From our Student Leaders

I’m Alexandra Rickert, a 2022 College Prefect. I’ve been at SCOTS PGC since 2010 and have eagerly taken up many opportunities that have been thrown my way. The most recent one was the Hospitality trip to Sea World Nara Resort, participating in the H.O.T.E.L School Program.

At SCOTS PGC, we offer a Certificate III in Hospitality through the Aurora Training Institute. Allowing students to participate in practical lessons which involve making beverages, whilst also completing the theory component of the course. Events such as Cardinal and World Teachers’ Day offers opportunities for Hospitality students to utilise their newly learned skills.

Last week, Year 11 and 12 Hospitality students packed their bags and boarded the bus to Sea World. After an action-packed Sunday afternoon in the Sea World theme park watching the dolphin show, patting stingrays (if you were brave enough) and jumping onto as many rides as you could, we settled down in our rooms to prepare for the following two days where we would be working in the Resort part of Sea World. We took part in almost everything there was to offer, from housekeeping to concierge to engineering to restaurant shifts, there was never a dull moment. Working in the resort also tested out navigation skills, with over 400 rooms, making your way to the pool or the Shoreline Restaurant or to your next shift was a challenge in itself.

On Tuesday afternoon after we’d all successfully completed the program, each student was awarded a graduation certificate and a ‘Star Performer Award’ was given out to the most enthusiastic and ready-to-learn student – congratulations to Olivia Lack for being awarded Star Performer.

Finally, on behalf of all hospitality students, I’d like to thank Mrs Melissa Bellingham, Mrs Beverly Hobbs and Ms Kirsten Fisher for organising and accompanying us on this wonderful trip.