Disco fun in Year 3

Throughout the Learning from Home period, Year 3 teacher Mrs Brown, set her class the task of organising a special event.  Students had to consider different types of events, venues, guests, catering and other tasks involved in executing an event.

In celebration of returning to school and in recognition of how well the Year 3 students dealt with their first five weeks of the term Learning from Home, Mrs Brown decided to bring one of the events planned by the class to fruition.

Students took a vote on three different events – a high tea, a disco party, or a picnic by the river. They unanimously decided to proceed with a ‘Disco Party’, which took place in their classroom last Tuesday.  The venue was ideal for dancing and our Year 3s perfected the catering.  The most important part was that all the Year 3 students had lots of fun! The disco party was a great way to celebrate being back at school and learning together in the classroom.