From Cunningham House

Mr Stewart Bailey | Head of Junior Boys’ Boarding

As I sit here reflecting on another week gone by, I would like to share how proud the boys have made me with their kind and committed actions over the past couple of weeks.

On Monday afternoon, the boys were assigned a project with Mr Mascadri to clean up our BBQ area.  Without hesitation, our Junior Boys rolled up their sleeves, put on their work boots and got stuck into the work.  Not only that, they volunteered to keep working several other afternoons this week with staff members in other areas.  Thanks to Mr Mascadri for supervising the boys in this project – we all look forward to seeing the finished product in a couple of weeks!

We’ve been lucky to share the joy and excitement of celebrating several birthdays in-house this week (including mine), which was a real highlight.  It is great to be able to come together as a boarding family and celebrate these milestones.  We all particularly enjoyed the piñata, the cupcakes, and the pure anticipation and enjoyment shown by all of the boys.

Thank you, boys, for recognising these important values of sharing and celebration; and for your outstanding efforts in the BBQ area this week.  It is greatly appreciated.

Together with the other Heads of Boarding, we will be in touch with all boarding parents soon to discuss and arrange travel arrangements for the end of term.  We only have four weeks remaining for this term, which will no doubt pass us by quickly.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch and please keep an eye on our communication channels.