivating renditions. These performances not only entertained, but also demonstrated the choir’s commitment to their art.

But the journey doesn’t end here! Our choir still has another two upcoming performances, and for these we want to wish them the best of luck. With their commitment and talent, we are sure they will continue to spread joy and harmony wherever they go.

Let’s show our support by cheering them on in their rehearsals and upcoming events. Your applause and encouragement mean the world to these young performers.

Darling Downs Downs 10-12 years Athletics Success

On Tuesday 15 August, our Southern Downs Athletics Team participants headed to Toowoomba for the Darling Downs Championships and an opportunity to go to the big dance in Brisbane for the Queensland 10-12 Years Track and Field Championships in October. All our students listed below performed well and achieved in most cases a season’s best if not a personal best.

Sophie Benz, Ebbathea Bowie, Sienna Farrell, Thomas Grayson, William Grayson, Cooper Keogh, Victoria McHardy, Pania Petera, Isabelle Pettiford and Tori Winters

Some of course performed better than others and the following students excelled to the point where they have been selected in the Darling Downs Team and will get their chance in Brisbane at the State Championships in late October.

We congratulate Sophie Benz – 100m, William Grayson – Discus and Tori Winters – 100m, 200m, Long Jump on their performances and selection in their favoured events and we wish them well for their State Championships campaign. Training will continue on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for these athletes in preparation for the championships.


Darling Downs 13-19 Years Track and Field Championships Results

This was held over two days on Thursday and Friday 17-18 August in Toowoomba. Day 1 of this event saw the track events held at The Glennie School whilst Day 2 was held at O’Quinn St Athletics facility. Twenty-two of our qualifiers committed themselves to attending this event and for some, it was a new experience whilst for others it was just another day at the track.

The athletes below all participated well in their events despite the poor conditions on Day 2 and several students walked away with medals and selection paperwork.

Ben Carey, Philippa Cassels, Amira Duffy, Seth Esson, Lachlan Groves, Bailey Harm, Tanner Henley, Ellyse Kruger, Hannah Lawlor, Lily Malone, Mackenzie Mayall, Adam McDonald, Henry McMillan, Mia McMurtrie, Oliver Miller, Charlie Montgomery, Bethany Moore-Kirkland, Elliza Moore-Kirkland, Sarah Morris, Darcy Noller, Phoebe Sellick and Sienna Sparksman, all represented the College with pride and determination across the two days of competition.

Over the two days, we garnered 12 Gold, 7 Silver and 8 Bronze medals along with several top 10 placings against the best athletes across the region.

Our most successful athletes were:

  • Ben Carey – 17 years | 1st 800m | Selection to the DD Team
  • Lachlan Groves – 14 years | 3rd 800m | outside qualifying standard
  • Bailey Harm – 15 years | 2nd Triple Jump, 2nd Javelin, 2nd High Jump, 2nd Discus, 3rd Long Jump | Selection to the DD Team
  • Tanner Henley – 15 years | 3rd Javelin, 3rd Shot Put, 1st Discus | Selection to the DD Team
  • Ellyse Kruger – 15 years | 5th Javelin, 11th Shot Put, 1st Discus | Selection to the DD Team
  • Mackenzie Mayall – 18-19 years | 1st 400m, 1st 200m | Selection to the DD Team
  • Adam McDonald – 16 years | 100m 2nd, 200m 3rd | Selection to the DD Team
  • Henry McMillan – 14 years | 2nd Discus, 2nd Shot Put | Selection to the DD Team
  • Oliver Miller – 13 years | 1st Hurdles, 4th 100m, 1st Long Jump, 1st Javelin, 1st Triple Jump, 4th Discus | Selection to the DD Team
  • Bethany Moore-Kirkland – 13 years | 1st 3000m Walk (rec), 2nd 800m, 6th 400m | Selection to the DD Team
  • Elliza Moore-Kirkland – 15 years | 1st 400m, 2nd 800m, 1st 200m Hurdles, 3rd Long Jump, 7th Shot Put | Selection to the DD Team
  • Darcy Noller – 17 years | 5th 100m, 3rd 200m | Selection to the DD Team
  • Phoebe Sellick – 16 years – 1st 100m Hurdles | Selection to the DD Team
  • Sienna Sparksman – 14 years – 3rd Shot Put | Selection to the DD Team

Particular mention goes to Bethany Moore-Kirkland on her record in the 3000m Walk setting a new mark of 19.30.17min in the process and breaking the old mark by some three and a half minutes.

Congratulations to all on your success and we wish all our selected athletes the very best for their State Championships preparations. Training will continue on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for these athletes in preparation for the championships.