From Hawkins House

David Marriott – Head of Senior Boys’ Boarding

It has been a smooth transition back into Hawkins House for our Senior Boys’ Boarders as Term 2 began with plenty of activity, including welcoming two new boarding students into the SCOTS PGC family.

While I am pleased to see the majority of boys again engaging well in their academic work and co-curricular activities, the obvious highlight of our first weekend was the College’s ANZAC Day Dawn Service. It was my first experience of this excellent commemoration (on a very cool Warwick morning) and I would like to congratulate and thank all involved on a wonderful event, in particular the Senior Boys’ Boarders, who embraced the entire service with respect.  The commemoration of ANZAC Day continued with the Warwick town service and march on Sunday, where our boys, once again presented extremely well and represented themselves, their family and the College in an excellent manner and spirit befitting SCOTS PGC students.

In addition, the combined Boarders Chapel service was conducted on Sunday evening, where all students (both girls and boys) again paid their respects in a solemn, respectful way before sharing in an excellent meal where further friendships developed.

A real highlight of every year at SCOTS PGC is the Cardinal (Saturday 8 May), and our boys are certainly looking forward to the celebration. As their preparations continue (with suit buying and dancing practice), I take this opportunity to wish all senior students a great night as they commemorate their final year at school.