Faster – Higher – Stronger – Together

Amy Woodgate | Head of Junior and Middle Schools

In their Latin form, these first three words were expressed at the opening ceremony of a school sports event in 1881.  Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), was present that day and adopted them as the Olympic motto at the launch of the modern Olympic Movement in 1894.  He believed that they express the aspirations of the Olympic Movement beyond just the achievements in the sporting arena, but also from a moral and educational perspective.

For the current Olympic Games being held in Tokyo, this motto has been adapted to become ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together’ as a response to the postponement of the Games from 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic.  The IOC felt that it was important to recognise the unifying power of sport and the importance of solidarity in the challenging world we live in.  The IOC believes it is the message of how the world can only move forward when it moves together, with the Olympic Games having the power to unite people, communities and societies across the globe.

If you’re anything like me, you may have found yourself in front of the television or on the 7plus app quite a bit over the last week.  There is just something about the Olympics that has so many of us completely invested in the success of an athlete or team in a sport that you may actually only watch once every four, or in this case five, years.  It’s the stories of personal triumph, the struggle and the strength of overcoming hardship or an injury, of fighting back for one last chance to show talent on the world stage.  It is the stories of the families back at home who have travelled every step of the journey with their loved one. It is the passion of the coaches in the stands like we saw with Ariarne Titmus’ coach, Dean Boxall, or the footage of schools and communities gathering to support their home-grown Olympic star, like many did in Warwick this week when watching Harriet Hudson row home with her quad skulls team for a bronze medal.

The Olympics also provides us with the opportunity to learn about the character strengths, personal qualities and leaderships traits of athletes from around the world.  Leadership expert, Tanveer Naseer, has identified 4 lessons he believes we can all learn from the Olympics.

  1. Success is important, but so is creating meaning and a sense of belonging
  2. Always keep learning at the forefront of everything you do
  3. Be adaptable, but never lose sight of what you’re trying to achieve
  4. Above all else, you have to love what you do

We get to watch athletes from around the world lead their country and perform in front of millions, managing their own expectations alongside that of their nation.  For our young people, I believe, it is simply that opportunity ‘to see it if you want to be it’.  They get to see examples of grit, tenacity and comradery in whichever sport they are interested in.  They see that being a champion means having grace in both victory and defeat.  They get to learn about other nations and get to see what it truly means to unite and come together under the banner of sport, but more importantly as a community.  With Brisbane 2032 not that far away, it is the lessons learnt from these Games in Tokyo that may just inspire one of our own to set goals and work to achieve them.

The Olympic motto of ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together’ does not just have to apply on the sporting field.  It is the premise that moving forward as an individual, a local community, a school or as a nation happens when we move together.  It is the idea that if we strive for our goals, give our best and support one another as a community we can achieve so much.  The vast majority of us will not become Olympians, but I believe that this motto is something that can apply to all in whatever area we choose to pursue.

And for the next week or so, I look forward to continuing as a ‘couch expert’ in a range of obscure sports and being inspired by the stories of athletes from around the world.


P&F Update

P&F CANTEEN – VACANT CONVENOR ROLE Some of you have already heard, after 4 extraordinary years as the canteen convenor, Toni Crawford is finishing up …


P&F Update


Some of you have already heard, after 4 extraordinary years as the canteen convenor, Toni Crawford is finishing up this year.

In my short time involved with the P&F I quickly realised the amazing contribution Toni has given the school through this role. She has managed nearly 30 events and I saw on several occasions the energy and good humour she brought each time. Toni has shaped the canteen into such an efficient operation.

Toni, on behalf of the parent/carer community and the P&F – a huge thank you!

As this role will be vacant, we would love to hear from someone who may be interested in taking on this position. If people are interested but not sure about running it every time (e.g. 8 – 10 events per year) there is an option of a few people each taking on a few events each year.  If there were 3 volunteers, we could each take responsibility for just 3 events.

The canteen is such an important contribution from the P&F for the school. It delivers such a positive experience for everyone and brings together so many contributors like home bakers and canteen sellers. For this to work we really need someone for each event who can make sure there is enough stock, set up at the beginning of the day and support the volunteers. Toni has created a great model and the processes are all in place.

If you can help – really love to hear from you.

Once again – THANK YOU TONI.



This is an early reminder that the P&F will again run the Father’s Day stall this year.   We will provide other reminders and details but Junior school parents and carers can mark their calendar with this date.


P&F Meeting – August

The next P&F meeting will be held on Monday 16 August at 6.00pm.  Hope to see some of you there.

STEM Update featured image

STEM Update

Miss Angela Brittain | Head of STEM Jumpers and Jazz – A Night of Light Jazz On July 22 and 23 we hosted our first …


STEM Update

Miss Angela Brittain | Head of STEM

Jumpers and Jazz – A Night of Light Jazz

On July 22 and 23 we hosted our first Jumpers and Jazz event – A Night Of Light Jazz.

Year 9 and 10 STEM elective students had designed and constructed lights that symbolised different elements of Jazz.  They then programmed light sequences to a Jazz song of their choice.

The wider community was invited to see our efforts and as the cars rolled in excited students could be heard saying, ‘People are coming!’  It was lovely to see the pride on our students faces and they are all to be congratulated on producing an excellent display.

Our P&F provided volunteer car parking attendants and Mrs McGahan’s famous Pumpkin Soup, while our Hospitality students provided coffee and hot chocolate.

Inside the Chapel Hall, our Year 7 and 8 STEM students displayed their work from Semester 1.  It was great to see families coming in and playing the SideShow Alley games.

A huge thank you needs to go to all our P&F volunteers without whom, the event would not have run as smoothly.


Designing Dancing Robots

This week the 9/10 STEM class moved into the realm of robotics by making a very simple electronic circuit to control a motor.  Our ‘dancing robots’ then had a DANCE party at the end of the lesson, where students could compare the alterations in design that everyone made.

Moving on from here, students will start to refine their designs and then use arduinos to control the movements of the robots.


SCOTS PGC Cattle Club to take on the EKKA featured image

SCOTS PGC Cattle Club to take on the EKKA

A group of 12 students will be competing for the College at this year’s Brisbane Exhibition (EKKA) in the Interschool Steer competition. Students will compete …


SCOTS PGC Cattle Club to take on the EKKA

A group of 12 students will be competing for the College at this year’s Brisbane Exhibition (EKKA) in the Interschool Steer competition. Students will compete in ‘Herdsperson’, ‘Cattle Paraders’ and ‘Young Judges’ competitions. Points from placings will count towards an overall schools shield that SCOTS PGC last won some 15 years ago when Mr Collett first joined the College.

Mr Collett says “We have a very young team with a huge amount of potential. This was clearly evident at Farmfest where both Marty Worboys and Mackenzie Taylor beat much older students to take out the champion Young Judge and Parader respectively. However, it is not just a few students with the talent to win at the EKKA – the depth within the team is amazing with all the members selected a real chance of a win”.  The College will also take down four steers to compete in the led steer classes.

From the Co-curricular Desk featured image

From the Co-curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Assistant Director of Co-Curricular Activities Junior Athletics Championships Last week we conducted our annual SCOTS Junior Athletics Carnival for athletes aged …


From the Co-curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Assistant Director of Co-Curricular Activities

Junior Athletics Championships

Last week we conducted our annual SCOTS Junior Athletics Carnival for athletes aged 5 -12 years.

After a very frosty start to the day and a delayed start, the day turned out to be a cracking one with beautiful conditions for athletics events.

Our pre-event 1500m events were conducted last term along with our first round of field events on Wednesday afternoon. This left the 100m, 200m 800m and three rounds of field events to conduct for the completion of our Age Championships and Clan Championship.

The day was quite compressed but all thanks must go to the staff and students for their hard work and co-operation to get through the entire program minus our relays.

The results for the day were as follows…

9 years Girls champion


1st Ella Hutchison MacInness 54
2nd Bridie O’Shea Cameron 51
10 years Girls champion


1st Sophia Pettiford Cameron 85
2nd Naomi Ratcliffe Cameron 71
11 years Girls champion 1st Bethany Moore-Kirkland Mackay 90
2nd Natalie Mulcahy MacInness 69
12 years Girls champion 1st Hayley Wainwright Cameron 93
2nd Mylie Caldwell MacInnes 91
9 years Boys champion


1st Austin Judd Mackay 106
2nd Kahn Hippi Cameron 94
10 years Boys champion


1st Timothy Amos Leslie 86
2nd Cooper Keogh Cameron 81
11 years Boys champion 1st Colby Miller MacInness 118
2nd Scott Wainwright Cameron 108
12 years Boys champion 1st Innes Nowlan Mackay 72
2nd Douglas Lawlor Mackay 52
Boys & Girls  




1st CAMERON 884
2nd MACKAY 809
3rd LESLIE 785
SCOTS GIFT 1st M Timothy Amos Leslie  
1st F Sophia Pettiford Cameron  

We take this opportunity to thank all participants for their efforts during the course of all our events across the two days. Without your enthusiasm the carnival would not be as successful.

We also thank our office, kitchen and grounds staff for their tireless efforts to prepare for the day. Finally, a big thank you to our teachers who often only come out once a year to conduct these events but are thorough professionals at all times ensuring they are fair and equitable to all involved. Without the support of all these people the show certainly could not go on and our students would not have such experiences.

We now look forward to the Southern Downs Athletics for 9-12 years students coming up on the 12 August. Details of who has been successful in qualifying will be sent to students in the coming days.


Champion of Champions Futsal Results

On Tuesday 27 July and Wednesday 28 July our U14 and U16 Girls and our U12 Boys ventured to the Champion of Champions Tournament at Coomera Indoor Sports Centre.

In our first visit to the Champion of Champions Tournament, which is in effect, the State Championships for Futsal playing schools, the students found out just what it takes to be the best of the best.

Our pathway to this point has seen the Futsal program go from virtual nobodies on the SWQ scene in 2019 and 2020 to SWQ place getters in three divisions in 2021, which has qualified us for this Champion of Champions tournament.

The first teams to enter the breech were the girl’s teams.

The U16 Girls faced four opponents in their Pool matches in Lowood SHS, Mansfield SHS, Chancellor State College and Robina SHS. All four schools have long standing programs and were never going to be easy opponents.

Game 1 against Lowood SHS was direct rematch from the SWQ Titles where Lowood muscled us off the ball to get the win. This time it was a much different result with our girls lifting their game significantly to open their account with a win and some much needed confidence.

Game 2 saw the girls lose their way in the early stages to let the powerhouse of Mansfield SHS slip away to an early lead that was just too hard to peg back. Game 3 saw a similar pattern unfold with some early goals to Chancellor State College that was just too difficult to assail.

Going into Game 4 it was still possible to make the quarter finals but a massive win was required and that against the ladder leader was a tough ask. The girls certainly showed little regard for their respective positions on the table and fought hard to firstly get a lead and then to frustrate the Robina students into a state of implosion. This left the clock to tick down to a fantastic win against the one undefeated team in our pool. Defeating this Futsal powerhouse was a bittersweet victory for the U16 Girls as it was still not enough to secure a spot in the Quarter Finals.

Two wins and two losses was a very pleasing result against three teams whose student population would be double or more than that of ours here at SCOTS PGC.

The U14 Girls were given a true lesson in fluid Futsal by their three opponents in their pool. Three significant losses to Mabel Park SHS, Islamic School of Brisbane and the powerful Robina SHS highlighted the youth and inexperience of our enthusiastic players. Although under the pump, the entire time the girls never gave up and fought to the end in every match.

We congratulate the girls of both squads on their achievements and the way they conducted themselves at all times throughout the day…

U16 Girl’s Squad – Stephanie Dunnett, Gabrielle Sellick, Zara Kruger, Jekeira Major, Molly-Rose Sinclair, Erin Keogh, Kaysan Miles, Emma Bradbury, Krystal Petersen and Matilda Nowlan


U14 Girl’s Squad – Amira Duffy, Phoebe Sellick, Abbey Petersen, Briana Groves, Eleanor McFarland, Ellyse Kruger, Bonnie Petersen, Stevie Collins, Madelon Weier and Mylie Caldwell

On day two of our involvement the U12 Boys embarked on the difficult task of the three Colleges – Calvary Christian College, Kings Christian College and Hillcrest College. Again, all these schools have a significant numerical advantage in drawing from their talent pool.

The SCOTS PGC lads took the fight to Calvary and earnt themselves a valuable draw. Game 2 and 3 were not so fortunate with consecutive losses to Kings and Hillcrest our day was done early. With a huge learning experience under their belt, the boys travelled home better for the experience. The bonus for our boys is that the majority of the team remains in that age group next year and they will hope to retain their SWQ Title and venture to the Champion of Champions a year older and wiser for their experience this year.

We congratulate our lads on their success and wish them well for next year…


U12 Boy’s Squad – Colby Miller, Thomas Worboys, Lachlan Groves, Rayne Butcher, Bayden Tink, Harrison Grayson, Beau Edmed and Innes Nowlan

The success of our program is in no small part due to the passion and dedication of our two coaches Mr Derek Kane and Mr Simon Mascadri. I thank these gentlemen for their time and commitment to our students and we look forward to continued growth of the sport and our success in coming years.

I also thank Mrs Jo Sellick, Mrs Sandra Bradbury, Mrs Mel Cole, Miss Alexis Carey and Mr Cahal Davis who have supported our teams at different times throughout the year with medical and logistical support in many of our competitions. Without their assistance our successes would not have been possible.


Ewan McFarland

Darling Downs Cross Country Representatives

Six SCOTS PGC Students were selected to attend the Queensland Schools Cross Country Championships held at Limestone Park, Ipswich on the 18 and 19 July this year.

Benjamin Carey, Rory Farrell, Ewan McFarland, Shona McFarland, Eliana Jones and Hayley Wainwright all were selected but unfortunately a late training injury forced Ben out of the action just 48 hours out from the events.

All in all, our students represented themselves and the region well all making it to the finish to gain valuable points for their Region.

The student’s results were as follows…

Hayley Wainwright

Eliana Jones

Shona McFarland – 18yrs Girls 6000m – 37th

Ewan McFarland – 18yrs Boys 8000m – 27th

Rory Farrell – 13yrs Boys 3000m – 52nd

Eliana Jones – 16yrs Girls 4000m – 48th

Hayley Wainwright – 12yrs Girls 3000m – 51st

Rory and Eliana thoroughly enjoyed their first experience in the Regional red, white and blue and were very keen to come back next year. Brother and sister duo Shona and Ewan soaked up their last chance to represent the region at a State Cross Country and although their results were not what they were hoping for, they enjoyed the experience. Hayley was very happy to finish and was looking forward to events more like the 100m and 200m in the future.


State Orienteering Success!

Last weekend Ewan McFarland and William Gilmore attended the State Orienteering Championships as members of the Darling Downs Schools Team.

The boys contested three events across the weekend – The Sprint Event, Relay and the Long Course. Ewan scored 5th place in the Long Course event and competed well in both other events. Will’s Championship was less auspicious with a very unfortunate fall onto a rock breaking through his shoe and causing him a race ending injury.

We congratulate both lads on making the Darling Downs Team, and we are very proud to share that Ewan has been selected in the Queensland Orienteering Team.


Super Schools Rugby

The Super Schools Cup has launched with a fantastic start to our campaign in the third year of the competition.

Week 1 saw SCOTS take on Downlands College 2nd/ 3rd combination and their B/C teams. The U13’s scored the win as did the First XV – both were hard fought games of quality football, but the U15’s were left wondering what if, with a narrow loss.

Week 2 saw Mary Mackillop/Highfields State College venture south to take us on here at home. The home town advantage finally paid off with a clean sweep of all grades. The most excitement certainly came after the U15 team’s nail-biting finish that saw Nelson Madua slot a penalty from 37m out to break the 10-10 deadlock and finish the game. The celebrations flowed over to the sideline as the boys savoured their first win of the year after a tough club season last term.


Senior School Hockey Team

In Week 1, 2 and 3, the Senior Team have continued on their winning way with convincing wins in all of their encounters in the Senior Social Competition.

This week, we opened our Interschool campaign with a loss against WSHS for SCOTS 1 and a draw for SCOTS 2 against Assumption. With several players missing, we look forward to further improvements over the coming weeks as we prepare for the Darling Downs Schools Cup in Week 8 of Term 3.

Lots to improve but some fantastic young and raw talented players that will lead our Hockey Program over the coming years.


Cooking Club

With immense interest in the Cooking Club, we have split this into a Term 3 and Term 4 Group. Currently we have a students in Years 4-6 working in a group this Term and a Years 1-3 group working in Term 4. These groups are now full and any interest will be placed on a waiting list in the event of withdrawals.


Arranmore Commences!

The Arranmore Program for Term 3 commenced this week with Cooking on Tuesday (12 participants), Golf on Wednesday (14 participants) and Basketball on Thursday (22 participants) offering quality afterschool activities for our students. Cricket (22 participants) will commence next Monday and all will run through til Week 9 of Term.


Upcoming Events

  • QCIS Athletics 10-19 years | Friday 6 August
  • Southern Downs Cricket 10-12 years Boys and Girls | Friday 6 August
  • Border District Athletics 13-19 years | Tuesday 10 August
  • Southern Downs Athletics 9-12 years | Thursday 12 August
Adopt a Boarder… With a Twist featured image

Adopt a Boarder… With a Twist

We’re hosting our Term 3 Adopt a Boarder weekend (see attached flyer) which will take place on Friday 6 August to Sunday 8 August. This …


Adopt a Boarder… With a Twist

We’re hosting our Term 3 Adopt a Boarder weekend (see attached flyer) which will take place on Friday 6 August to Sunday 8 August.

This time we are providing day students from host families the opportunity to come and stay a night in boarding on the Friday evening before taking their adopted boarder home for a Saturday stay over.

Families are then able to return their adopted boarder to the boarding house on Sunday afternoon by 5:00pm.

If you would like to host a boarder for that weekend, or any other weekend please contact the relevant Boarding House leader to make arrangements.


P.S. This is a great chance for our day students to come and immerse themselves in the boarding environment and have a taste of boarding life.  Don’t forget, casual boarding is available for day students at a small cost if parents are away or commitments make daily transport impractical.