From the Boarding Houses

From Boys’ Boarding

Mr Stewart Bailey | Head of Junior Boys’ Boarding

This week, Mr Marriott and I chose a different tact when it came to collating our newsletter article.  Instead of hearing from us, we decided to hand the reins over to the boys and let them provide you with an insight into Boys’ Boarding.  Our Boarding Captain, Peter McFarland, interviewed some of our youngest members of Boys’ Boarding to learn more about them as people and what it is about boarding that they enjoy.  So here goes…

What’s something you did over the holidays?

Kelvin: I went to Sea World… storm was my favourite ride

Beau: I went on 10-day holiday skiing and travelled to Sydney and Canberra

Sijarne: I saw my family and did a lot of fishing

What’s your favourite thing about boarding?

Kelvin: I like the weekend activities and going to the Scots football matches

Beau: It’s like a big sleepover with your mates all the time.

Sijarne: Sports with the boys; footy, futsal

What has been your favourite boarding activity this year and why?

Kelvin: The games that we went to at Suncorp Stadium

Beau: I loved going to the movies and seeing ‘Uncharted’ and ‘Doctor Strange’

Sijarne: My favourite thing was going to Suncorp for Raiders vs Broncos and Reds vs Warratahs matches

What is the best thing to do after school?

Kelvin: Helping with training; footy and basketball

Beau: Eating food in the common room with the boys of an afternoon (I love noodles)

Sijarne: Footy training with the boys on a Monday and Thursdays

Funny story from boarding

Kelvin: When it rained last – sliding around in the mud playing footy with all the boys on the weekend was the best

Beau: The time when there was a kookaburra tapping on the window reflection having a fight with itself a 4 o’clock in the morning – it woke everyone up!

Sijarne: Walking back from town with Riley and it was so hot that we both started laughing from Rose City all the way back to boarding