An Update on life in Prep

Mrs Sharyn Bomford | Prep Teacher

The Prep room has been a hive of activity this term already – we’ve jumped straight into learning all about a number of wonderful topics which are very relevant to issues we come across in our everyday lives.

Science: Weather in my world unit

So far this term we have talked about the different types of weather and the symbols used to communicate weather conditions. We are checking Warwick’s weather forecast daily on the BOM site and recording our observations on our weather chart. We plan to use our weather data to display our results in the form of a picture graph which will be undertaken in one of our maths sessions.

This week we looked at the water cycle to understand why it rains. We did two experiments – Rain in a Plastic Bag and Rain Cloud in a jar. During the experiments we discussed evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection to further develop our understanding of the water cycle. Watching a cloud form in our jar today was very exciting!

Geography – What is my place?

In geography we are asking ourselves questions like “What are places like?” and “What makes a place special?” So far this term we have discussed what do we know about places and maps. We shared places special to us with each other and also wondered about places we would like to visit. Our Art and writing pieces titled I’m leaving on a jet plane… are taking us to places here in Australia and overseas. Elsie was keen to find out about Disneyland in America. We are going to put an information stand together in our airport this week to encourage other people to book a flight to the USA. Other destinations of interest were Egypt, China, Japan and London. Eliza really wants to meet Queen Elizabeth and Felix would like to explore Ancient Egypt. Our passports and boarding passes are ready to go. Over the term please drop into Prep to check out some exciting destinations to visit.