An Exceptional Start

Kyle Thompson – Principal

This week has been exceptional. Exceptionally busy, with exceptional events and services, exceptional performances and an exceptional amount of work and commitment from staff, students and families.

It is quite evident the SCOTS PGC ANZAC Service is such an integral part of who we are as a school, but even more than that, it is an integral part of the broader community. Our students’ involvement with this service, the reverence they show toward those who went before them and provided them with the foundation of the lives they now live, demonstrates the ongoing spirit, respect and connection to our national identity. I cannot commend strongly enough our students who were involved in this service, for how they presented, performed and conducted themselves.

Similarly, our students were actively supportive of the Warwick Community Service held on ANZAC day, marching with pride, beautifully turned out, and front and centre in our community showing a great sense of occasion. I know that I am biased, but watching our students one cannot help feel a great sense of pride in belonging to SCOTS and being part of something greater than one’s self. Again, I am in awe of the students that marched and represented the College on ANZAC Day. It shows us that our future is well assured, given the wonderful young men and women attending our school and their commitment to the community.

In recognising these students, it is well worth noting the importance of our Pipes and Drums to our identity and to that of the broader community as well. We receive many accolades as a result of our band and they perform with passion and commitment on so many occasions.  On reflection, this is also why our uniform is so important; as a representation of who we are and embedding our sense of belonging. Watching our students and our Band, wearing their kilts and formal uniform, and engaged so actively in the broader community was very powerful and emotive for those of us watching this week. I thank and commend all who were involved.

As I mentioned above, our SCOTS PGC Service is arguably the most significant event on our calendar. I provide the following in recognition of the number of individuals who work tirelessly to ensure this service is all it should be:

Wendy Whittaker and Shell Campbell continue to do incredible things with our choir as well as our sound system – no mean feat. The performance and turn out of our choir on this important morning was exceptional.

John Telfler (JT) continues to prep our students for, and have input into, our service and we are grateful for his ongoing support of the College in this regard.

Christine Peterson in helping organise our cross bearers.  Christine did a magnificent job in ensuring this critical part of the ceremony went seamlessly. Christine also is instrumental in assisting our Pipes and Drums in being ready for their important roles.

Danni Reading did a fantastic job on the clock tower to ensure our piper, and our flag were all on point.

Our maintenance and cleaning staff worked tirelessly in preparing for the morning and, as always, Greg Free had the College grounds looking tremendous in what has been a challenging period of weather.

Helen Bohm’s photography skills were again at the fore and I am sure we all look forward to seeing more of these photos as she processes them and posts them to our various communications platforms.

Thanks also to John Rogers and his tireless catering team for all their work on a busy morning providing us with a great post event breakfast.

Clare Cartmill did a flawless job on the entry to the dining hall.

Sandy Dalziel and our Pipes and Drums for representing our community and us so brilliantly

And, finally and significantly, Carissa Miller who ensured our morning service went to plan.

In closing, I trust all our families had a very happy Easter and we look forward to this term and all it will bring for our students and staff.