Boys Boarding Update

Ronan Crotty | Boys Boarding Captain

Óscar Stopforth Muñiz  | Captain of Hawkins House

Boarding has been quite busy over this term. So far, all of our boarders in Hawkins and Cunningham Houses have been busy with not only our education and study, but also the co-curricular aspect of our College. With rugby having started up recently, the vast majority have been busy training and playing rugby. We had our first game last weekend and are scheduled to host our first home game tonight.  We would really love to see some support at our games from all day and boarding families.

Both senior and junior boys have kicked off 2020 in style, with the social in the very first week of term. It was fantastic to see the turnout and seeing all the people enjoying themselves.  These events are a great opportunity for our boarding and day students to come together in a social setting outside of school.  Another popular event this term, was for our boarders to obtain their junior shooter’s license. This activity was put together by the boarding staff and many people took advantage of it and enjoyed themselves, while also learning skills offered by professionals.

This weekend the boarders are looking forward to a day trip to Toowoomba for 10 pin bowling and a shopping trip to Grand Central. This is a chance for the boarders to have a relaxing day after a busy start to the year.