From our Student Leaders

Mia Benson | Year 12 Prefect

Over the past weekend, our Year 12 cohort had the absolute pleasure of attending our school Cardinal. Some of you may have seen photos already, tuned into the live stream, or even come along in person to watch the arrivals, and even if you didn’t, I’m here to give you a quick little rundown of the night.

My name is Mia Benson and I was a part of the amazing team called Cardinal Committee that helped put this night together and make it so magical. Even though we all put in countless hours and hard work, I’d like to give a special thanks to Kate McCarthy who was one of the main masterminds behind everything, making sure it all ran smoothly and writing lists after lists of what needed to be done. Another very important special thanks to Mrs Beverly Hobbs, who coordinated the overarching organisation of the night and without her, none of it would’ve been possible. Mrs Helen Bohm and Mrs Kate Coleman also helped to facilitate the night by providing us with our invitations, the seating plan and the organisation of the live streams. From most of the students’ perspectives, however, the most appreciation goes to John Rogers and his staff in the kitchen who served us the most delicious meals, with not a hungry stomach around by the end.

Our festivities started with the famous ‘Garden Party’ at the Girl’s Boarding House on Locke Street for some juice and cheese platters (once again prepared by John’s amazing team), while we all gushed over how wonderful we were all looked in our best suits and frocks. We assembled on the front steps as a grade for the traditional grade photo that adorns the Tartan Yearbook at the end of each year. Following this, we hurriedly said our goodbyes as the mad dash to get back to school for arrivals began. From a Lamborghini to a Mustang, a Datsun to the good old Hilux work ute, we all had our own fashionable methods of transport.

Once we all found our way back, it was all eyes on Mr Keevers, the night’s narrator, as arrivals were underway. His arrival announcing is always a feature of the night, with highlights such as his rendition of ‘God Save The Queen’ as Toby Callaghan and Grace McIllroy drove towards the red carpet and declaring that Millie Groves and Tom Denny turned up in the ‘car of the next President of the United States’. After we had all greeted Mr and Mrs Thompson upon entry, it was time for the parents to come on up, and for the students to show off their eight weeks of formal dance practice. The Mother-Son Gypsy Tap was outshone by the Father-Daughter Pride of Erin, and the shining star of it all was when just the students performed a very enthusiastic Progressive Jive. Puffed and rosy-cheeked, we farewelled our parents to kick off the night with Kate McCarthy as our upbeat MC. We moved swiftly into dinner, and as soon as the plates were cleared, we all scrambled onto the dance floor, raving to some ABBA before settling down to scoff down dessert and then getting up to groove once more. This time with our well-practiced Hustle, as well as the Nutbush, Macarena, and finishing off with the YMCA. Just before readying to pack up, some well-deserved awards were given out to the following:

Best Formal Dancers – Olivia Lack and Gus Flint

Best Arrivals – Taj Brar and Hannah Myer

Best Freestyle Dancer – Scotty Tatt

Best Hustler – Alex Geisel

By the time it was ready to pack up, we were all so tired already with hoarse voices, using up all our energy bouncing up and down on the dance floor and singing along like our lives depended on it. But we all put in the work, making our dining hall look like nothing ever happened (except for one helium balloon that was let go and is still floating on the roof a week later).

I’d like to thank everyone for making the night so special and memorable, and thank you to all the teachers that took time out of their busy lives to be with us for this milestone event in our last year of schooling. This night is surely not one to forget any time soon.