From our Student Leaders

Niamh Fender | Prefect

Introducing the MADD Concert

To remain flexible in these uncertain times (aka COVID-19, the dirty dog), we have decided not to engage in a secondary musical this year. However, there’s no need for tears as we will be holding a series of concerts that showcase the amazing range of talent found within the school. Currently loosely called the ‘MADD’ concert, this event will enable a range of musicians, artists, dramatists, and dancers to display their amazing skills and talents. Our amazing, gifted senior students Hannah Myer and Mia Benson consider this ‘an exciting opportunity for many students in our school to showcase the skills that often get overlooked’. While both ‘are disappointed about missing musical’ they are ‘excited for the chance to get to engage on stage in a variety of different performances. From singing a solo, to acting in a shared drama production, and possibly a few jazz hands and funky dance moves in between, it’ll be a show to see’. At this stage, the concerts will be held on campus to ensure that we are able to work within any occupancy regulations which may be implemented.

Any questions regarding this event may be directed to either Miss Woodbine or Mr Alley.  Stay tuned to SCOTS Connect for further updates.