A visit to the Hermitage

Kaysan Miles | Year 11 Student

On Thursday last week, some of the indigenous students including Jorgi, Summer, Martina, Sophie, Jekeira, Bryoni, Nelson and I went to the Hermitage Research Facility here in Warwick along with Miss Berriman and Mrs Fredrickson.

The Hermitage Research Facility is a major centre for plant breeding and agronomic studies of agricultural crops grown in Queensland and northern New South Wales. While there for the majority of the morning, we listened to speakers talk about the native bush tuckers that were traded back when Australia was first colonised.  They spoke about the importance of the plants and that some, only the men could eat and others were just woman’s business. There were many other speakers, who spoke about food security, the importance of the younger generations in agriculture, genomics and also brainstormed ideas for a mosaic mural that will be displayed on a picnic bench at the Hermitage at the start of next year.

Overall, the day was absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to anyone interested in agriculture.