From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Director of Co-Curricular Activities

SCOTS PGC Youth Campdraft Success

On the weekend of November 12 and 13, the SCOTS PGC Youth Draft finally took flight at the Allora Showgrounds.  Under sunny skies with a full program of Junior, Juvenile and Associate categories, it was well attended by some 123 riders and 171 horses from across 57 different communities throughout Queensland. Participants came from as far afield as Roma, Emerald, Charleville and even south to Tenterfield.

With a focus on learning experiences, in line with our College philosophy that all learning does not need to occur in the classroom, the draft was the culmination of a program of training days initiated by our dedicated committee of volunteers passionate about developing the sport.  At the end of the two-day affair the following student participants were awarded prizes in each category:

Junior Draft  (Judge – Errol Cooper)

  1. Taylor Foster riding Sugar Ray
  2. Curtis Gray riding Moore Kit Cats
  3. Zane Renyard riding Renyards Topaz
  4. Ella Smart riding Respectable
  5. Matilda Bostock riding Brigalow
  6. Cruz Hamilton riding Bellfield Whitney

CUTOUT Winner – Curtis Gray riding Moore Kit Cats

Juvenile Draft (Judge – Glenn Evans)

  1. Jill Radke riding Confused
  2. Eve Radke riding Tailorama
  3. Mia Bischoff riding Scrubash Youralla, Evening Acres
  4. Jackson Bateman riding Cues Last Spin
  5. Abbie-Jane Lord riding Croziers Conflict
  6. Pyper Reedman riding Cheyanne
  7. William Kelly riding Karoolas Bonnie
  8. Cooper Lewis riding Charlie
  9. == William Prentice riding Fletch
  10. == Phoebe Wild riding Peelvale Smart Dually

CUTOUT Winner – William Prentice riding Roxette

Associate  Draft (Judge – Darryl Hayward)

  1. Rylee Turner riding Turners Stud Reward
  2. Aleta Bellingham riding Scooby
  3. Ala Frankcom riding Rosebrook Kitty
  4. Rylee Turner riding Condalilly
  5. Harrison Kelly riding Melody
  6. Ala Frankcom riding Smith Family Gypsy Cat
  7. Kirrilly Roche riding Prince
  8. Taylor Heit riding Dreams Girl
  9. Taylor Heit riding Sherri
  10. Maguire Casey riding Condamine Undecided

CUTOUT Winner – Rylee Turner riding Condalilly.

We congratulate all our participants and award winners and look forward to welcoming them back in 2023.

An event of such magnitude does not just happen overnight, and many people have contributed to the success of the weekend.  I particularly thank our Organising Committee for their tireless work in making the training days and the final draft happen. Their passion for this activity was the driving force behind the concept, and without them, as with any of our major activities, we would not be able to do it.

At the risk of missing someone, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people below from our school community and the wider Warwick community for their valuable contributions to our event and be assured your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Organising Committee: Adam & Jodie Worboys, Kal Bruyn, Cheryl Paganin

Canteen Operations: Sky Thompson and family (Marg, Sergie, Shya & Alacuchy)

Community Volunteers: Rodney and Kerry Hagenbach​ (Rodney worked in backyards and drove cattle and water truck, while Kerry was in the office all weekend), Darryl and Nicole Hayward ​(Darryl was a judge and worked in backyards, while Nicole helped in the office and also with announcing and presentations), Anthony Flint (Novelty draft commentary), Jenny Rafton ​(Office), Tori Rafton ​(Office), Errol and Clare Cooper ​(Errol was a judge and helped remove used cattle from cutout yard, while Clare was our announcer), Jo Frankcom ​(helped in the kitchen all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday), Glenn Muller ​(worked in the backyards all day Saturday and Sunday), Glenn Evans ​(judge and ACA representative/announcement regarding scoring/finals), Shirley (Allora Show Society), Clancy Smith (backyards), Terry and Geraldine Dwan (helped the riders with cattle selection etc), Greg Widderick​ (judge and helped remove used cattle from cutout yard) Cooper Jackson (set up/clean up and cattle)

SCOTS PGC Student helpers: Mitch and Cody Muller (backyards), Ryan Bohm (backyards), George Handley (backyards), Lewis Edwards (backyards), Tyler Caldwell (backyards), Will Bryant (backyards), Lachlan Woods (backyards), Baxter Twidale, Chloe Paganin, Ala, Layne & Ruby Frankcom, Gabby and Phoebe Sellick (not competing but helped all weekend), Jess Angus (not competing but helped all day Saturday), Maddie and Mackenzie Taylor (not competing but helped all weekend), Molly-Rose Sinclair (not competing but helped both days), Marty, Tommy and Laura Worboys, Chaylee and Connor Bruyn, Grace Muller.

Finally, we would like to thank our generous sponsors for their contributions to the event. Without their generous support, the event would not be able to proceed. Sponsorship comes in many forms, from donations of time, livestock, and transport to the prizes on offer and the other monetary enhancements. Many of our donors, particularly of the more than 500 head of cattle required for the event, wished to remain anonymous but nonetheless, we are most grateful for their support.