From the Co-curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Assistant Director of Co-curricular Activities

Over the last couple of weeks, Mr Wilson and I have been reviewing data and nominations as we prepare for the Co-curricular Awards ceremony which will take place in Week 6.  We are both proud and pleased to report the significant increase we’ve noted in the number of students who have achieved representative honours throughout 2019.  To give you a clear picture, the data is best displayed in a graphical format to illustrate this pleasing upward trend.

The data shows the following statistics:

  • Southern Downs and Border District Selections
    2018 – 40 students versus 2019 – 64 students – 62% increase
  • Darling Downs/Regional Level Selections
    2018 – 17 students versus 2019 – 44 Students – 258% increase
  • Queensland Representatives
    2018 – 8 students – 2019 – 13 students – 61% increase

In 2018 our students represented the following sports: Athletics, EQ and Futsal and in 2019 students represented Athletics, Swimming, EQ and Futsal

  • Australian Representatives
    2018 – 1 student versus 2019 – 5 students – 400% increase

This is a fantastic achievement for the students and the College which showcases the opportunities and pathways available to our students along with the results that are attainable with a supportive group of coaching staff and activity coordinators.

Colours Criteria

The Colours criteria policy has been reviewed and is available for all community members from the website.  It can be accessed here: