From Junior Boys Boarding

Mr Stewart Bailey | Head of Junior Boys’ Boarding

As I sit at my desk typing this weeks’ newsletter, I reflect upon a very busy and more importantly a very rewarding week in Boys’ Boarding; especially with many of my Year 6, 7 & 8’s involved in various sporting teams. Your sons never fail to amaze me with their abilities both on and off the sporting fields as well as making me laugh with their stories of life outside of the College.

The last couple of weeks has seen the Rugby Teams play both home and away games. They should be congratulated for their ongoing contributions to their chosen sport. The commitment your sons have made to the College and their team is a credit to them.

Not to be outdone, off the sporting field the boys have great delight along with a little banter, in letting me know of their achievements in the classroom. This is especially evident when it comes to their results for their completed assignments and the pride they feel from the effort they put into them.

These academic achievements and nightly banter always bring a smile to my face and to see the joy radiating from the boy’s faces due to their own personal achievement when they complete their assigned work is a wonder to behold.

It’s hard to believe that we are halfway through Term 2 and almost at the start of the winter season once again.  With that in mind, winter always reminds me of the annual Inter-Clan Sports Carnival.  I have fond memories of sports carnivals during my youth.

The excitement of the morning march and war cries as you head to the oval to sit within and support your Clan during the day.  The morning’s cool temperature and the need to try and keep warm until your scheduled event.  The comradery and spirit of competition that evolves during the day as the Clans fight for first position; in order to hold that coveted Winner’s Trophy.  As I recall with great fondness past Sporting Carnivals, it is with an air of excitement that we all look forward to the coming Inter Clan Sports Carnival in the last two weeks of term.