From the Co-curricular Desk

Senior Hockey Team Growing in confidence!

This week in our return to fixtures, we saw almost a full strength team take to the turf on Tuesday evening. A shaky first half saw everything fairly even at 3-3 but as we settled into our playing structure, the SCOTS Team started to assert some dominance over our opponents.

Sam Bourke as always, showed flare and skill against all opponents scoring at will for us during the evening. Seb Christensen returned to the turf for the first time in two years and demonstrated great speed on the ball down the right wing. Tanner Henley was cool calm and collected at fullback and both Lachlan Nolan and Tanner paired well to keep out the opposition.

A move to half from the back saw Ewan McFarland score on his return to the sport. Mille Groves was outstanding at left wig and paired well with Seb coming in from the right to score the most impressive goal of the night. Krystal Petersen continues to impress in midfield and although a move up front proved more challenging, she was more than up to the task. Briana Groves was solid on the ball as ever but a little quieter on this occasion as she was starved of the ball for much of the second half.

Abbey Petersen and William Angus continue to improve as our youngest Team members as does our new centre half Nicholas McGahan is growing more confident with each touch on the ball despite his lack of self-confidence on the turf. Nick’s distribution and control of the midfield is a growing feature and his ability to feed Sam Bourke with quality ball is improving all the time.

The team went on to win 8-4 in a game that certainly was harder than it appeared on the scoreboard.

I again look forward to working with this magnificent group of humans next week as we continue to build our program. Any interested players are welcome, particularly off season cricketers, so contact Mr Bradbury if interested in this fast paced Olympic sport.


Debating Success!

The Yr 8.1 Debating team had a hard earned win this week against Assumption up in Toowoomba.  The clincher for them was the combination of preparation and giving rebuttal a try.  The rebuttal is that “thinking on your feet” part of debating that is very difficult to perfect and a lot harder than it looks.  Isaac Ratcliffe, Connie Sue Tin and Bayden Tink delivered the goods in an excellent debating demonstration after a big day at Cross Country.

Congratulations to the team and to Mr Heather and the debating staff, who are going the extra mile to give our charges the very best they can.


Netball Fixtures

SCOTS 2 girls started off strong last night against Shooting Stars, winning the first quarter 6 v 2, however they ended up going down 19 v 25. The girls continue to develop and grow and above all are loving the game.

SCOTS 1 also started well but were outclassed by the Confro Team from Assumption going down by 13 at the end of the play. Ruby King stood tall as a guiding light and has really improved her play in a report from Mrs Wiid.

We wish the girls all the best as they build into their season.


Darling Downs Trials

Next Tuesday 27th April we have several students attending Darling Downs Trials for the following sports:

12yrs Hockey – Nathanael Amos, Abbey Petersen, Lachlan Groves

11yrs Rugby League – Harry Grayson, Scott Wainwright, Colby Miller

12yrs Rugby League – Tom Worboys, Innes Nowlan, Douglas Lawlor

12yrs Netball – Hannah Bourke, Bethany Moore-Kirkland

The following week we will have students at Darling Downs Trials for Orienteering, Basketball, Rugby Union and Touch. More detail on these will be reported next week along with the results of the trials on the 27th.


College Cross Country Championships

A glorious day greeted the runners for the College Cross Country this week as we contested the events from 5 yrs-19 yrs.

Good numbers were attracted to the Championship events and our Senior Participation Event was well supported by the less serious runners. All in all a great community day celebrating youth and fitness on a magnificent stage in marvellous conditions.

Some highlights from the day include the very convincing win by Lachlan Groves in the 12yrs boys. This time will likely be very competitive at Southern Downs and bodes well for the young man. The 11yrs Boys event was a hotly contested affair with Harrison Grayson showing tenacity to win from the ever impressive Colby Miller. These U11’s are untested at District and Regional Level due to COVID cancellations last year and their pathway shall be an interesting one indeed as we move to the next level for the first time. Hayley Wainwright had a strong win in the 12years girls and we look forward to seeing if she can again press for higher honours.

When it comes to sheer depth, the 13yrs boys was likely the race of the day with the first 5 placegetters all delivering very competitive performances over the 3km course. As a team, they will be hard to beat at Border District.

Benjamin Carey’s sub 14min effort for the 4km course seemed effortless and it will be interesting to see if he can step it up a gear against greater opposition.

Eliana Jones and Shona McFarland went toe to toe for the entire race and both may have a claim to Border District championships next week in the U16 and Open events respectively if they can repeat their performances.

Race 1 of the day saw Ewan McFarland dominate with a 5min win over the very handy Sam Harvey. In his post-race interview, he said he took it easy so next week could be very interesting. Ewan has spent the past three years developing himself and this year may see a huge pay off for his persistence, although by his own admission he feels a little underdone for the upcoming season.

I offer a huge thank you to staff, students and spectators for their support of the day. To the Maintenance and Catering staff a heartfelt thanks for all the little things they do to assist the successful running of the day. Also, thank you to Mrs Crawford and the P&F for their canteen, which is always a hit with parents, staff and students alike.

Below are our place getters and selected team for the Southern Downs and Border District Cross Country to be held here at SCOTS next Thursday, where we expect a good showing from our talented runners. Times indicated are their performance on the day. Students are invited to training with Mr Bradbury next Wednesday and are encouraged to join our program for track and field commencing in the coming weeks.

Congratulations to all on their performances across the day.


10 Yrs Boys Cooper Keogh 0:09:06.25 10Yrs Girls Elsie Holden 0:09:59.67
William Grayson 0:09:33.69 Naomi Ratcliffe 0:10:03.56
Timothy Amos 0:10:43.36 Sophia Pettiford 0:12:18.55
Connor Bruyn 0:11:14.63
11 Yrs Boys Harrison Grayson 0:13:02.71 11 Yrs Girls Bethany Moore-Kirkland 0:14:11.15
Colby Miller 0:13:23.83 Hannah Bourke 0:15:21.27
Scott Wainwright 0:13:56.42 Annabel Mayall 0:18:18.29
Clay Darragh 0:13:59.22 Natalie Mulcahy 0:20:02.53
Beau Edmed 0:14:35.76
Wilson Andrew 0:15:11.66
12 Yrs Boys Lachlan Groves 0:12:08.97 12 Yrs Girls Hayley Wainwright 0:13:31.68
Ashton Mayfield 0:13:36.35 Mylie Caldwell 0:17:26.04
Angus Bauer 0:14:10.86 Bridie Hutchison 0:20:12.84
Nathanael Amos 0:14:44.91 Lillah Nielsen 0:20:24.54


13 Yrs Boys Rory Farrell 0:12:23.92 13 Yrs Girls Elliza Moore-Kirkland 0:13:47.70
Murphy Benson 0:12:33.06 Amira Duffy 0:14:53.69
Bailey Harm 0:12:56.84 Sarah Morris 0:15:19.66
Joshua Millard 0:13:09.69 Ellyse Kruger 0:16:31.59
William Angus 0:13:12.12 Belle Sweedman 0:18:07.23
Declyn Wren Add Com Layne Frankcom 0:17:51.20
14 Yrs Boys Riley Wainwright 0:17:09.72 14 Yrs Girls Briana Groves 0:18:35.01
Samuel Bourke 0:17:10.89 Phoebe Sellick 0:20:40.44
Tanner Grant 0:18:22.91 Hannah Lawlor 0:20:41.86
Nicholas Hughes 0:19:14.34
Cooper Bischoff 0:20:25.39
15 Yrs Boys Benjamin Carey 0:13:59.92 15 Yrs Girls Jessica Angus 0:20:03.72
Hamish Swift 0:15:27.24 Niamh Ryan 0:20:05.05
Samuel Wainwright 0:16:05.38 Alyxis McDonald 0:22:27.72
Percy Kruger 0:18:02.46 Krystal Petersen 0:24:10.02
Benjamin Cameron 0:18:25.15
16 Yrs Boys River Taylor 0:25:14.95 16 Yrs Girls Eliana Jones 0:17:53.82
Mika Repo 0:25:55.24 Erin Keogh 0:19:54.20
Luke Stephenson 0:27:07.52 Molly-Rose Sinclair 0:20:49.30
Alexandra Rickert 0:25:11.74
Open Boys Ewan McFarland 0:19:21.68 Open Girls Shona McFarland 0:17:50.27
Sam Harvey 0:24:49.85 Georgia Moody 0:21:18.26
Mackenzie Mayall 0:26:37.96 Ala Frankcom 0:22:33.65
Darcy Brennan 0:27:50.54 Chloe Wainwright 0:23:15.74
Seb Christensen 0:28:04.89 Lucy Jackson 0:23:48.42
Ginger Aranas 0:24:21.67


Upcoming Events

SD 10-12yrs and BD 19-19yrs Cross Country – April 29

DD Various Trials – May 4

SD 12 yrs Rugby Union and Tennis – May 5

DD 10-19 yrs Cross Country – May 17

QCIS 10-19 yrs Cross Country – June 1