From our Student Leaders

Mr Daniel Kuhn | Head of Years 11 & 12

As Valentine’s Day 2022 fades from view, the tune of John Paul Young’s much-loved classic, “Love Is In The Air” reverberates, though the lyrics have been skewed somewhat to a more contemporary: “rona’s in the air…”  And with these newly arrived airborne particles, we found ourselves at the College, once again, conversing through Teams with our Seniors, and waiting patiently for the younger students to return. My age excludes me from membership in the “Digital Native Club,” but our students can all lay claim to this title, having grown up surrounded by screens and technology, and, early in the year, our College Leadership Team demonstrated exactly what being a digital native means. Despite the masks and the distance, the Student Leadership Team decided to produce a video of introduction so that all students at the College – whether at home, in boarding, or in isolation – could meet the Leadership team of 2022. Our College Captain, Hannah Myer – the genesis of this initiative – took it upon herself to coordinate the efforts of the group and, well, need I say more? Please click on the link below to view the Senior Leaders of 2022 in action.

This is an exciting group to work with and to learn from; I look forward to spending many hours with them this year as they set the standard of excellence within the College, as they demonstrate the College Spirit in all their dealings, and as they respectfully carry out their responsibilities. This new segment in the College newsletter will be a platform from which the Senior Leaders can share their views, initiatives, and thoughts with the College community. Keep an eye out for their words of wisdom in subsequent editions, as they take turns producing an article for your reading pleasure.