A High Quality Interclan Athletics Carnival

Mr Simon Edgar | Head of Junior and Middle Schools

Last Friday 10th May saw the Junior and Middle School Interclan Athletics Carnival held under ideal weather conditions.  The day started in our house like many others, with the full range of emotions:  excitement, nervousness, worry and then finally a revelation – “this is going to be great fun!”

Starting with the 5 to 9 years old sprints, it was wonderful to watch these young students competing in their first race over 50 or 60 metres.  Their youthful exuberance was evident with the look of excitement, determination, relief and finally joy (mostly) when their race was finished, with the look of pride on their parent’s face a highlight for me.  The second part of the sprints programme saw the 10 to 12 years old students graduate to the top of the 100m track. For some students, this became a little more serious as over the years a lot of students start working out what they think the finishing order will be. Although, this year we have seen a number of new students across these age groups which has created genuine intrigue in the outcome!

After the sprint events we started the novelty events for the 5 – 8 years old students. It was delightful to see these young students participate in sack races, discuss, shot put and javelin activities, even though some of the smaller students initially disappeared beneath the size of the sacks. These novelty events were very smoothly run by the Junior School staff with the assistance of some Year 7 helpers.

The 9 -12 years old students commenced rotations of four events which were either jumps or throws. Within each of these year groups we saw records broken and in some cases, ‘smashed!’ After morning tea, the 5 – 8 years old students returned to the Junior School to carry on with their teaching and learning programme.

Throughout the remainder of the day the jumps and throws continued and a contingent of avid parents supported their children and the other students.  During this time the clan competition started to heat up with some very close cumulative totals being communicated. The final part of the Junior and Middle School Interclan Athletics Carnival was the shuttle relays. Staff, students and parents all moved over to the 100 metre track in the centre of Briggs Oval for the hotly contested relays. The competition was intense between clans as well as between the boys and girls.

As a College, the Interclan Athletics carnival displayed the spirit and tenacity which all our students have. The importance of these values was highlighted and in line with our College vision as a collective, we were all able to ‘inspire students to be their best’.

Thank you to Mr Bradbury for organising such a successful carnival. Also a big thank you to Mr Wilson, Mr Millard, parent volunteers, GAP students, Year 7 helpers and all the dedicated JAM teachers and teacher aides. Such a successful carnival cannot occur without you!