From the Senior School

NAIDOC Week Celebrations

With the official NAIDOC week calendared during school holidays, the College will be celebrating NAIDOC week during the week beginning 25 July.  On Thursday night (28 July) staff, parents and past students are invited to attend a fundraising initiative to raise money for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.  Our talented Indigenous students will be showcasing their artwork throughout the evening and a silent auction will also take place should anyone wish to purchase one of these wonderful pieces. All payments are to be made through the SCOTS PGC College Indigenous Art Show fundraising page at and all donations and payments over $2 are tax-deductible.


An official invitation will be posted in the very near future and we look forward to welcoming you to the event.  To kick off the fundraising campaign, a plain clothes day will be held on 9 June with all proceeds going towards the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

On Friday 29 July, our NAIDOC Assembly will be held here at school to conclude our celebrations.


Business in Practise

Mrs Louise Ratcliffe | Business Teacher

As part of the Senior Business curriculum, we cover an extensive business management theory.  At SCOTS PGC College, we pride ourselves on teaching in the real world, seeing how businesses apply the theoretical approach in their daily operations.  There is always a lot of enthusiasm and excitement amongst the students when we venture outside the classroom.  This year the Year 12 class was delighted to discover that their assessment piece would be based on Dreamworld and their response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This was an excellent opportunity to investigate how a real business dealt with the challenges and opportunities presented by real-life situations.

It was an early start on Thursday morning of Week 4, but the students eagerly arrived at school for the trip over the range to one of Australia’s most popular theme parks.  Before enjoying the rides and attractions on offer, the class participated in a very informative presentation by Dreamworld Business Development Executive, Rosie Wilson, on the various marketing and operational strategies that Dreamworld has implemented pre- and post-COVID lockdowns.  The information gathered from this trip will form a solid foundation for the work students will now have to complete for the IA3 Feasibility Report.

There is still time to register for The University of Southern Queensland’s Year 10 – 12 USQ Toowoomba Experience Day

Don’t miss out on an opportunity for your students to gain an in-depth understanding of their study areas of interest and explore the study options available at USQ.

For registration, session and event information, visit our Year 10 – 12 USQ Experience Day Toowoomba webpage

USQ Toowoomba Experience Day

Date: Tuesday 21 June 2022

Time: 8.45 am – 2.30 pm

Location: USQ Toowoomba

Click here to register

Open Day: Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Drone & Cabin Crew

Aviation Australia is opening its doors to those looking to pursue a career in Aviation.

Join us for a free guided tour of our Brisbane campus, Saturday 18 June to see what Aviation Australia can offer.

Our expert team will guide you through our engineering hangars, cabin crew, and flight crew facilities. Come and experience a drone racing demonstration, see our planes and so much more! Learn about all our course offerings for 2022 – 2023 and the career opportunities that each will open for you.

The aviation industry is experiencing a severe shortage of skills. As we continue to open back up and increase our domestic and international flights the industry desperately needs a passionate and well trained aviation workforce to support aircraft maintenance and flight safety.

Speak to our instructors about what it’s like to study and work in an exciting, challenging and cutting edge industry.

We have three session times available, each session will be 1 hour long.

•    Session 1: 8:30am – 9:30am

•    Session 2: 9:30am – 10:30am

•    Session 3: 10:30am – 11:30am
If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

Click here to register

Wired to play… no matter the age! featured image

Wired to play… no matter the age!

Ms Amy Woodgate | Head of Junior and Middle Schools ‘A child who does not play is not a child, but the man who does …


Wired to play… no matter the age!

Ms Amy Woodgate | Head of Junior and Middle Schools

‘A child who does not play is not a child, but the man who does not play has lost forever the child who lived in him.’

– Pablo Neruda (Poet)

As well-know Australian educator and author, Maggie Dent states, ‘children are wired to play.  Play is very serious business for them’.  We have the privileged opportunity of witnessing our boys and girls play each and every day, whether we, or even they, realise they are.

It is easier to recognise play when we observe a group of students building stables for their ‘horses’ out of blocks, or when a young child excitedly shows us the fairy garden they’ve created under a hedge for the family of imaginary fairies.  We can recognise play in our older students playing a game of handball or kicking a football on the oval.

What we may not initially recognize as play is that young person engrossed in the drawing they are creating, the group of students laughing at the outcome of a brain teaser maths challenge or the teenager fascinated by what they have found when they disassembled the engine of a broken down dirt bike to see how it works.

‘Play is a state of mind that one has when absorbed in an activity that provides enjoyment and a suspension of sense of time.  And play is self-motivated so you want to do it again and again.

-Dr Stuart Brown (American doctor, psychiatrist and clinical researcher)

Our initial understanding of play is quite often that of ‘free play’.  What we must remember is that play is a purposeful form of learning that is intrinsically motivated and sees young people actively engaged in discovery.  Playful experiences foster creativity, curiosity and imagination.  Play is loud, play is silent, play is messy, play is solitary and play is interactive.  It can be one or all of these things at once.

In their recent book, Let the Children Play, renowned Finnish educator Pasi Sahlberg and academic William Doyle, espouse the importance of play as how we learn from an early age to interact with the world around us.  They state that play nurtures self-esteem and self-regulation, whilst developing problem solving skills, an understanding of social rules and enhancing our cognitive understanding and physical and brain development.  Simply, they believe that play is powerful.

Dr Stuart Brown is the founder of the National Institute of Play based in California.  In his 2009 book, ‘Play’, he describes research conducted in various fields, such as neuroscience, psychology or behavioural science, that affirms the importance of play as a basic biological process that promotes survival, shapes the brain and makes us more adaptable.  He states that play lies at the core of creativity and innovation and is the purest form of expression.

Dr Brown continues in his book to explore the importance of play for all of us, no matter our age.  He proposes that as children we play quite naturally.  We are inquisitive, open to risk taking and take enjoyment from it.  We learn how the world works, how relationships are formed and how friends interact.  We learn to take a risk, to try something new and to let our creativity flow with no bounds.  Dr Brown argues that at some point we begin to ‘feel guilty’ about play, start believing that it is a waste of time, or just something we do if we have spare time.

Perhaps we need to start considering play more in terms of those feelings of exhilaration and pure joy that we all had when we were younger.  That feeling when we made a new friend at the park, built a pillow fort in nanna’s loungeroom or made a new home for that lizard we found in the garden.  Dr Brown proposes that whilst play is different for everyone, being playful, being curious and spending time doing what brings us joy should be a part of all of our lives.  It can be riding a bike, spending time in the garden, reading a good book or making a delicious meal.  There is no right or wrong way to play.

I often find myself reflecting upon all of this when in the Junior School playground.  We are so incredibly fortunate to have this beautiful outdoor environment for our children.  On any given day, there are children doing gymnastics routines on the grass, a group of boys and girls playing football, while others are pushing one another on the birds nest swing.  At the same time as this, children are climbing the towers, balancing on the cargo nets or going down the fireman’s pole.  A group will be making concoctions from water and sand, others will be building a track for their cars and even more will be working together to build a dam in the river bed.  It is simply enjoyable to watch and I find myself leaving the area with a smile after each playtime when I’ve had the privilege to witness the pure enjoyment they achieve from their play.

So with what we know about play, perhaps it is time that we carve out a small spot in our day or week to be playful, to be curious and to experience just a little of that joy our boys and girls do when they are going down the slide.



National Institute of Play

Brown, S. L., & Vaughan, C. C. (2009). Play: How it shapes the brain, opens the imagination, and invigorates the soul. New York: Avery.

Sahlberg, P., & Doyle, W. (2019). Let the Children Play: How more play will save our schools and help children thrive. New York: Oxford University Press.

From the Co-Curricular Desk featured image

From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Acting Director of Co-Curricular Activities Darling Downs & South West Equestrian Championships Over the last weekend, our Equestrian Team were busy …


From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Acting Director of Co-Curricular Activities

Darling Downs & South West Equestrian Championships

Over the last weekend, our Equestrian Team were busy in Toowoomba at the Darling Downs and South West Schools Equestrian Titles.

This is the pinnacle of regional events and these Regional Championships have produced several Queensland Representatives. This weekend our student’s participated in three distinct categories including the Combined Training Event (Dressage and Showjumping), Dressage and Showjumping at several different heights.

In the Combined Events held on Day 1, our students gained the following results.

  • Jessica Angus | CT 60cm Champion
  • Jessica Angus | CT 1m Reserve Champ
  • Sophie Poole | CT 80cm Champion
  • Phoebe Sellick | CT 60cm 4th

The SCOTS PGC College Team were Reserve Champions of the Combined training Event with the following competitors making up the successful team – Jessica Angus, Sophie Poole, Phoebe Sellick and Scarlet Hart.

Other placings in the overall placings included, Scarlett Hart CT 60cm 7th and Co-Captain Felicity Hodges CT 80cm 11th.

In the Dressage Events of Day 1 and 2, our students performed quite well with the following class placings

  • Jessica Angus | Elementary Dressage Champion
  • Felicity Hodges | Prelim dressage 1B 7th
  • Sophie Brennan | Elementary dressage 3B 6th
  • Jessica Angus | Champion Secondary Novice
  • Hanaka Parker | Secondary Novice 6th
  • Sophie Poole | Secondary Novice 8th

On Sunday, the third and final day of the Championships, our students moved their attention to the Showjumping Discipline where our riders experienced mixed success.

  • Jessica Angus | Champion 1.10m
  • Tom Brasch | Reserve Champ 1.10m
  • Gabby Sellick | 1m 8th
  • Phoebe Sellick | 90cm 12th
  • Sophie Poole | 90cm 13th
  • April Davies | 80cm 6th
  • Hanaka Parker | 80cm 10th
  • Hannah Lawlor | Champion 70cm
  • Scarlet Hart | 70cm 3rd
  • Phoebe Sellick | 70cm 4th
  • Mac Sanderson | 70cm 6th

Finally, in the Showjumping Teams event, Our Team gained 1st place with Tom Brasch, Jessica Angus, Hanaka Parker and young Scarlet Hart defeating Fairholme, Glennie, St John’s – Roma, St Hilda’s, Harristown SHS and others who had come from all areas for this final opportunity to qualify for the Queensland Championships.

Many of our students have now qualified for the State Championships in the next holiday break and we wish them well as they vie for places in the Queensland Team to attend the Nationals later in the year. We look forward to advising you of these selections once they are finalised and wish them all well for the upcoming events.

Many thanks to all our staff, parents and helpers for their efforts in making the championships such a successful one in the light of the weather conditions, and to the DD and SW Equestrian Committee for their conduct of the event.

Queensland Pipe Band Championships

On Sunday 22 May, our College Pipes and Drums headed to Ipswich for the Queensland Pipe Band Championships, where they faced the best bands in the state. Mrs Christine Peterson reported back the following results from our team’s performances under the tutelage of Pipe Band Co-ordinator and instructor Mr Sandy Dalziel.

Novice Juvenile A

  • 1st Brisbane Boys’ College No 1
  • 2nd The SCOTS PGC College
  • 3rd Knox Grammar School No 1
  • Drum Corps: Brisbane Boys’ College No 1

Novice Juvenile B

  • 1st Brisbane Boys’ College No 2
  • 2nd The SCOTS PGC College
  • 3rd Knox Grammar School No 2
  • Drum Corps: Brisbane Boys’ College No 1

4B Novice / Juvenile  B Medley

  • 1st Brisbane Boys’ College No 2
  • 2nd Knox Grammar School No 2
  • 3rd The SCOTS PGC College
  • Drum Corps: Brisbane Boys’ College No 2

For such a young band, which ours is, these results were most promising and a credit to the determination and dedication of all associated with the Pipe Band from our dedicated staff to our passionate students and super-supportive parents.

Thank you one and all for the time and efforts you all up into our iconic Pipe Band to gain these wonderful results.

Upcoming Trials

  • Friday Boys and Girls Rugby Fixtures continue with Finals coming up on May 27 and June 3
  • Warwick Interschool Hockey Fixtures continue on Tuesday evenings
  • Years 7-12 Basketball Fixtures continue every Monday evening in Term 2
  • Darling Downs Cross Country – Toowoomba – Tuesday 24 May
  • QCIS Cross Country – Downlands College – Wednesday 1 June – Team to be advised
  • SCOTS PGC Junior/Senior Athletics Carnival – 1500m Events – To be advised
  • SCOTS PGC Junior Athletics Carnival – To be advised
  • SCOTS PGC Senior Athletics Carnival – To be advised
From the Boarding Houses featured image

From the Boarding Houses

From Boys’ Boarding Mr David Marriott | Head of Senior Boys’ Boarding For all the boys in boarding at SCOTS PGC, National Boarding Week presented …


From the Boarding Houses

From Boys’ Boarding

Mr David Marriott | Head of Senior Boys’ Boarding

For all the boys in boarding at SCOTS PGC, National Boarding Week presented an excellent opportunity to showcase what it means to share that ‘special bond’ that is unique to a bunch of boarding brothers. The shared experiences of life in this environment can be captured in many wonderful ways, so enjoy reading about just some of them, and viewing the photos in the gallery.

The Year 10 group shared a ‘family supper’ together and reflected on how they all can contribute in a positive way toward their boarding house. The respect and genuine mateship were obvious for all to see during a great time together.

Out of the adversity of the recent ‘Flooding Friday’, all the boys found themselves restricted to the boarding residences for the day. What followed post-lunch, in drizzling rain, was a game of ‘Mud Footy’ that will certainly be remembered by all involved for many years. The boys participated fully, with smiling faces, in a wonderful show of spirit and mateship by all Junior and Senior boarders.

Tuesday evening involved boys from several year levels in Senior boarding working together with staff member, Troy Rankin, to begin the refurbishment of the pool table. It was fantastic to see boys enjoying time together and working with tools on something that will benefit many boys now and into the future. This was again a great sign of house spirit.

On Wednesday, our Junior boarders, with the help of Mrs Marriott, showed off their cooking skills and made the Australian classic, chocolate crackles. There was plenty of food on offer and the highlight of the activity was the shared supper in Hawkins house that evening. Boys from from Years 5 12 shared food, laughs, basketball matches and genuine care for each other throughout another special time together in boarding.

Thanks to all the boys and staff who contributed to these excellent events. We have all had a great week in boarding.



From Girls’ Boarding 

Mrs Susan Everson | Head of Girls’ Boarding

Last week, we celebrated National Boarding week which provided some wonderful opportunities to shine a light on our boarding community and some of the fantastic young people we have in our boarding community.  We’ve put profiles together on some of our girls which provided some lovely insights into who they are as people and what they enjoy most about boarding.  It was interesting to note the common theme of ‘getting involved in activities and keeping busy’ was one of the best strategies to deal with homesickness and settling in.  We’ve included the profile we shared about our Boarding Captain, Matilda Bryant, at the end of this article.

Cardinal preparations are taking shape as we prepare to welcome our entire senior cohort along with family and friends, for the traditional ‘Garden Party’ at the Locke St campus prior to the formal part of the evening.  We are very excited for all the girls who will be attending this year’s ball and we can’t wait to see them looking their finest on Saturday evening.  Here’s hoping the weather holds out so our seniors can enjoy this very special milestone.

It has been excellent to see our girls taking up the opportunity to focus on their health and fitness by attending the in house boot camps in the afternoons facilitated by Sophie and Anna.  Next week’s schedule will also include ‘box fit’ and girls will also have the opportunity to take part in the community Park Run on Saturday mornings. Keep up the great work girls!

BOARDER IN THE SPOTLIGHT | Meet Matilda Bryant, our 2022 Girls’ Boarding Captain. ‘Tilly’ joined the College as a Year 7 student after Distance Education for her primary years and is currently completing her sixth year of boarding at SCOTS PGC. She is quiet and humble in nature and adored by the 51 other ‘sisters’ she has at the Locke St campus.

Tilly hails from Mitchell (80km from the township itself to be more precise) and chose SCOTS PGC as a boarding school because of its agricultural and country feel. To her, it felt like home – because ‘home’ has an abundance of wide-open spaces.

“I think the best thing about SCOTS is that everyone has an opportunity to try everything on offer. You can play sport without worrying about being the best – you can just have fun” Tilly says. “I think being involved in lots of activities is best when you first arrive as a new boarder. Staying active and meeting new people helps you settle in.”

While school is fun and full of friends and an endless number of activities, Tilly looks forward to holidays at home which means days of riding her horse, mustering on motorbikes and seeing her animals… she also looks forward to her favourite meal, spaghetti bolognese.

“Boarding school has definitely taught me independence and I’m really grateful for the opportunities I have here.”

Community and Service featured image

Community and Service

P&F Junior Disco is a hit! A very big thank you to all the families who attended our P&F Junior Disco.  The event was deemed …


Community and Service

P&F Junior Disco is a hit!

A very big thank you to all the families who attended our P&F Junior Disco.  The event was deemed a huge success which was evident from the many little (and big) people who donned their disco shoes and danced the night away.  The P&F are now turning toward preparations for their next event – a family dinner in the Des Davey Dining Hall.  Stay tuned for details!

Welcome, Allan Balloch…

We extend a very warm welcome to Mr Alan Balloch as the College’s new Management Accountant.  Alan has many years of experience in accounting and finance roles within local government and community organisations.

He is a passionate advocate for learning, evidenced by his drive to continue his own learning through further professional study.

Alan is looking forward to establishing strong relationships with all members of the College staff and supporting our vision of inspiring our students to be their best by helping you with your financial decision-making.

Affected by the recent floods? | Support is available

Residents in the Lockyer Valley and Southern Downs local government areas (LGA) who have been impacted by flooding over the past couple of days can now access financial assistance and support services.

Minister for Communities and Housing Leeanne Enoch said this included Emergency Hardship Assistance grants, of up to $180 per person and $900 for a family of five or more, to support residents experiencing financial hardship as a result of this flooding.

“We know that some people and families in these regions have only just recovered from the February floods and now they have been impacted again,” Ms Enoch said.

“Only weeks later we’ve seen many properties and businesses across the south-east inundated by floodwaters and people isolated from their homes.

“This is a heartbreaking situation, but we know Queenslanders are resilient and have a strong sense of community spirit.

“Our financial assistance is a safety net for people and families who are experiencing hardship and there are also a range of services available through our non-government partners, including emotional and psychosocial supports, to help people through their recovery.”

Financial assistance is available under jointly-funded Commonwealth/State-Disaster Relief Funding Arrangements (DRFA).

Emergency Hardship Assistance grants help cover the costs of essential items, such as food, medication and clothing, for people who have been directly impacted by this disaster.

Other grants such as the Essential Household Contents Grant, Structural Assistance Grant and Essential Services Safety and Reconnection Grant, which are income tested, are also available to eligible residents who are uninsured and have experienced certain loss or damage following this disaster.

Minister Enoch said the Queensland Government’s Ready Reserves were on standby to lead community recovery efforts in these areas once flood water subsides and it is safe to travel.

“These dedicated community recovery workers will be mobilised into affected communities as soon as possible to help individuals and families access the financial assistance and support services that they need to assist with their recovery,” she said.

“We are also continuing to monitor the current flood situation in other communities across the south-east and are working with local authorities as damage and impacts become clearer.

“Unfortunately, this weather situation is not over yet and we know many communities have been impacted.

“We are ready to step up and assist where we are needed, and we expect further activations over the next couple of days as the rain clears and flood waters subside.”

To apply for grants and find more information:

Additionally, anyone impacted by the flood event can apply for housing assistance, including homeowners and private renters, by visiting or calling 13QGOV (13 74 68).

From the Junior and Middle Schools featured image

From the Junior and Middle Schools

Year 1 Spotlight Mrs Sharyn Bomford | Year 1 Teacher The Year 1 classroom has been a hive of activity over the semester. We have …


From the Junior and Middle Schools

Year 1 Spotlight

Mrs Sharyn Bomford | Year 1 Teacher

The Year 1 classroom has been a hive of activity over the semester. We have grown together, welcoming new friends and families into our cohort, and love being a part of the Junior School and SCOTS PGC College community.

Each of us is excited about how much we have developed since last term in different areas of the curriculum. I have shed proud and happy tears as each child has achieved personal goals along the way. It is always a privilege and pleasure to be a part of their learning journey and see the joy on their faces when they attain their goals.

Writing this term has taken off with children writing personal recounts. We were particularly proud of our ANZAC Day pieces at the beginning of term, and we are about to publish some of our creative writing stories.

We have enjoyed visits from our Year 5 buddies who have assisted us with some of our Science and Geography tasks. In Science, planning, designing and building our classroom zoo was very exciting last term. Year 1 class decided which animal enclosures to include then went about researching what each animal enclosure would need. Tabitha and Hank, along with his big brother Brady, designed an amazing elephant enclosure. The crocodile enclosure designed by Cooper and Peyton was also a favourite at our zoo.

Geography lessons this week put our mapping skills to work and gave me the opportunity to share my Western Australia road map with the class from my trip last year. The children remembered the postcards I’d sent and the experience we shared via Facetime from Busselton Jetty and the aquarium. We used our maps to work out how to get to the Humanities building and dropped in to visit Mr Keevers and his Year 12 class. During our walk, we really enjoyed the sunshine and autumn leaves too. We decided to collect the autumn leaves to make pictures of ourselves to add to our school pictorial map we are putting together.

The transition the children made from Prep to Year 1 has been a wonderful experience for all involved.  I can’t wait to see where the rest of the year takes us!




Year 2 Spotlight

Mrs Bernie Bourke | Year 2 Teacher

In Year 2, we have a favourite time of day every day – “DAILY 5”!  This is our time to really enjoy reading, writing, learning about great authors, spelling and developing our vocabulary. ‘Daily 5’ consists of the following 5 activities – Read to self, Read to someone (Mrs Bourke), Listen to reading, Word work and Work on writing.

This term, we are studying Procedure writing. One of our ‘Daily 5’ activities this week was to follow the procedure of making Fairy Bread.  Mrs Bourke photographed each step of the procedure and later, we individually created our storybooks.

Each day, we spend time writing.  While we are writing, Mrs Bourke invites a couple of students to her desk for a Writer’s Conference.  We share our creative ideas with Mrs Bourke and together, we work out ways to improve our writing. This is also when we add words in to our personal dictionary. Once a week, our class has ‘Writers’ Circle’ where we share with the class our favourite piece of writing for the week.

After lunch every day, we ‘Drop Everything and Read’. One of our favourite places to read in the Year 2 classroom is in our reading tepees! During DEAR each day, a couple of students visit Mrs Bourke’s desk for ‘Sunshine time’.  This is when we individually read a book from the ‘Sunshine’ Reading book series with Mrs Bourke.

As part of our Pastoral Care this month, we are spending a few minutes every day listening to a guided mindfulness meditation for ‘Mindful in May’. Mindfulness is as important for our health and wellbeing as exercise, sleep and healthy eating! Each week, we are getting better at being still and quiet and becoming more aware of our breathing, thoughts, feeling and body sensations!

Year 8 hits the beach for Humanities

Last Thursday, Year 8 students headed to Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast to collect data for their field trip assessment. Despite the cooler weather, students welcomed a change of scenery; moving their classroom to the outdoors and enjoyment of the beach.

After the initial excitement wore off, students diligently gathered data on geographic processes which formed unique landscapes, how people interacted with the landscape and how the changing coastline was managed. We were lucky enough to have Mr Kenneth Brown share his knowledge of the local area and explain some of the indigenous creation stories and cultural significance of the area to our students.

It was a wonderful mix of work and play, with the rolling waves of the beach and the calm waters of Tallebudgera Creek proving too tempting for some. All students represented the College proudly and the way in which they interacted with each other and the public was outstanding.

Middle School Professional Development Series

Ms Amanda Hall | Deputy Head of Junior and Middle Schools

At SCOTS PGC, we know that as our boys and girls enter the Middle School their sense of self expands at a rapid rate as they begin to seek and explore different perspectives, to question and investigate wider issues and to really start to get to know who they are and their place in the world.

Middle School represents a time of significant change. We know that a successful Middle School needs an intentional approach to teaching and learning, teachers who are responsive to the range of needs, interests and achievements of their students, a clear philosophy and collective understanding, as well as a comprehensive range of practices to engage students in meaningful and challenging learning.

Our Middle School teaching team have recently engaged in a specialised program of engaging Professional Development sessions focussed on promoting, maintaining and strengthening our successful Middle School program.

The Middle School Learner

In Week 2 of Term 2, Ms Amy Woodgate, Head of Junior and Middle Schools, facilitated the first session centred on the Middle School Learner where teachers refined their knowledge of adolescent brain development. There was a focus on the dedication, empathy, passion and relational nature of Middle School educators.

The Middle School Curriculum

Last Monday, Mr Mark Richards, Director of Teaching, Learning and Innovation, affirmed the importance of targeted and intentional learning opportunities in the middle years and provided the opportunity for Middle School teachers to explore the updates to the Australian Curriculum V9 and identify areas that would allow for cross-curriculum collaboration.

Middle School @ SCOTS PGC

The third session in the series will see our Middle School teachers collaborating together to reflect upon and articulate what makes Middle School at SCOTS PGC unique and share practices and ideas with one another.  I know that teachers are looking forward to working together during the third session in this rewarding Professional Development series early in Term 3.

From our Student Leaders featured image

From our Student Leaders

Up, Up and Away  Nicholas McGahan | College Captain & Pipe Major We are off on a huge adventure! At the end of Term 1, …


From our Student Leaders

Up, Up and Away

 Nicholas McGahan | College Captain & Pipe Major

We are off on a huge adventure!

At the end of Term 1, five students from our Pipes and Drums Corps were invited to join Brisbane Boys College to travel to Scotland in July and August to perform at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.  Pipers – Nic McGahan (Year 12), Fraser Collins (Year 11), Rory Macfarlane (Year 11), Sam Bourke (Year 10) and Drummer – Josh Hullock (Year 11), together with Mr Sandy Dalziel, are all off to Scotland on a once in a lifetime adventure.

We are incredibly honoured and humbled that we have been selected by Brisbane Boys College to join them as the only Australian band performing at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in 2022.

We have been busily learning new tunes, practising at Kingswood every morning, travelling to Brisbane weekly for practices and generally preparing ourselves for the crazy schedule that we will have in Scotland.  With a full week of 10 hour daily rehearsals on our arrival and then twenty-five daily performances (sometimes two shows a day), there will be no rest for us.

To add to this amazing opportunity, following a couple of warm-up competitions on our one day off per week, we then get to compete at the World Championships in Glasgow.  As Mr Thompson said, “This is the Olympics for Pipers and Drummers!”

As I said in my School Captains Speech earlier in the year – we need to take the opportunities that present themselves to us.  Catch that bus.  Take that ride.  This just might be the ride of our lifetime!

Up, up and away.