Exploring Science in Prep

Sharyn Bomford | Prep Teacher

Throughout the term, our Prep students participated in a range of hands-on activities to investigate the survival needs of plants, animals and humans, and how our senses help us to stay alive.

Our boys and girls explored a whole range of living things and what requirements they have to survive.  To help identify and analyse these needs, our students brought in photographs of family pets to share with the class and discuss how we look after different types of animals. The class enjoyed making a pet dog from box construction and building a shelter for their dog in the block corner. They also created a poster to highlight how to care for a dog.  It was very exciting when Eliza brought in her pet chicken. She stepped us through how to care for chickens and we all loved giving her chicken a pat.

Watching our bean seeds sprout was also a highlight that demonstrated the survival needs of a plant. The children recorded observations of their bean seed changing and growing in their seed observation journals. Once their seeds sprouted, the children then had to plant their seedling into a pot.  We all thoroughly enjoyed learning about living last term!