From our Student Leaders

Mia Benson | Year 12 Prefect

Over the past weekend, our Year 12 cohort had the absolute pleasure of attending our school Cardinal. Some of you may have seen photos already, tuned into the live stream, or even come along in person to watch the arrivals, and even if you didn’t, I’m here to give you a quick little rundown of the night.

My name is Mia Benson and I was a part of the amazing team called Cardinal Committee that helped put this night together and make it so magical. Even though we all put in countless hours and hard work, I’d like to give a special thanks to Kate McCarthy who was one of the main masterminds behind everything, making sure it all ran smoothly and writing lists after lists of what needed to be done. Another very important special thanks to Mrs Beverly Hobbs, who coordinated the overarching organisation of the night and without her, none of it would’ve been possible. Mrs Helen Bohm and Mrs Kate Coleman also helped to facilitate the night by providing us with our invitations, the seating plan and the organisation of the live streams. From most of the students’ perspectives, however, the most appreciation goes to John Rogers and his staff in the kitchen who served us the most delicious meals, with not a hungry stomach around by the end.

Our festivities started with the famous ‘Garden Party’ at the Girl’s Boarding House on Locke Street for some juice and cheese platters (once again prepared by John’s amazing team), while we all gushed over how wonderful we were all looked in our best suits and frocks. We assembled on the front steps as a grade for the traditional grade photo that adorns the Tartan Yearbook at the end of each year. Following this, we hurriedly said our goodbyes as the mad dash to get back to school for arrivals began. From a Lamborghini to a Mustang, a Datsun to the good old Hilux work ute, we all had our own fashionable methods of transport.

Once we all found our way back, it was all eyes on Mr Keevers, the night’s narrator, as arrivals were underway. His arrival announcing is always a feature of the night, with highlights such as his rendition of ‘God Save The Queen’ as Toby Callaghan and Grace McIllroy drove towards the red carpet and declaring that Millie Groves and Tom Denny turned up in the ‘car of the next President of the United States’. After we had all greeted Mr and Mrs Thompson upon entry, it was time for the parents to come on up, and for the students to show off their eight weeks of formal dance practice. The Mother-Son Gypsy Tap was outshone by the Father-Daughter Pride of Erin, and the shining star of it all was when just the students performed a very enthusiastic Progressive Jive. Puffed and rosy-cheeked, we farewelled our parents to kick off the night with Kate McCarthy as our upbeat MC. We moved swiftly into dinner, and as soon as the plates were cleared, we all scrambled onto the dance floor, raving to some ABBA before settling down to scoff down dessert and then getting up to groove once more. This time with our well-practiced Hustle, as well as the Nutbush, Macarena, and finishing off with the YMCA. Just before readying to pack up, some well-deserved awards were given out to the following:

Best Formal Dancers – Olivia Lack and Gus Flint

Best Arrivals – Taj Brar and Hannah Myer

Best Freestyle Dancer – Scotty Tatt

Best Hustler – Alex Geisel

By the time it was ready to pack up, we were all so tired already with hoarse voices, using up all our energy bouncing up and down on the dance floor and singing along like our lives depended on it. But we all put in the work, making our dining hall look like nothing ever happened (except for one helium balloon that was let go and is still floating on the roof a week later).

I’d like to thank everyone for making the night so special and memorable, and thank you to all the teachers that took time out of their busy lives to be with us for this milestone event in our last year of schooling. This night is surely not one to forget any time soon.


Community and Service

St Mary’s Debutante Ball It was wonderful to see so many SCOTS PGC students make their debut at the St Mary’s Debutante Ball last weekend.  …


Community and Service

St Mary’s Debutante Ball

It was wonderful to see so many SCOTS PGC students make their debut at the St Mary’s Debutante Ball last weekend.  What a wonderful group of young people! (Photo supplied)

Front row from L-R: Abigail Skaines, Sophie Poole, Krystal Petersen, Bridget Hardy, Jessica Angus and Sophie Brennan.

Back row from L-R: Darcy Noller, Lachlan Naughten, Brice Zerner, William Auger and Mitchell Twidale.

From the Boarding Houses featured image

From the Boarding Houses

From Boys’ Boarding Mr David Marriott | Head of Senior Boys’ Boarding The Senior Cardinal Ball was a fantastic night for our boarding boys, and …


From the Boarding Houses

From Boys’ Boarding

Mr David Marriott | Head of Senior Boys’ Boarding

The Senior Cardinal Ball was a fantastic night for our boarding boys, and my wife Jodi and I were very pleased to be able to share the evening with all the students and staff present.  The entire event, from the garden party at Girls’ Boarding to the final dance of the night and clean up by all the other boarding boys, was a huge undertaking, so congratulations to all involved –  it was spectacular indeed. It was great to see all the Year 12 students embrace the occasion, with a special mention to Scott Taat for his dance award. Jodi and I particularly enjoyed the unique arrivals of the partners down East Street, including the classic and hot rod cars; it was most entertaining. Special mention to Mr Stewart Bailey on his ‘arrival’ in his black mustang as ‘chauffeur’ for Geoffrey Warren and Ashleigh Sellars. The night was certainly a fitting celebration for this cohort of students.

Are you working or avoiding?

During the week, on school nights, our students in Years 5 to 9 complete their homework (known as Prep) in the LRC (SCOTS PGC library). Year 10 to 12 students utilise the private and communal spaces in Senior Boys’ Boarding.

All students are assisted/tutored by several experienced staff during this time to help them with all aspects of their academic tasks.

There have been many examples, wonderfully positive instances, each week of this term, where boys have achieved their homework goal in a particular subject area during these sessions. This has been very pleasing to see, and extremely rewarding and motivating for the boys themselves.

On the other hand, some boys instead focus their energy during Prep time on being a ‘work avoider’, which is in contrast to the attitude our boarding staff are wanting to instil in the students.

Parents and Carers, as you read this article, I encourage you to ask your son the question above.

The answer will soon be evident.


Broncos Vs Raiders Rugby League match @ Suncorp Stadium (Sat 11 June)

Please note this date as our final Boarder activity for Term 2. It is very likely that SCOTS PGC day students will also attend, so we expect 2 bus loads of excited students and staff to make the trip to Brisbane for the match. Students attending must be confirmed shortly. Please contact Mr Stewart Bailey (Head of Junior Boys’ Boarding) for further details.


From Girls’ Boarding

Mrs Susan Everson | Head of Girls’ Boarding

As we come towards the end of Term 2, the girls have all shown that they are enjoying the many privileges that boarding provides.

Last weekend, our Year 12 Boarders had their Cardinal, which was such a memorable day for all the students, staff, and families present. It was a fantastic opportunity for our junior girl boarders to see their leaders in their formal dresses and join in on the festivities.

All boarders also enjoyed an excursion day to Toowoomba for mini golf and a swing on the golf driving range, followed by a shopping spree at Grand Central. It was fantastic to see some of the girl’s talents on the golf driving range and their bright attitudes and teamwork during minigolf.

Heading into Week 8 means the girls are really focusing on their school assessments – many evenings are spent revising together for exams or practising presentations to an audience of other students. All girls are also participating in one (or many!) co-curricular activities and it is fantastic to hear so many success stories from these ventures.

As we approach Term 3, the Girls’ Boarding house would like to start a project that explores where the girls come from and what they appreciate about their hometowns and their local areas. This is an opportunity for the girls to share stories about their background with their boarding community and give everyone a snapshot into the wonderful and diverse boarding community that we have.

During the holidays, could you please take the opportunity to discuss this with your girls and assist them with collecting photos or videos of their hometown to share with their cohort. When we return in Term 3 the boarding staff will help the girls put together a presentation of their story to share with the rest of the boarding house. We would love for all of our boarders to participate in this activity and can’t wait to hear their stories!

From the Co-Curricular Desk featured image

From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Acting Director of Co-Curricular Activities Darling Downs Cross Country Championships On May 24, a small but dedicated group of runners from …


From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Acting Director of Co-Curricular Activities

Darling Downs Cross Country Championships

On May 24, a small but dedicated group of runners from the College headed north to Toowoomba to contest the annual Darling Downs Cross Country Championships.

In the absence of being able to contest our own Cross Country, this group was truly the dedicated few and they all performed creditably on behalf of the College. Below are our individual results for the day. In the teams vents our U14 Boys team consisting of Declyn Wren, Rory Farrell and Will Angus came away with the Gold Medal ahead of many of our more fancied school teams.

Those selected for the Darling Downs Team include Mackenzie Mayall, Declyn Wren and Mika Repo with Hamish Swift waiting patiently for a possible call as 1st reserve in his age.


Girls Placing Boys Placing
18 year old
Mackenzie Mayall 5th
17 year old
Eliana Jones 10th Mika Repo 6th
Erin Keogh 22nd
16 year old
Hamish Swift 6th (1st reserve)
15 year old
Brianna Groves 12th Sam Bourke 20th
14 year old
Elliza Moore-Kirkland 20th Declyn Wren 6th
Sarah Morris 26th Rory Farrell 8th (2nd Reserve)
Layne Frankcom 33rd William Angus 20th
13 year old
Lachlan Groves 9th
Daniel Kuhn 28th
Angus Bauer 29th
Will Peters 35th
12 year old
Hannah Bourke 18th
Bethany Moore-Kirkland 16th
10 year old
Matilda Hawtin 38th

QCIS Cross Country

Our small team once again stepped into the breach against our QCIS counterparts on Wednesday 1 June at Downlands College. The Course was a challenging one with some hills to negotiate across the Downlands campus and adjacent Alex Horn Park.

The best of our Individual Results were as follows…

Open Girls – Eliana Jones 3rd

Open Boys – Mika Repo 4th and Mackenzie Mayall 5th  

U16 Boys – Hamish Swift 2nd and Benjamin Carey 3rd – also First in the Teams event

U15 Girls – Briana Groves 4th

U14 Girls – Elliza Moore-Kirkland 3rd

U13 Boys – Lachlan Groves 2nd

Our team of 25 did their best throughout the day in trying windy conditions that challenged the best of the athletes on course.

A huge thank you to Downlands for hosting the event, to Miss Angela Brittain for her work on the recording desk and for Miss Carey, Mrs Davis and Mr Charles for their work as managers and course officials for the day. Without the likes of these people the day could not proceed.

Our Cross Country team wrap up their season now with the final three left standing as members of the Darling Downs Team. We wish Mika, Mackenzie and Declyn Wren all the very best as they now prepare for the State Championships in late July at the challenging Rivermount College course at the Gold Coast.

Basketball Banter

In the Southern Downs Secondary Schools Basketball Competition, our Junior Girls (Years 7 – 9) have made it through to the Grand Final in Week 9 with some exceptional performances in the competition to date. Our three other teams have had mixed results and although they will not be in finals they have made improvements across the course of the competition.

We wish our Junior Girls all the best in the Final come Week 9 and we look forward to what this match may hold.

A huge thank you to Mrs Brown, Ms Butler, Mr Bailey and Mr Clarke for their coaching and support of the teams across the Term.

Interschool Hockey Fixtures

Our Senior Mixed Hockey Team continued on their winning way with wins against both Assumption and Warwick SHS in the second round of competition guaranteeing their spot in the Grand Final in Week 9 of the term.

After a draw in Week 1, the team has remained undefeated and with a 3-0 win against Assumption a great lead in to the Grand Final. Georgie Malone, Tanner Henley and Nicholas McGahan all scored in this game. Most improved players throughout the competition have been Mika Repo in his first year of Hockey, along with Isobel Lewis and the ever-improving Hamish Bayley. The depth of our team at the moment has seen significant contributions from Sam Bourke, Tanner Henley, Lily and Georgie Malone along with Krystal, Bonnie and Abbey Petersen who all bring significant experience to the squad.

The team has the bye on Tuesday 7 June but will be on deck for the Grand Final the following week and we welcome spectators to attend and support the team as they defend their title from 2021.

Thanks to Miss Slattery for the update and her support of the Hockey Team in 2022.


Cattle Club at Casino Beef Week

Although we could not send a large team to Casino Beef week the College was represented by Natalie and Georgia Mulcahy along with Ben Carey and Dan Hughes.

Natalie went on to win the Junior Paraders and Junior Judging.  Georgia won Paraders for up to 18year olds whilst Bethany, Ben and Dan took out equal 4th in the same category.

Well done to all on their efforts. The Cattle Club Team take a breather for a little while now before they wind up for the big one with the Ekka looming in August.









Rugby Roundup

The Teenage Competition wrapped up Friday 3 June and our U14 Girls 7s team were in action for the bronze medal play-off which ultimately saw them come out as the fourth-place getters against a tough Highfields outfit.  The girls have been on a steep learning curve throughout the season but continued to learn and grow with each opportunity. The camaraderie amongst the group has been amazingly strong and they have genuinely enjoyed the game despite the lack of on-field success. We look forward to seeing this bunch of girls continue to grow over the coming years into a cohesive unit.

The U15 Boys finished in fourth and the U13 Boys team finished 6th in their respective pools after the usual tough club season. The boys’ focus now shifts to the Super Schools Cup in Term 4 where we play against Downlands, TAS, St Mary’s, Highfields and Faith Lutheran in a Round Robin format commencing Week 2 of Term 3.

Netball News

See the latest news from Mrs Wiid below of our Junior and Senior Netball Teams

SCOTS GREEN had a win against Fireflies last Tuesday night. They have improved a lot and won 32 to 23, even though they lost soundly against them in the previous rounds. All players made excellent progress and the attendance at training sessions has been very good.

The most improved players of late have been Anna Brown and Jasmine Young – both were challenged to play in different positions and have stood up to the test seeking further assistance from their coaches to expand their skillset.

SCOTS CARDINAL have started to gel at training sessions and have put in a good effort to improve as a team. This was also noted by their opponents who mentioned the girls’ improved performance on court.

New recruit Kyra Detmers has made excellent improvement in her performance on court, making many turnovers for her team. She is settling in well to the team after her commencement at the College earlier this year.

Our season continues on Tuesday evenings at WIRAC and we would welcome spectators to cheer on the girls each week if you can come on down.

Upcoming Trials

  • Warwick Interschool Hockey Finals | Tuesday Week 9
  • Warwick Netball Fixtures continue Tuesday evenings for the Junior and Senior Team (14yrs+)
  • Boys Rugby Trials | Wednesday 8 June at St Mary’s, Toowoomba
  • Boys Rugby Trials | Friday 10 June at TAS, Toowoomba
  • SCOTS PGC Junior/Senior Athletics Carnival | 1500m Events | To be advised pending oval availability
  • SCOTS PGC Junior Athletics Carnival | To be advised pending oval availability
  • SCOTS PGC Senior Athletics Carnival  |To be advised pending oval availability


From the Junior & Middle Schools featured image

From the Junior & Middle Schools

Good habits start young ‘Digital citizenship is more than just a teaching tool.  It is a way to prepare students for a society full of …


From the Junior & Middle Schools

Good habits start young

‘Digital citizenship is more than just a teaching tool.  It is a way to prepare students for a society full of technology.’

Dr Mike Ribble – Researcher and Educator

Parents, carers and schools play an important role in helping children develop digital intelligence.  As described by the esafety Commissioner, this includes the social, emotional and practical skills needed to successfully navigate the digital world.  As the key adults in the lives of our young people, it is essential that we model and guide them to develop and embed the principles of respect, empathy, critical thinking, responsibility decision making and resilience in how they engage in their daily world, in person and online.

‘Today’s youth have access to and are accessible by many millions of people worldwide.  Teens are often not aware that their words and/or photos, which may have been intended for a small audience, sometimes find their way to a larger one, often with unexpected and undesirable consequences.’

 Susan McLean – Australian Cybersafety Expert

The conversations we have with our young people need to be ongoing, relevant, age appropriate and proactive.  Trusting relationships are key for these sometimes challenging, yet important conversations.  We can focus on positively building our children’s digital intelligence, rather than just reactively dealing with situations.  The esafety Commissioner website provides useful resources and ideas for parents and educators about how to do this.

The key points to support our boys and girls to develop digital intelligence include:

  • Promoting respectful communication
  • Encouraging empathy
  • Teaching young people to question what they see
  • Encouraging safe and responsible behaviour
  • Assisting young people to build resilience

As a part of our Middle School Wellbeing and Pastoral Care Program, students in Years 6, 7 and 8 have attended a presentation about Cybersafety and Digital Citizenship presented by Sergeant Shane Reid from the Queensland Police Service.

Sergeant Reid provided developmentally appropriate, ‘real life’ scenarios as a way for students to think about the issues as relevant to their own use of technology and social media.

He discussed with the students :

  • how to protect ourselves and our information online
  • the importance of being respectful online
  • questioning the validity of what we see in the digital environment
  • how to make good decisions online
  • where to go for help

Through future Tutor Group and Year Level sessions, students will continue to be supported to develop their understanding of how technology forms a part of their world, the impact of their actions online and how they can create a positive digital space.

Here are links to some websites and resources that may be useful to continue to promote discussions at home:

eSafety Commissioner

ThinkUKnow organisation

Rebecca Sparrow ‘Before you hit send’

Susan McLean – Cybersafety Solutions

National Simultaneous Story Time

“It started with a seed, and that seed was me.”

Last week was one of the highlights on the Library calendar, the National Simultaneous Story Time.  This year, the book ‘The Family Tree’ by Josh Pyke and illustrated by Ronojoy Ghosh, tells the story of a tree and a family and how we are connected through the generations.

This year Amy Woodgate, Amanda Hall and Christine Peterson read to the Prep to Year 6 classes after which each group did a range of activities that connected with the story.  We also planted our own ‘Family Tree’ beside the stairs leading to Junior School.  This tree was decorated in family photos from across the classes and was a special addition to the story and hopefully a reminder in years to come of the importance of family connection and making memories that last for generations.



From the Senior School featured image

From the Senior School

Cardinal 2022 Last Saturday night we celebrated our annual Cardinal, and what a night it was.  Beginning in the late afternoon amongst the beautiful grounds …


From the Senior School

Cardinal 2022

Last Saturday night we celebrated our annual Cardinal, and what a night it was.  Beginning in the late afternoon amongst the beautiful grounds of Girls’ Boarding; staff, parents and friends gathered to both celebrate and admire the students in their finery.

As always, the arrivals proved to be full of glitz and glamour.  With the dulcet tones of Mr Keevers announcing each couple’s arrival on the red carpet in a multitude of amazing vehicles, the students and their families then made their way into the beautifully decorated Dining Hall.

The evening began with the Father/Daughter Pride of Erin dance followed by the Mother/Son Gypsy Tap dance and by the second round, fewer toes were being stepped on as the dances progressed.  As the parents and other guests departed, the students sat down to an exquisitely prepared two-course meal and danced the night away.

Successful events like this take hours of planning and preparation to run smoothly and it is always dangerous to thank individual people.  Thank you to Mr Kuhn, Mrs Bellingham, Mrs Hobbs, and the Cardinal Committee led by Kate McCarthy and Mia Benson.  Thank you to John Rogers and his catering team for providing such a beautiful meal.  Thank you to the staff who willingly gave up their night to both celebrate and supervise; and finally thank you to Alex Naughton for DJ’ing and most importantly to the students for the fervour and energy you showed leading up to, and on the night.



Community Service

During Week 8, our Year 12 Certificate III Agriculture students will be heading down to Warwick to help families in their recovery efforts from the devastating floods earlier this year. This excursion provides an excellent opportunity to give back to the community and also affords the perfect chance for the students to complete and sign off their fencing competency unit.  Two of our Agriculture teachers, Mrs Everson and Mr Collett will be leading the trip and overseeing the work being done.


Future Trends in Education featured image

Future Trends in Education

Mr Mark Richards | Director of Teaching, Learning and Innovation “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln. As …