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Mr Tom Bradbury – Assistant Director of Co-curricular Activities

We’ve had a fantastic couple of weeks back to kick off the 2019 year.  Our highlight for Week 2 so far has to be our Swimming Carnival events that were held this week.  It was wonderful to see all students trying their very best, supporting their team mates and exercising school spirit.

Our JAM Swimming Carnival was held on Wednesday 6th February which provided a wide variety of activities for all ages and ability levels.

The beginner swimmers were fully catered for with relays and other pool games to promote their awareness and abilities in and around the water. Thank you to our Junior School Staff for their dedication and support of these activities and how they made each student feel a sense of success and accomplishment at whatever level that may have been.

Our more serious swimmers dove headlong into the 25m pool with gusto! Many students stepped right outside their comfort zones to challenge themselves with rewarding success. One student I must make mention of was Alice Rogers, who put herself right out there to have a crack at the 50m events for the 11yrs age Champion. Despite facing the undisputed ‘Queen of the Pool’ in Elyse Kruger, Alice was not to be deterred, and as a result, she walked away with the Runners-Up certificate and the admiration of the entire crowd assembled. This was a fine example of SCOTS PGC spirit, and we congratulate Alice on her ‘have a go’ attitude.

Others also showed great spirit and dedication to their clan with participation, raucous cheering and encouragement of their peers throughout the day. Another special mention for his persistence and determination was Cody Baker, who also challenged himself across all four strokes to come away with a Runner-up certificate.

When it came to the trophies, Cameron Clan came out on top in the aggregate points with 353 points, from MacInnes with 327, Mackay with 296 and Leslie with 236.

The Age Championships were hotly contested with some close match ups and some resounding winners across the Age Groups. We congratulate the following for their excellent performances.


9 years              Age Champion – Hannah Bourke            Runner-Up – Tia Stewart

10 years            Age Champion – Bridie Hutchison           Runner-Up – Ella Johnson

11 years            Age Champion – Ellyse Kruger                Runner-Up – Alice Rogers

12 years            Age Champion – Connie Sue-Tin             Runner-Up – Abbey Petersen



9 years              Age Champion – Colby Miller                  Runner-Up – Cody Baker

10 years            Age Champion – Lachlan Groves             Runner-Up – Jack McCarthy

11 years            Age Champion – Bailey Harm                  Runner-Up – James Bourke

12 years            Age Champion – Samuel Bourke             Runner-Up – Lewis May


Ellyse Kruger was, as I stated earlier, the undisputed ‘Queen of the Pool’ on the day with 3 ‘smashed’ records, and setting a new event record in the Open Individual Medley.

Bailey Harm was certainly the fastest across the widest number of events in the boys’ programme, and his performance would confirm him as the ‘King of the Pool’ on the day, closely followed by Samuel Bourke with his solid performances across the programme.

We congratulate all for their participation and contribution to the day. I offer a hearty thanks to the staff, gap students and parents who contributed to the running of the carnival on the day. Without this dedicated community, it would not be possible to run the event and give so many students such a broad set of opportunities.

A team of students will be selected from this carnival to contest the Southern Downs Trials on Monday 25th February, so please keep an eye out on SEQTA for these details. Many will also get the chance to compete at the QCIS Swimming Championship on March 11.