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Stories of SCOTS PGC | Capturing the Present. Reminiscing on the Past.

Lexie Zerner | Publications Prefect

This year is quickly slipping through our fingertips; however, our Year 1 class is not letting this time disappear! In preparation for the 105-year Time Capsule, Mrs Bomford has been teaching the Year 1 cohort about the history of Scots and PGC as a part of their curriculum. The Year 1s have explored the College campus with our history expert, Mr Keevers, who has shared stories with the class about our school’s incredible history. The cohort also had the opportunity to visit the Archive Centre, viewing artefacts from over 100 years ago.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Betty Crombie Middle School, many past students returned to the campus to celebrate the event, including David Crombie and Pennie Hammond. The Year 1 class had the opportunity to meet these two lovely past students and hear about their time at the College decades ago. Mr Crombie and Mrs Hammond shared how their classrooms looked, the stationary they used and even a report card, provided by Mrs Hammond when she was in Year 3, who was part of a class of only seven students.

As part of this new curriculum, the Year 1 students are also creating their very own time capsules. Using a glass jar, the Year 1 students are capturing the present, by adding a new object to their time capsule every week.

We hope the Year 1 class, as well as other year levels across the school, will feature within the 105-year time capsule! And like the Year 1s, we hope to capture the present using artworks and schoolwork compiled by these younger grades. Furthermore, we are working on other projects for the time capsule. Some of these projects include gathering pictures from the PGC Garden Party and menus from John and the amazing kitchen staff.

Our prefect group, with the help of Mrs Henry, is hoping to post letters to past students who have donated kilts to the College. The iconic Cameron kilt most commonly appears with our College Pipes and Drums Band, and we hope that this project can commemorate the 75-year anniversary of this kilt, whilst also capturing memories and people from the past.

We have a lot in store for the remaining weeks of Term 3 and cannot wait to share these exciting projects with you! Of course, if you have any ideas for the 105-year time capsule, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Henry, Bridget Hardy, or myself as we would love to hear from you…

We are looking forward to reporting back about the PGC Garden Party which is set to take place this weekend on 19 August.

Until next time, have a fabulous week and thank you for reading!