From Hawkins House

Mr David Marriott | Head of Senior Boys’ Boarding

Last week we celebrated National Boarding Week where we celebrated our boarders and what they bring to our community.  You may have seen some profiles we posted on social media throughout the week as way to get to know some of our boarding students.  The kids had so much completing their profile and sharing photos from home, that I thought I’d share mine too…  Here goes!

Home town

The beautiful bayside suburb of Wynnum/Manly, in Brisbane.

How long have you been on staff at SCOTS?
I started in January this year as Head of Senior Boys’s Boarding and teaching some HPE.


Favourite meal at home?

Well, I am the cook at home, so it is obviously whatever I make (hahaha), although my favourite meal is ALWAYS one made by someone else!!


Favourite meal in boarding?
Everything cooked by Chef John, but I especially love his winter soups for lunch.


Tips to cope with homesickness
Being new to the ‘country life’, and moving away from my Brisbane based family has been a challenge at times (just like it is for all boarding students when they leave home), but I am lucky to have my wonderful wife Jodi with me for several days each week. My move has certainly been made easier by the fantastically supportive staff at SCOTS, as well as the great bunch of boys I have in the boarding house. As I say to the boys, my best tip for homesickness is to stay busy and spend time with each other doing things that make you smile.


One thing you look forward to when you go home for holidays?
Catching up with my children and other family members and seeing my Brisbane based mates.


What is the best thing about boarding school?
I believe it is all about the positive relationships that can be made by everyone. Boarding is often the start of lifelong friendships (especially for boys), so I really encourage that aspect here at SCOTS.


How has boarding school helped you?
My many years working in schools in all areas, including boarding, has helped me realise that the best contribution I can make in the lives of young men in boarding is to help them develop the qualities they need to be a ‘good bloke’. I will continue to do that here at SCOTS.