From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Assistant Director Co-Curricular Activities

As the term draws to a close we have had yet another week of activities that should fill us all with that special kind of pride that is alive and well within our SCOTS PGC community.  The highlight of the week has to be our Interclan Cross Country carnival – a spectacular whole college event, closely followed by the wonderful efforts from each of our individual activities, which have been reported on by our captains in the Captains Corner segment or as their own individual articles.  For now and until next term, here is a wrap of the cross country.

In what were near perfect conditions we conducted our annual  Interclan Cross Country yesterday with a fantastic turnout from our students, staff and their families. In what was a slightly new format over our new course from last year we saw the junior and senior races intertwined to create a fantastic whole school atmosphere. The age group results showed we have some great depth in certain age groups and a couple of outstanding individuals coming through the ranks. Ewan McFarland, Sam Harvey, Benjamin Carey and Evan Doughboy were the most outstanding of the lads whilst Zara Kruger, Eliana Jones and Hayley Wainwright proved quite impressive.

The Age Champions were as follows:

5 years – Elsie Davis, Jack Unwin
6 years – Isabelle Pettiford, Andrew Amos
7 years – Jemmah Neilsen, Treshawne Achari
8 years – Naomi Ratcliffe, Cooper Keogh
9 years – Hannah Bourke, Colby Miller
10 years – Hayley Wainwright, Lachlan Groves
11 years – Ellyse Kruger, Bailey Harm
12 years – Briana Groves, Riley Wainwright
13 years – Zara Kruger, Benjamin Carey
14 years – Eliana Jones, Evan Doughboy
15 years – Hannah Gordon, Sam Harvey
16 years – Shona McFarland, Ewan McFarland
Open – Amelia Meek, Samuel Proudlove

The team for Southern Downs and Border District on 1 May have been named and training programs have been distributed (check your SEQTA). This will be a great opportunity to move forward to the Regionals on May 21st so be sure to train well over the break.

In the Clan competitions, the following category winners were awarded.


Ross Cup, Junior Inter-clan Cross Country (13,14,15 years) – Cameron
Counsell Cup, Senior Cross Country (16,17 years) – Leslie


Angus Cup, Junior Inter-clan Cross Country (13,14,15 years) – Cameron
Kingswood Shield, Senior Cross Country (16,17 years) – Leslie


Nitschke Cup for Champion Clan age group 13 years and older – Leslie
Middle School Champion Clan age group 9 to 12 years – Cameron
STANDARDS Champion Clan (Participation trophy) – Mackay

The results show there may be a changing of the guard with Cameron certainly gaining momentum in the junior end of the school. We will be interested to see if Leslie can hold on one more year in 2020. Congratulations to all on their efforts this week and best of luck to all at the Southern Downs and Border District Championships, and the QCIS Cross Country on 17 May. I would like to express my deepest thanks to all who contributed to the success of the day, the academic staff out on course, the admin staff for prep of certificates, photography and ancillary details, the kitchen and maintenance staff for all their hard work, the parents manning the canteen and students themselves for their outstanding efforts. Special thanks to Mr Fender and Mr Wilson for their assistance in setting up in the early hours of the morning. It has been a true community effort for all to be proud of.

Arranmore Sport – Term 2

At this point in time, we are offering the following in Term 2 for the Arranmore and Junior Programs:

Keep an eye out for Tennis in the near future with planning for this well underway and a schedule of available sessions being drafted as we speak.

There are lots of activities to keep our youngsters engaged.  We also offer the following activities, which have been operating all term:

  • JAM Choir
  • Cattle Club
  • Sheep Club
  • Debating
  • Equestrian
  • Coding and Robotics
  • Pipes and Drums
  • Sustainability Club

For details please contact Mr Bradbury on 0419 657 676 or via SEQTA.