From Girls Boarding

Martina Marshall at the Junior and Middle School Athletics Carnival on Thursday

Susan Everson | Head of Girls Boarding

Welcome back to all boarding students, we welcome 4 new students to the boarding house. bringing our total number of boarders

Felicity Hodges and Kaysan Miles during their visit to the Glennie Heights Kindy

to 55. There are exciting times with lots of building works in the progress a new 3-bedroom dorm,  and prep spaces being upgraded.

The township of Warwick has been abuzz with the Jumpers and Jazz festival and the girls are involved in the community festivities. The Term 3 boarder activity list will be out later in the week and is going to be packed full of great activities, such as Tambourine Mountain High tops challenge, the EKKA, and Cloud 9 just to name a few.

Year 12’s have a very busy academic term and are settling in well to their study demands. We are happy to be able to offer our girls new staff on during prep to assist them with their study demands as well as Seniors being offered extra academic assistance on Tuesday and Thursday nights over at our Oxenham campus.