Captains Corner – Buchanan Titus | Captain of Rugby

(First speech as delivered on Assembly)

Firstly, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Wilson and Mr Savovski for giving me the opportunity to represent the school and lead the boys out as your 2020 Rugby Captain.

Rugby this year started off with SCOTS rugby partnering up with the local Warwick Water Rats club, where boys across all age groups were able to participate.  During club season, the Open boys were undefeated but play was interrupted by COVID-19 which put an end to club footy.

This term we are lucky enough to be involved again for the second time in the Super Six School’s tournament since its establishment last year, thanks to Mr Savovski.  We are currently in our third week of games with boys playing from U13s to Opens, every Wednesday night.

The 13s started the season well, winning their first two out of three games.  Unfortunately, the 15s and Opens Boys were unlucky to have only won one game, losing the other two by very close margins.  Despite this, the boys in all age groups have continued to put in the work at training every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon which has definitely improved their performances on the field over the past three weeks. The season is very short, only having three more games left depending on if a team makes the finals.  Last year all teams in each age group, were lucky enough to make the finals. We are all aiming and training very hard for similar results this year.