Beautiful Biomes

As part of the Year 9 Humanities’ Geography curriculum, students have been learning about biomes.  On Tuesday this week, all Year 9 students ventured out into the field to experience the beauty of one of our region’s wonderful rainforest biomes at Cunningham’s Gap.

After a brief stop at Gladfield to discuss how biomes can be altered to accommodate agriculture, the Year 9 cohort then travelled on to Main Range National Park at Cunningham’s Gap to explore the rainforest biome.  Students soaked up all the knowledge of geographer extraordinaire, Mr Keevers, as he shared reasons why the rainforest exists where it does, as well as the various adaptations plants, have had to make to survive in this environment.

Students will now use the information they collected on their field excursion to compile a field report for their Term 2 assessment.