From Hawkins House

Mr David Marriott | Head of Senior Boys’ Boarding

The end of Term 1 brings the opportunity to reflect on life in and around Hawkins House for the Senior Boys’ boarders and staff. I am pleased to report the boys have continued to commit well to their academic preparation and homework time each week. I trust they will be rewarded for their efforts in their assessment results.

The respect, spirit and tenacity on display for each other, staff and the general upkeep of the boarding house has also been very pleasing. These are values and standards that are extremely important and I will continue to have high expectations of the boys in these areas.

From a social perspective, the weekend’s activities over the past few weeks have be excellent. Several boys have been involved with the various Agricultural Shows within the region, highlighted by the attendance of boarders at the Warwick Show last weekend, where everyone enjoyed an entertaining evening. In addition, the Clean Up Australia service performed by the students was also a great sign of community spirit. The recent games night and BBQ/pool party involving both girls and boys boarding houses, have been real highlights of a busy first term for 2021.

Special thanks to all the parents for your support during Term 1 and also to the Senior Boys’ Boarding staff who have worked extremely well to ensure a great start to the school year.

I  hope you all enjoy your Easter and vacation time with family and friends.