From the Boarding Houses

Mr David Marriott | Director of Boys’ Boarding & Ms Amy Woodgate | Director of Girls’ Boarding and Head of Middle School

SCOTS PGC Boarding – off to a great start!

There is a real sense of belonging in both girls’ and boys’ boarding houses as we approach the end of Week 4 in our first term. The boarders have certainly realised the need to start the year well and create good habits and study routines.  In particular, it’s great to see students of all year levels interacting and sharing fun experiences together that have them smiling regularly.

What has been particularly impressive from our Senior boarders is their welcoming manner and ‘lead by example’ approach with all of the younger girls and boys. Further, the positive way in which our Years 8 and 9 boarders have embraced and befriended the new Years 6 and 7 students has also been excellent as they continue to settle into boarding life at SCOTS. The values of respect and spirit are certainly showing through, and well may that continue.

As you will notice from some of the photos below, Prep (or homework time) is in full swing each week, with both senior and junior boarders. The Year 11 boys even welcomed Mr McCullough into Hawkins House for some maths tutoring work last week. This will continue to be a strong focus throughout 2023.

Adopt a Boarder

This is fast approaching on 24-26 February (end of Week 5) and is available to all boarding students. Essentially, girls and boys from all the SCOTS PGC boarding houses are encouraged to spend the weekend with friends from the day school, as approved by their parents/guardians. This may also include staying with a relative/family member or another boarder who offers to host a boarder, or it may even be a trip home for some. Parents of boarding students and the host parents can make plans and relay these to their respective Directors of Boarding to arrange leave. Please talk with your son/daughter about this great opportunity.

Going forward, keep an eye out in future Newsletters for some ‘Boarder profiles’, a great way for the SCOTS PGC community to get to know more about our students in boarding.