An excursion to appreciate Art

By Caitlin Auger and Abby Dalziel

Early last Wednesday morning, students studying Art from Years 9 to12 embarked on a journey to Brisbane to appreciate the works on show at The Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) and the Queensland Art Gallery.

In our visit to GoMA, we were fortunate enough to view the WATER exhibition – which was both interactive and engaging. The crowd favourite was certainly The Fact of Matter from William Forsythe. Viewers were invited to swing across the interactive body of work using only gym rings to balance. With this installation, Forsythe aimed to break the barriers present between Visual Art and Choreography. Riverbed from Olafur Eliasson was also a favourite. This artwork aims to blur the boundaries between the natural world and the manmade in one wide, sweeping gesture.

After a great morning spent at GoMA, we went to Southbank for lunch (where Caitlin lost her pizza to some hungry birds). The afternoon was spent at The Queensland Art Gallery to view some of the permanent works and of course, visit the gift shop.