Coming soon… Junior School playground!

We are very excited to share that the highly anticipated installation of our new Junior School playground is finally here – work commenced this week!

In conjunction with the College’s contribution, the new Junior School Playground is a generous gift from our Parents and Friends Association, who pledged funds during the College Centenary in recognition of our special 100-year milestone.   The playground was scheduled to be installed soon after the Centenary; however, was delayed throughout 2020 due to various COVID restrictions.

With creative input from our students, our new playground is designed specifically for our boys and girls in Years 1 to 4 and is set to be an excellent outdoor learning and play space for our Junior School.  The playground is designed to blend into our natural environment and features both elevated structures and a wide range of play elements that encourage role-playing, climbing, gross motor movement and ground level, open-ended, imaginative play.

This is a wonderful addition to our College campus and as a community, we are very grateful for the generosity of our P & F Association and College families who have contributed to fund projects such as these.  We look forward to seeing our students enjoy our new playground and the joy and learning benefits it will bring to our College.