Colour Run & Trivia Night Update

Colour Run fundraising is off and running!

The P&F Colour Run fundraising event has been running for a week now and we passed the $1,000 target on Wednesday.  There are over 20 students registered for the fundraising and a few have already raised over $100 – very impressive effort!  Last year we had 92 students involved in the fundraising and hoping we will reach a similar target this year.

Fundraising students can win some great prizes and of course, money raised will go back to various school initiatives the P&F are supporting.  If you would like to participate in the fundraising over the next 4 weeks, please click on the link below and register.  The actual colour run for all students will take place on 10 June and 17 June, after the athletics program.


Trivia Night Postponed

Unfortunately, due to a number of P&F activities over the coming months, it has been decided to postpone our proposed June 11 Trivia Night.

Once we have determined a suitable future date for this event, we will let everyone know.  So please let your teams know if they don’t receive this newsletter.