Unleashing Potential: The Power of High Expectations

Ms Amanda Hall | Head of Junior School

At SCOTS PGC College, we firmly believe in the immense potential residing within each and every student. We recognise that children are not only shaped by their own beliefs but also by the expectations we hold for them. As parents, you have the incredible opportunity to foster growth and success in your children by setting high expectations. As the renowned author, Lady Bird Johnson once said, “Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.”

It is no secret that setting high expectations can have a profound impact on a child’s academic and personal development. When we believe in our children and set the bar high, we provide them with a clear vision of their capabilities, instilling within them a sense of purpose and determination. By conveying our unwavering belief in their abilities, we create an environment where they can flourish and excel.

High expectations encourage students to strive for excellence. When we challenge our children to go beyond their comfort zones, we empower them to discover their true potential. It is through these challenges that they develop resilience, perseverance, and the confidence to overcome obstacles. We have witnessed time and again how students who are expected to achieve great things rise to the occasion and surpass even their own expectations.

Moreover, setting high expectations nurtures a growth mindset within our children. It fosters a mindset that embraces learning, resilience, and continuous improvement. When students are encouraged to believe in their own abilities and the power of effort, they develop a love for learning and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. They become lifelong learners who are unafraid to take risks and explore new horizons.

As parents, we play a pivotal role in shaping our children’s beliefs about themselves and their capabilities. Let us embrace the power of high expectations and believe in the boundless potential of our children. Let us guide them to aim high, work hard, and persevere in the face of challenges.

At SCOTS PGC College, we are committed to partnering with you in this journey. Together, let us create an environment that fosters high expectations, nurtures growth, and enables our children to flourish. By believing in our children, we empower them to reach for the stars and become the best versions of themselves.


Community and Service

Seeking your support 2023 marks 75 years since SCOTS PGC College Pipes and Drums were started, it is also the year we are hosting the …


Community and Service

Seeking your support

2023 marks 75 years since SCOTS PGC College Pipes and Drums were started, it is also the year we are hosting the Australian Solos and the inaugural Australian Juvenile Pipe Band Championships from 28th September – 30th September.

There are approximately 300 youth coming from across Australia to the event, we would like some community support to assist as many as possible to attend the event and make it an event to remember.  Any donations will be gratefully accepted through this link – https://scotspgc.com.au/community/foundation/youth-pipe-band-championships/

Buy a Bunnings Sausage!

Buckets please!

Parents, carers and friends of the College community, the Music department is seeking buckets/pails for a bucket drumming unit.

We are looking for approximately thirty, 20L buckets or similar – see the picture below. Lids are not a necessity, nor are the handles, however we do ask that the buckets receive a thorough rinse to ensure that any prior substances are washed away.

We ask that any contributions be left at Reception so that they can be properly distributed to the correct place. We thank you sincerely and appreciate your contribution to the College.

From the Junior School featured image

From the Junior School

Come Together Ms Amanda Hall | Head of Junior School The learning journey for our Year 1 cohort has been very much following the theme …


From the Junior School

Come Together

Ms Amanda Hall | Head of Junior School

The learning journey for our Year 1 cohort has been very much following the theme and importance of coming together. Under the guidance and care of Mrs Sharyn Bomford, Year 1 students have embraced the value and power of storytelling. On Friday 26 May, they presented a captivating assembly presentation to convey these messages to the Junior School. The enthusiasm with which they sang the song Come Together by Isaiah Firebrace, Lee Kernaghan and Mitch Tambo demonstrated how cohesive this group of young people have become.

Year 1 students also brought to life the storybook No Way Yirrikipayi. The main character is a crocodile, which is also the Year 1 class totem for 2023. Through working with Ken Brown and a number of art sessions, students produced stunning works of art encapsulating the crocodile.

From the Middle School featured image

From the Middle School

An Enriching Humanities Field Trip to Burleigh Heads Year 8 Students Explore Nature’s Classroom Mrs Melissa Stephenson | Head of Years 7 & 8 Last …


From the Middle School

An Enriching Humanities Field Trip to Burleigh Heads

Year 8 Students Explore Nature’s Classroom

Mrs Melissa Stephenson | Head of Years 7 & 8

Last Tuesday, our Year 8 students embarked on a journey to Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, combining education and exploration in the great outdoors.

We were lucky to experience sensational weather as our students embraced the change of scenery, stepping out of the traditional classroom and immersing themselves in the natural wonders of the beach. The blend of work and play created an engaging and dynamic learning environment.

Our students diligently collected data on various geographic processes that have shaped the unique landscapes of Burleigh Heads. They observed and analysed how people interacted with the environment and explored the strategies employed to manage the ever-changing coastline.  Back at school, they used the information they collected and additional research to complete their Term 2 assessment task.

While the students were committed to their research tasks, the temptation of the beach proved irresistible, with many students opting to take a break and swim in Tallebudgera Creek. It was lovely to see our students striking a balance between their academic pursuits and embracing the joy of being in nature.

Mr Keevers, Mrs Frederiksen and I were proud of the behaviour and conduct displayed by our students throughout the trip.

Experiences such as these are pivotal in shaping well-rounded individuals and fostering a love for learning beyond the confines of a classroom. We look forward to sharing more opportunities like this with our students in the future.

From the Senior School featured image

From the Senior School

Mr Richard Dobrenov | Deputy Principal & Head of Senior School In our ever-evolving world, schools play a pivotal role in shaping individuals and preparing …


From the Senior School

Mr Richard Dobrenov | Deputy Principal & Head of Senior School

In our ever-evolving world, schools play a pivotal role in shaping individuals and preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. At SCOTS PGC we believe that a well-rounded education encompasses more than just academic achievement, it is about fostering a broad range of skills, interests, and experiences that equip students for success in all aspects of life. If the past month has shown us the rich array of opportunities that our students have to both discover, and embrace, their passions here at school.

At SCOTS PGC we recognise that every student possesses unique talents and interests. By providing a breadth of offerings, we aim to cultivate and nurture these diverse abilities. Whether it is academic subjects, arts, sports, or extracurricular activities, we strive to create an inclusive environment where students can explore their passions and discover their potential. By offering and embracing a wide range of opportunities, we celebrate the diversity within our school community and foster a culture of respect and appreciation for individual differences. The past month has seen students showing cattle on Buss Oval, running cross country, playing strategy games, netball, and rugby, and capping it all off with the weekend’s splendid performances of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew.

Education is not solely about gaining knowledge in specific subjects; it is about developing the whole person. A breadth of offerings allows students to explore different disciplines, perspectives, and experiences, which are instrumental in fostering holistic development. By engaging in a variety of activities, students enhance their critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, and communication skills. They learn to approach challenges from multiple angles, adapt to different situations, and become well-rounded individuals capable of tackling the complexities of the world beyond the classroom. Our motto of Always Aiming Higher is well and truly alive here at our College.

Date Claimer – Careers’ Evening 10 July

On Monday the 10 July, the school will be holding its annual Careers’ Evening in the Assembly Hall beginning at 6.00 pm. All students and parents in Years 10-12 are invited to come along and listen to the speakers outline what they actually do in their profession, the journey they took to reach their goals and other information about their roles.

Further information will be forthcoming as we confirm our guest speakers.



From the Boarding Houses featured image

From the Boarding Houses

Girls’ Boarding Update Ms Linda Berry | Assistant to the Director of Girls’ Boarding From breathtaking hikes in Girraween National Park to cheering on Girls’ …


From the Boarding Houses

Girls’ Boarding Update

Ms Linda Berry | Assistant to the Director of Girls’ Boarding

From breathtaking hikes in Girraween National Park to cheering on Girls’ Boarding staff at the Warwick Pentathrun and immersing ourselves in the electric atmosphere of State of Origin Game 1, the past fortnight in Girls’ Boarding was filled with unforgettable moments, fostering a sense of adventure and spirit.

On May 27, our boarding community embarked on an adventure to Girraween National Park, immersing ourselves in the wonders of nature. Mrs George led the way on the Bald Rock Creek Circuit walk, followed by a BBQ lunch cooked by staff and senior boarders. After lunch, the girls headed back out with Mrs George on the Granite Arch Circuit where they ventured through the captivating landscapes, discovering hidden gems, and forging unforgettable memories along the way.

Throughout the day, the girls captured the beauty and joy of our Girraween experience through a photo competition. On our way home to boarding, we made a pit stop at Vincenzo’s Café, indulging in treats while supporting local businesses, fostering a sense of community and appreciation for the region’s offerings. During dinner that evening, we celebrated the best photo of the day.   Emidey and Emily captured the essence of Girraween’s beauty in their outstanding snapshots, earning themselves a Heavenly Chocolate gift pack. Congratulations to these talented photographers for their keen eye and creativity!

The excitement continued Sunday May 28 as we rallied together to support our Girls’ Boarding staff, Sarah and Brooke, as they completed the Warwick Pentathrun. We cheered them on as they raced the 1500m down the main street, showcasing their strength and determination. It was a moment of unity and encouragement within our boarding family.

To cap off the fortnight, we transformed the games room into a battlefield divided into maroon and blue for the State of Origin. The ‘friendly’ rivalry between the maroon and blue supporters added a spark of excitement throughout the room. The girls are looking forward to Game 2!

Boys’ Boarding Update

Mr David Marriott | Director of Boys’ Boarding 

Boys’ Boarding celebrated Mr Bailey, Assistant to the Director of Boys Boarding, last week, as he prepared for his well-deserved long service leave after 19 years at SCOTS PGC.  To wish Mr Bailey well, we all enjoyed a great dinner which was followed by cake.

Mr Bailey continues to do a fantastic job in caring and guiding our youngest boys in boarding. We wish Mr Bailey and his family a great five-week European holiday.


Our boarding house was abuzz last Wednesday evening as we took the opportunity to cheer on Queensland to victory over NSW in the first of the State of Origin matches.  There was Pizza and drinks for all, kindly arranged by Mr Marriott and Mr Bailey, a couple of true Queensland supporters.


Rugby recently returned to Briggs Oval, with all of our Junior Boy Boarders being members of the U13 Rugby team.
Our U15 boys, (many of who are Senior Boy Boarders) enjoyed a fantastic 7-try victory!  There’s plenty of rugby yet to come – next term the Darling Downs Super Schools Cup returns.

From the Co-Curricular Desk featured image

From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Director of Co-Curricular Activities Representative success More students have been out and about representing the College this past fortnight. Darling Downs …


From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Director of Co-Curricular Activities

Representative success

More students have been out and about representing the College this past fortnight.

Darling Downs Basketball

Treshawne Achari returned from Townsville and the Queensland Championships

Having been a part of the Darling Downs Team where the team finished in 6th place. We congratulate Treshawne on his achievements.

Treshawne Achari in action for Darling Downs Basketball

Harry Grayson represents Downs Rugby

Rugby Representatives

Last fortnight Jesse Bohm and Ryan Bohm headed off to the Queensland School Sport U18 Rugby Union Championships with the Darling Downs Schoolboys Team. The Darling Downs Team finished 6th in the field of ten regions. A tough competition every year and one that can see many upsets from time to time.  Congratulations to the boys on their efforts.

Harry Grayson and Sarah Morris also represented Downs Rugby at the Southern Queensland Championships held at the Sunshine Coast and contested between Gold Coast, Darling Downs and the Sunshine Coast. Southern Queensland teams will now be selected to contest the State Championships over the school holidays. We await these selections to see if Harry and Sarah progress to the next level. Well done to both students.


Our youngest players headed to Goondiwindi on Monday to trial for the Darling Downs 11-12 years Rugby Union Team as members of the Border Heelers Team. Lachlan Doyle, Charlie McCosker, Jai Gray, Bronx Hamilton were all eager to attend this trial and all put up a good fight but were unfortunately not successful in making the final cut to the Possibles and Probables trial.

Ryan and Jesse Bohm represented Darling Downs in the U18 Queensland State Schoolboys Rugby Union Championships


Hockey Success

Last week, Emma Bradbury headed to Brisbane to play for Darling Downs in the Queensland 13 – 19 years Hockey  Championships for the girls and her team finished 7th after defeating Northern, Capricornia and Metropolitan West. For her individual performance, Emma was named in the Queensland 18 Years Merit Squad of 18 players from the 160 players at the Championship. We congratulate her on this achievement. Emma joins Samuel Bourke after his success with the Darling Downs Team and being named as a shadow for the boy’s equivalent team.

Emma Bradbury in action for Darling Downs at the Queensland State Hockey Championships

College Cross Country Reschedule

Just a reminder that the College Cross Country will be held on Friday 14 July on Briggs Oval in conjunction with the Clan Sing-Off. The Cross Country events will commence at 10.20 am after the Clan Sing-Off and run as per the previously advertised program. An updated version will be published in Week 9 of Term and then again in Week 1 of Term 3. This will be on student and family notices.

Vicki Wilson Netball Carnival

Last Friday, our Senior and Junior Vicki Wilson Netball Teams attend the Regional Finals of this state-wide competition. Returning to this competition for the first time in many years we nominated in the development Division and came away with some handy results against quality opponents.

The results for the day were as follows.

Our Junior Vicki Wilson Team

Juniors VII:
Chinchilla SHS:  24-3 win
Roma:  15-4 win
Goondiwindi: 9-13 loss
Centenary Heights: 19-1 win
St Joseph’s Stanthorpe: 16-6 win
Fairholme 2: – 7-14 loss
Oakey SHS: 21-1 win

All team members contributed to the team’s performance but special mention from coach Mrs Hester Wiid goes to Miley Caldwell, Amira Duffy and Hannah Bourke who all made significant contributions to the team’s performance.

SCOTS PGC Senior Vicki Wilson Team

First VII Seniors:
St George SHS: 8-4 loss
Oakey SHS: 11-3 win
Harristown SHS: 8-7 win
Pittsworth SHS: 15-9 loss
Concordia College: 12-0 win
Stanthorpe SHS: 13-0 loss
St Saviours College: 8-7 win

Again all the girls made significant contributions to the day, but three students stood out from the group courtesy of their commitment and never-say-die attitude, these were Sophie Weir, Kyra Detmers, Makybe Edwards according to coach Tiffany Cullen.

Thank you to our staff in attendance for supporting and encouraging our two teams – Mrs Wiid, Miss Cullen, Mrs Ratcliffe, Miss Bradbury, and Miss Curtain.


Pipes and Drums News | The Gathering

Congratulations to our Pipe and Drums Band members who participated at The Gathering on the weekend in Ipswich where we gained the following placings. Particularly congratulations to our Development Band who are performing very well in experienced company.

Novice Juvenile B marches – Senior Band gained 2nd, Development Band were 5th
Novice Juvenile A MSR– Senior Band 2nd
Novice Juvenile B Medley– Senior Band 2 (this was against the adult bands).

Best of luck as we move on to our next events.

SCOTS PGC Cattle Club at the Darling Downs Regional Cattle Show Finals

A great Saturday out at Warwick Showgrounds for the Darling Downs Cattle Show Finals despite a chilly start. Congratulations to all our participants and placegetters below. Thanks to all our staff and parents who were able to attend and assist the students throughout the day.

Young Paraders


  1. James Buchan
  2. Charlee Pennell
  3. Cody Muller (competing as an individual)

15 – 25 Years

  1. Georgia Mulcahy
  2. Dan Hughes
  3. Georgina Buchan
  4. Jess Martell

Mackenzie Taylor, 5th place in a large class of those qualified to compete at EKKA.

 Prime Cattle Judging


  1. Grace Muller
  2. Holly Nicholls
  3. Natalie Mulcahy

15 – 25 Years

  1. Ben Carey
  2. Dan Hughes

Georgia Mulcahy 1st of the qualified group and will go on to represent DD at EKKA.

Stud Cattle Judging


  1. Natalie Mulcahy
  2. Tiffany Litt-Baker

15 – 25 Years

  1. Dan Hughes
  2. Grace. Summerville
  3. Chelsea Leonard

Ben Carey placed 2nd in the qualified group

Team Judging Schools based – SCOTS taking first and second in this event

  • 1st Dan Hughes, Ben Carey, Grace Summerville
  • 2nd Grace Muller, Natalie Mulcahy, Holly Nicholls

Special mention to Grace Summerville who received an Encouragement award for her judging comments across both Prime and Stud cattle classes.

Thanks to Mr Franklin and Mrs Mortison as always for presenting, supporting and encouraging our team members all the way.

Darling Downs Regional Equestrian Championships

Congratulations to our 13 Equestrian Team members who participated at the Darling Downs Regionals last Friday – Sunday. Many of these students have now qualified for State Championships in the upcoming School Holidays.

Secondary Show Hunter

  • Sophie Brennan – 1st

Intermediate Show Hack

  • Isla Muggleton – 3rd

Primary Show Hack

  • Harriet Barton – 5th

Intermediate Show Hunter

  • Amelia Waller – 5th

Show Horse Teams

  • Amelia Waller, Isla Muggleton, Sophie Brennan – 4th

Secondary Combined Training


  • Jessica Angus – 5th
  • Gabby Sellick – 4th


  • Phoebe Sellick – 3rd
  • Sophie Poole – 6th
  • Laura Joubert – 9th


  • Jessica Angus – 1st
  • Ivy Westley – 4th
  • Phoebe Sellick – 5th

Secondary Combined Training Teams

  • Jessica Angus, Gabby Sellick, Phoebe Sellick, Ivy Westley – 3rd


Intermediate Preliminary 

  • Ivy Westley -7th
  • Laura Joubert – 10th

Secondary Preliminary 

  • Sophie Brennan – 1st

Secondary Novice 

  • Sophie Brennan – 3rd

Secondary Elementary

  • Jessica Angus – 1st

Secondary Medium

  • Jessica Angus – 1st

Secondary Dressage Teams

  • Jessica Angus, Sophie Brennan, Laura Joubert, Ivy Westley -4th

Show jumping 



  • Zoey Nowlan – 4th



  • Mac Sanderson – 11th



  • Laura Joubert – 3rd
  • Phoebe Sellick – 1st
  • Ivy Westley – 4th


  • April Davies – 8th
  • Laura Joubert – 6th


  • Gabby Sellick – 6th
  • Phoebe Sellick – 3rd
  • Sophie Poole – 4th


  • Jessica Angus – 1st


  • April Davies – 3rd

Showjumping Teams

  • April Davies, Laura Joubert, Phoebe Sellick, Jessica Angus – 3rd

Champion Primary Showjumping School – on the back of our youngest rider – Zoey Nowlan

Holiday Futsal Clinic Years 3-8

Over the upcoming school holidays, Australian Futsal will be holding a Clinic here at SCOTS PGC College for Years 3-7 students. See the attached flyer for details. If you or your child would like to attend, please go on and register at https://ausfutsal.com/SouthWestFutsalClinics

This is an event primarily for students at the College to attend so please support this event. Mr Chris McLeod and Mr Richard Mitchell will be the coaches in residence for the day and are two of the most well-respected and experienced coaches here on the Downs. Numbers are limited so register quickly to ensure a spot otherwise we may need to offer this opportunity to other schools to make it a viable event.

Upcoming Events


  • SCOTS PGC 9-19 Years Athletics Carnival | Pre-Events | Monday 5 June and Monday 12 June – Briggs Oval
  • SCOTS PGC 9-19 Years Athletics Carnival | Full Day – Tuesday 13 June and Wednesday 14 June (wet day Thursday 15 June) – Briggs Oval
  • State Pipe Band Championships | Saturday 17 June – Brisbane


  • Netball Fixtures Resume – Tuesday 11 July
  • SCOTS PGC 5-19 Years Cross Country – Friday 14 July (Week 1 Term 3) – Briggs Oval
  • Queensland 10-19 years Cross Country Championships – 15-17 July – Hervey Bay
  • U19 Girls Champion of Champions – Tuesday 18 July – Nissan Arena – Brisbane
  • Darling Downs Super Schools Cup Rugby – commences Wednesday 19 July
  • QCIS Girls Rugby 7’s – Friday 21 July – Downlands


From our Student Leaders featured image

From our Student Leaders

‘Overnight Success’ Emma Bradbury | Publications Prefect Hard work and determination are the key ingredients that propel individuals towards achieving their dreams no matter what …


From our Student Leaders

‘Overnight Success’

Emma Bradbury | Publications Prefect

Hard work and determination are the key ingredients that propel individuals towards achieving their dreams no matter what their passion or pursuit may be. While dreams may seem distant and unattainable at first, the unwavering commitment to hard work transforms them into tangible realities.

Hard work serves as the foundation upon which dreams are built. It is the persistent and focused effort put forth consistently that paves the way for success. Whether it’s honing skills, expanding knowledge, or taking risks, hard work fuels progress and propels individuals towards their goals. It requires discipline, sacrifice, and the willingness to push beyond comfort zones.

With some of our very own SCOTS PGC students chasing their dreams within their chosen fields let’s shine a spotlight on their success.

Zara Kruger is playing on a national and international stage making her debut at the end of 2022 for the Brisbane Roar Football Club plus several ‘Young Matildas’’ camps and competitions across the country. This has been followed by international tours to Europe and Vietnam where she is currently playing for the U20 Australian Youth Matilda’s Team. This success came via her involvement in both school sports and association pathways. Zara has applied herself over many years to achieve this success and although only 17 years of age has at least a decade of skill development and practice under her belt. Proving there is no such thing as ‘overnight success’ when it comes to chasing your ultimate dreams.

Currently we have five other students who have demonstrated similar attributes in the pursuit of their passion. All five students have recently experienced success at Queensland School Sport State Championships level or via club pathways.

Bailey Harm (Year 10) recently completed a very successful Queensland School Sport Swimming Championship. On the back of his six individual medals and one relay gaining the Queensland School Sport Swimming Team. Bailey too has spent many years of dedicated training up and down the black line of the Allora pool in the pursuit of his passion. With many years to come in the sport before he reaches his peak we hope that the 2032 Olympics will be the highlight of his ‘overnight success’

Amelia Kuhn (Year 6) is currently attending the National 10-12 years School Sport Australia Cricket Championships in Darwin. Although you might think that her success is a true overnight achievement, be assured that years of backyard cricket with dad and siblings have been the proving ground of her very consistent ‘yorkers’. With patience and continued dedication to her craft as a bowler, we are sure that we will see her in the Queensland Fire one day like past student Kira Holmes who honed her skills throughout her high school days here at SCOTS  PGC before scoring her first professional contract this year with the Queensland Fire herself.

Personally, I recently fulfilled a long-held dream of being selected for Queensland in my beloved sport of Hockey. Being selected in the Queensland School Sport 18 years Hockey Merit Team over the past weekend has been a journey from when I first picked up a stick at the age of five. Over this time, I have attended some twelve different State Championships for either Toowoomba or Darling Downs to finally be recognised at the next level.

Samuel Bourke (Year 11) has also had a long journey playing local hockey and initially making the Queensland 10-12 years School Sport Hockey Team some 4-5 years ago. It has been a long trudge to once again be named as even a shadow in the Queensland School Sport 16 years Hockey Team this year. I am sure that Samuel will be spurred on to next year take it one step further by working hard to make the team and we all wish him well.

Finally, Krystal Petersen has worked very hard through our College program and the SWQ Highlanders Academy over the past 4-5 years chasing her passion for goalkeeping. Krystal has been a dedicated participant in both Futsal and Hockey in the same position as goal-keeper proving that skills are very transferrable and we should all consider different options that may highlight our skills. Krystal leaves for the US on tour with an Australian touring team to contest the United States Futsal Championships as a result of her dedication, and who knows how far these opportunities may take her.

We are extremely proud of these students and their achievements and hope they continue to strive to be their best and follow their dreams through continued hard work and a ‘growth mindset’ that leaves them always asking, ‘what more can I do?’

Together, hard work and determination create a powerful combination that empowers individuals to reach for their dreams. Providing the motivation to keep pushing forward, even in the face of adversity. Instilling a sense of purpose and drive, enabling individuals to overcome challenges and seize opportunities and building resilience for greater challenges in life. Transforming the unthinkable into tangible achievements, fulfilling their dreams and inspiring others to do the same is never an ‘overnight success’.