From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Director of Co-Curricular Activities

College Athletics Championships

In the last week of Term 2, the College successfully conducted our first 9-19Yyears Athletics Championship over two glorious days of competition on Briggs and Dunning Ovals.

The ambitious task of conducting events for 10 separate age groups was meticulously planned out by Miss Carey (and assisted by Mr Bradbury), which enabled our students to contest their events in a relaxed carnival atmosphere where junior and senior students were supportive of each other. Our participation numbers were up significantly which did cause some issues, particularly with our 800m programming, but this is a good issue to be having when participation is a major goal of our program.

We are proud to share the results of our Age Championship and Inter-Clan competitions and the records set across the two days.

Age Champions

AgeGirls Boys
9 YearsPiper Sakrewski 1st, Laura Worboys 1stThomas Grayson 1st, Archie Grayson 2nd
10 YearsSophie Benz 1st, Isabelle Pettiford 2ndSolis Mahoney 1st, Spencer Hoffman 2nd
11 YearsTori Winters 1st, Ivy Stirling 2ndWilliam Dare 1st, Austin Judd 2nd
12 Years                       Victoria McHardy 1st, Amelia Kuhn 2ndCooper Keogh 1st, Connor Hoffman 2nd
13 YearsBethany Moore-Kirkland 1st, Natalie Mulcahy 2ndOliver Miller 1st, Matthew Smith 2nd
14 YearsMylie Caldwell 1st, Emily Doyle 2ndCharlie Montgomery 1st, Henry McMillan
15 YearsElliza Moore-Kirkland 1st, Amira Duffy 2ndBailey Harm 1st, Murphy Benson 2nd
16 Years   Phoebe Sellick 1st, Briana Groves 2ndLachlan Tweddell 1st, Ryan Bohm 2nd
17 Years          Jessica Angus 1st, Faith Quach 2ndDarcy Noller 1st, Benjamin Carey 2nd
18/19 YearsMakybe Edwards 1st, Emma Bradbury 2ndMackenzie Mayall 1st, daniel Hughes 2nd

In the race for the Inter-Clan Championship, we have had a changing of the guard with Mackay coming to the fore with a significant championship win. Congratulations to Mackay on their win and to all Clans on what was a healthy and competitive few days at the track. The final Clan placings were as follows…

  • Mackay 1st
  • Cameron 2nd
  • Leslie 3rd
  • Maciness 4th

Congratulations to the following record-breakers on their superior performances.  These athletes have etched their names into the SCOTS PGC history books:

  • Tori Winters – 11 Years 100m – 14.30sec (previously held by Lucinda Bourke at 14.80sec set in 2016)
  • Oliver Miller – 13 Years Triple Jump – 11.91m (previously held by R Allsop at 10.27m set in 1984)
  • Elliza Moore-Kirkland – 15 Years 3000m – 13.12.00 min (previously held by B Groves at 14.31.24 min set in 2022)
  • Isabelle Pettiford – 10 Years 1500m – 7.04.00 min (previously held by J Nielsen at 7.27.9 min set in 2022)
  • Bethany Moore-Kirkland – 13 Years 1500m – 5.43.30 min (previously held by T Reinhard at 5.57.40 min set in 1987)
  • Thomas Grayson – 9 Years Shot Put – 6.31m (previously held by B March at 6.24m set in 2019)

Congratulations to all students on their participation and to our staff on their diligence and hard work to assist us in achieving such a successful carnival. Without their efforts to complete events in a timely manner, we would not have been able to achieve this result. A special thanks to our P&F representatives in the canteen for their fine fare and dedication to providing this service to our school community. Finally, we thank our catering for the wonderful morning teas and lunches, and to our maintenance staff for their invaluable assistance in preparing for and cleaning up after all the events were done and dusted.

Thank you again to all for your contributions to this major community event.