From the Boarding Houses

Girls’ Boarding Update

Ms Linda Berry | Assistant to the Director of Girls’ Boarding

From breathtaking hikes in Girraween National Park to cheering on Girls’ Boarding staff at the Warwick Pentathrun and immersing ourselves in the electric atmosphere of State of Origin Game 1, the past fortnight in Girls’ Boarding was filled with unforgettable moments, fostering a sense of adventure and spirit.

On May 27, our boarding community embarked on an adventure to Girraween National Park, immersing ourselves in the wonders of nature. Mrs George led the way on the Bald Rock Creek Circuit walk, followed by a BBQ lunch cooked by staff and senior boarders. After lunch, the girls headed back out with Mrs George on the Granite Arch Circuit where they ventured through the captivating landscapes, discovering hidden gems, and forging unforgettable memories along the way.

Throughout the day, the girls captured the beauty and joy of our Girraween experience through a photo competition. On our way home to boarding, we made a pit stop at Vincenzo’s Café, indulging in treats while supporting local businesses, fostering a sense of community and appreciation for the region’s offerings. During dinner that evening, we celebrated the best photo of the day.   Emidey and Emily captured the essence of Girraween’s beauty in their outstanding snapshots, earning themselves a Heavenly Chocolate gift pack. Congratulations to these talented photographers for their keen eye and creativity!

The excitement continued Sunday May 28 as we rallied together to support our Girls’ Boarding staff, Sarah and Brooke, as they completed the Warwick Pentathrun. We cheered them on as they raced the 1500m down the main street, showcasing their strength and determination. It was a moment of unity and encouragement within our boarding family.

To cap off the fortnight, we transformed the games room into a battlefield divided into maroon and blue for the State of Origin. The ‘friendly’ rivalry between the maroon and blue supporters added a spark of excitement throughout the room. The girls are looking forward to Game 2!

Boys’ Boarding Update

Mr David Marriott | Director of Boys’ Boarding 

Boys’ Boarding celebrated Mr Bailey, Assistant to the Director of Boys Boarding, last week, as he prepared for his well-deserved long service leave after 19 years at SCOTS PGC.  To wish Mr Bailey well, we all enjoyed a great dinner which was followed by cake.

Mr Bailey continues to do a fantastic job in caring and guiding our youngest boys in boarding. We wish Mr Bailey and his family a great five-week European holiday.


Our boarding house was abuzz last Wednesday evening as we took the opportunity to cheer on Queensland to victory over NSW in the first of the State of Origin matches.  There was Pizza and drinks for all, kindly arranged by Mr Marriott and Mr Bailey, a couple of true Queensland supporters.


Rugby recently returned to Briggs Oval, with all of our Junior Boy Boarders being members of the U13 Rugby team.
Our U15 boys, (many of who are Senior Boy Boarders) enjoyed a fantastic 7-try victory!  There’s plenty of rugby yet to come – next term the Darling Downs Super Schools Cup returns.