Co-curricular Update

Mr Tom Bradbury | Assistant Director of Co-curricular

Junior and Middle Swimming Carnival

Earlier this Term, we conducted our Junior and Middle School Swimming Carnival at the WIRAC, with several promising performances recorded by our swimmers.

In the race for Age Championship honours, I am pleased to announce the following recipients.

12 years Girls – Bridie Hutchison 1st, Bonnie Petersen 2nd

12 years Boys – Douglas Lawlor 1st, Innes Nowlan 2nd

11 years Girls – Hannah Bourke, Dashielle Caslick equal 1st

11 years Boys – Colby Miller 1st, Beau Edmed 2nd

10 years Girls – Elsie Holden 1st, Abigail Geraghty 2nd

10 years Boys – William Grayson 1st, Charles McCosker 2d

9 years Girls – Ella Hutchison 1st, Bethany Mulcahy 2nd

9 years Boys – Wade Reid 1st, Hunter Miller 2nd

The Clan battle was a reasonably tight affair with the following results causing consideration of a recount.

Girls Champion Clan – Leslie 1st, Macinnes 2nd, Cameron 3rd, Mackay 4th

Boys Champion Clan – Mackay 1st, Macinnes 2nd, Cameron 3rd, Leslie 4th

Overall Leslie 1st, Macinness 2nd, Mackay 3rd, Cameron 4th

A hearty thank you goes out to staff, parents and students for their participation on the day and the assistance given with regards to officiating and adherence to COVID requirements.

Particularly, I’d like to thank my recorders for preparing our results in such a timely manner, our timekeepers and judges for their diligence and professionalism and our students for their enthusiasm to get involved.

From this event, fourteen students qualified to attend the Southern Downs Championship, where 6 were successful in gaining selection to the Southern Downs Team as reported previously.

Qld West Futsal Selections

After last week’s SWQ Futsal Titles, we are excited and pleased to announce that the following students have been invited to join the QLD West Teams for the Australian Futsal Associations National School’s Championship in September this year. In total 19 students have been invited to wear the mighty Maroon at these championships.

Colby Miller, Innes Nowlan, Tom Worboys, Lachlan Groves, Harry Grayson, Amira Duffy, Phoebe Sellick, Abbey Petersen, Emma Bradbury, Kaysan Miles, Stephanie Dunnett, Krystal Petersen, Erin Keogh, Cooper Seng, Toby Callaghan, Darcy Noller, Mika Repo

The following students have been named as shadow players in the event of withdrawals and injury: Beau Edmed, Briana Groves.

Darling Downs Swimming Championships

This week we had the Darling Downs 10-12 years Swimming and the 13-19 years Swimming Trials at Gatton.

We had 4 participants at the 13-19 years event where Bailey Harm broke three records on his way to making the Darling Downs Team. Bailey set new marks in the 13 years 100m Freestyle, 50m Breaststroke and the 50m Freestyle. William Gilmore, in his final year at SCOTS, once again showed his class to make the Darling Downs Team alongside Bailey. Ellyse Kruger and Nicholas McGahan finished in the top 5 of their respective events, with Nick bagging 3rd place in his favoured event. Both Ellyse and Nicholas were very unlucky not to make the team with performances just outside qualifying.

At the 10-12 years Championships, 6 of our students put it all on the line for their chance to make the Darling Downs Team. It was a tough day at the office for these little champions. Bridie Hutchison, Hannah Bourke, Colby Miller, Archie Holden and Douglas Lawlor all battled hard, but Ella Hutchison was our best performer with second in the 9yrs Backstroke and 6th in the Freestyle. Unfortunately, none were selected to the Darling Downs team, but all gained valuable experience at this higher level of competition.

Border District and Southern Downs Sport Trials

We wish the following students, a heartfelt congratulations on their participation and successful selection to the recent Border District and Southern Downs sporting teams.

Border District

Netball – Leilani Lavea (Open) and Elyse Peters (U15)

Rugby League – George Handley, Samuel Wainwright, Nelson Madua and Kolby Seymour (U15)

Basketball – Briana Groves (U15)

Football – Cooper Seng 9Open), Mika Repo (U16)

Southern Downs

Basketball – Lachlan Groves, Harrison Grayson (10-12 years)

We wish all these students the very best at the upcoming Darling Downs Trials and Rugby League Gala Day as they move forward through the representative pathways.

Darling Downs Trials – Week 7

The following staff and students will be attending the Darling Downs Trials in Toowoomba next week. We wish them all the very best as they vie for spots in their respective Darling Downs Teams.

Tuesday 9th March

17-19yrs Football – Cooper Seng – Miss Alexis Carey

13-19yrs Hockey – Emma Bradbury, Briana Groves, Millie Groves, Krystal Petersen, Samuel Bourke, Seb Christensen, Nicholas McGahan – Mr Tom Bradbury

16-19yrs Netball – Leilani Lavea – Miss Alexis Carey

13-15yrs Netball – Ellyse Peters – Miss Alexis Carey

14-15yrs Rugby League – Samuel Wainwright, Kolby Seymour – Mr Tom Bradbury

Thursday 11th March

15-16yrs Girls Rugby 7’s – Mr Jonothan Fender and Miss Alexis Carey – Bryoni Marshall, Kaysan Miles, Summer Jacks, Erin Keogh, Makybe Edwards, Millie Groves, Elizabeth Caton, Alyxis McDonald, Jekeira Major

Southern Downs Trials 10-12 years – Friday 12th March

Hockey – WHA Fields, Queens Park – Mr Tom Bradbury (Convenor) – Natanael Amos, Tim Amos, Lachlan Groves, Cody Baker, Bonnie Petersen, Charles McCosker, Hamish Bayley

Football (Soccer) – Warwick Wolves, Queens Park – Mr Cahal Davis – William Grayson, Cooper Keogh, Beau Edmed

Rugby League – Collegians JRL Grounds – Mr Anthony Savovski – Harry Grayson, Scott Wainwright, Ashton Mayfield, Colby Miller, Tom Worboys, Innes Nowlan, Douglas Lawlor, Hugh Holden, Archie Holden, Henry McMillan

Netball – Barnes Park Courts – Miss Alexis Carey – Hannah Bourke, Bethany Moore-Kirkland

Futsal Girls – Semi-Final Time

In the Girls Futsal, our teams continue to shine with the following semi-final results gained overnight.

SCOTS Blue (2nd)   5   v     Ursie Renegades(3rd)  5 – won the penalty shoot-out 3-2

Scots Green (1st)   7  v     Glennie Allstars (4th)  1

Both teams progress to the Grand Final next week.

The SCOTS Firsts and SCOTS Cardinal are out of finals contention but will figure in playoffs next week.

Futsal Boys – Final Weeks

Our U12 SCOTS Blue Team continue to be a dominant force defeating ladder leaders Concordia on Monday Night to press for finals honours in the coming weeks.

The SCOTS Firsts put up another good fight but still can’t seem to get all players together on the same night to be at our strongest. SCOTS Green are developing as players and a team whilst our newbies in SCOTS Cardinal are on a steep learning curve.

Next Monday will see Cross over matches played before the finals on March 15th.

Senior  Cricket Team – T20 Gala Day

On Wednesday, our Senior Cricket Squad ventured forth to Toowoomba for a Gala day against other schools from the region.

The boys faced Downlands first, and the early start seemed to suit our opponents much better than ourselves, with Downlands running out the victors.

Our second game proved much closer, with Mantaj Brar scoring 22 and Adrien Mayfield some 30+ runs off the Harristown attack. Unfortunately, a less disciplined effort with the ball resulted in a win to the boys from Harristown SHS.

St Joseph’s proved too strong in our final game, but the shining light of Darcy Brennan with his slashing 41 was a highlight.

Dan Hughes and Lachlan Woods were most economical with the ball in hand during the day, whilst Mantaj Brar was most consistent with the bat, scoring 16, 22 and 18 in each of his three innings.

Junior Hockey

Our Junior School Hockey Team continue to sweep all before them as they stand on top of the table undefeated.

The relatively young and somewhat inexperienced team are very enthusiastic and keen to learn more about the great game of Hockey.

Our Arranmore Program continues to produce players of a high calibre that allows for this team to grow in status. Thanks to Mrs Angela Groves for her commitment to our program and the wider Warwick Hockey Community and to Mrs Rebecca Grayson as our diligent and dedicate manger.

Upcoming Trials

Please go to our Co-curricular pages in SCOTS Connect and notices for details of upcoming trials for…

  • DD Open Boys Rugby Union
  • DD Girls Rugby League
  • DD 16yrs Boys Football
  • SD Touch


From Hawkins House featured image

From Hawkins House

Mr David Marriott | Head of Senior Boys’ Boarding It has been another busy and productive couple of weeks in Hawkins House with several highlights …


From Hawkins House

Mr David Marriott | Head of Senior Boys’ Boarding

It has been another busy and productive couple of weeks in Hawkins House with several highlights to mention. From an academic sense, there are now a number of staff tutors attending the boys’ homework or ‘Prep’ sessions each evening, Monday to Thursday. This is certainly a positive move and all Senior Boys Boarding staff are continuing to encourage the boys to make the most of these opportunities, whether it be to improve their individual study skills or by seeking assistance with homework or upcoming assessment items. In the co-curricular area, a number of boys have recently attended Boarder District or Darling Downs trials, each putting in commendable performances. Further, participation in school based sports and activities continues to grow, in particular with the recent commencement of rugby training sessions. The boys from Hawkins will be very strongly represented in this sport. Socially, many boys took the opportunity to spend time with friends or family last weekend as a part of the ‘Adopt a Boarder’ program. In addition, all boarding houses (girls and boys) have again shared meals, chapel time and activities together. Finally, the comradery and support for each other shown by the boys continues to be impressive as they strive to keep the high standards of respect and good behaviour each and every day.

Boarder Profile | Darcy Zammit (Year 12) – Captain of Boys Boarding

Darcy started at SCOTS in Year 8 as a boarder and now has two younger brothers here, Hank (Year 10), Cody (Year 7), with another on the way ‘when Mum lets him come to boarding’. The family used to live near Tully, but now have a property with cattle ‘near Julia Creek’. Darcy really enjoys living in Hawkins House because he gets to ‘live with his mates and be independent’. He plays cricket ‘not very well’ and will also play rugby this season. He knew SCOTS was the right place for him because everyone was very friendly and seemed to care…….and it had girls here too’. As a leader, Darcy believes it is important to ‘lead by your actions’ and he enjoys ‘supporting the younger boys in the House and at Junior’s too as well as ‘helping SCOTS have a great reputation as a great school’.



Uniform Shop Closure featured image

Uniform Shop Closure

The uniform shop will be closed from Tuesday 9th March and will re-open on Monday 22nd March.


Uniform Shop Closure

The uniform shop will be closed from Tuesday 9th March and will re-open on Monday 22nd March.

Cattle Club takes on the Millmerran Show featured image

Cattle Club takes on the Millmerran Show

Dan Hughes | Year 10 Cattle Club Member Last weekend the SCOTS PGC College Cattle Club took part in the Millmerran Show and it proved …


Cattle Club takes on the Millmerran Show

Dan Hughes | Year 10 Cattle Club Member

Last weekend the SCOTS PGC College Cattle Club took part in the Millmerran Show and it proved to be a great success. Congratulations to the following students:

  • Ben Carey: 2nd in 13-15 years Paraders and 2nd in 15 years and under Cattle Junior Judging.
  • Tommy Worboys: 2nd in 12 years and under Paraders and 1st in 15 years and under Cattle Junior Judging.
  • Marty Worboys: 3rd in 13-15 years Paraders.
  • Georgia Mulcahy: 1st in 12 years and under Paraders and 3rd in 15 years and under Cattle Junior Judging.
  • Lily Emmerton: 3rd in 15-25 years Paraders.
  • Dan Hughes: 3rd in 15 -25 years Cattle Junior Judging.

Mackenzie Taylor, Grace McIlroy, Georgina Buchan, Maddie Taylor, Ivy Westley and James Buchan all lead cattle in various classes throughout the day and also competed in Junior Judging and Paraders.

In the cattle classes, SCOTS PGC’s “Sco-mo” won the champion led steer and SCOTS PGC “Quantum Q6” came first in the British breed bulls 16 -20 months.

Overall, the Millmerran Show, was a great experience for everyone who attended. Thank you to Mr Collett for organising everything, supervising us and driving us to and from Millmerran. Thank you also to Ms Mortison for taking time out to assist with supervision, it was greatly appreciated. Also, thanks to Mr Adam Worboys and Mr Cameron Mulcahy for transporting our cattle to and from Millmerran, as we would not have been able to compete without your assistance.

Parenting Boys featured image

Parenting Boys

Mr Richard Dobrenov | Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School As a father of two boys myself and having worked in an all-boys environment …


Parenting Boys

Mr Richard Dobrenov | Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School

As a father of two boys myself and having worked in an all-boys environment for many years, at times I still find myself struck with just how thoughtful and thoughtless they can be, as they discover who they are and what they stand for.  One of the leading parent educators and the founder of Parenting Ideas, Michael Grose recently identified the importance of time and timing when it comes to successfully parenting of boys.  To begin with, boys on the whole mature later and take longer to mature than girls, and this is clearly evident when entering Middle School.  A typical Middle School classroom contains a wide range of levels of maturity and the sense of balance regarding academic willingness and socialisation often doesn’t emerge until the end of Year 10.

Grose identifies that a first born son, followed by a sister a couple of years younger, will often share similar levels of academic and social ability and this in itself can be a source of anxiety among boys either leading to them giving up, or being nasty towards the younger sister.  Grose warns that it is dangerous to make comparisons, as the first born likes to have a competency gap clearly established between them and those that follow.

Motivating Boys

It is true that most teenagers live for the moment and in the now, but it is particularly prevalent with boys.  The need for instant gratification often outweighs the thought process of repercussions of actions and asking “What possible good can come from this?”  Almost daily, I discuss this very thought process, or lack of thought process with boys when they just get it wrong.   Grose suggests avoiding lecturing teenage boys about their current behaviour having an impact on their later adult life; instead link the impact of their behaviour to their present lives.  For example, saying that eating healthily and having regular exercise and sleep patterns is going to have a positive impact on their ability to play football, run or play music will be far more motivating to a teenage boy than linking such habits to their long-term health.  At the age of 15 most boys are more concerned with the next 5 days than the next 5 years, so it is important to get in to his timeframe and show an interest in their present lives, their friends and interests.  Grose points out that by doing so, it will give you permission to press them further on their goals and ambitions in the future.


The Ability of Boys to Focus

Unfortunately, teenage boys have difficulty in applying equal effort to everything they do, particularly schoolwork.  If a boy identifies that the assessment piece isn’t important to him then his efforts are often reduced and this can be compounded if the deadline is too far away.  Many boys will saunter along until two days before and then with a huge rush (and sometimes tears) they will complete the project.  An effective way of addressing this can be to reduce the time period for completion or to set smaller mini-deadlines (chunking) that must be met along the way.  In this way, the boy stays on task and his motivation doesn’t falter. Most boys are Lego builders and like to have the instructions and stages to follow.  In particular, they like to see reward for their effort, and a practical purpose for doing the assessment.  Even a small tangible reward can be a great motivator.

Time as a Gift

Grose states that some of the greatest gifts to boys revolve around time, particularly with their fathers as long as it’s done in an age appropriate way.  In doing so he suggests that there are two aspects of time to consider.  The first is that it takes time and patience for a boy to grow and develop.  All too often parents want their boys to be what they want them to be within an adult timeframe.

The second element revolves around successfully communicating with boys.  By being able to enter the teenage boy timeframe, a successful adult can communicate with them about what interests them and is important to them now.  Often conversations in the car are an excellent way of communicating with teenage boys.  There is no eye contact (you should be watching the road) and open ended questions can often lead to valuable conversations as the kilometres tick by.

By getting in to their timeframes, giving them time and understanding what is important to them are, according to one of Australia’s leading parenting experts, an excellent way of communicating with adolescent boys.  Our sons hold our hands for only a little while, but they hold our hearts for a lifetime.


When to Stay at Home featured image

When to Stay at Home

With the ongoing campaign against COVID still very much at the forefront of Government Policy and the news, we need to reaffirm the College’s stance …


When to Stay at Home

With the ongoing campaign against COVID still very much at the forefront of Government Policy and the news, we need to reaffirm the College’s stance on students with flu-like symptoms.

In order to protect our College and the wider community, we are required by the Government to implement the following protocols to manage students who present with symptoms of illness:

  • If your child is unwell, please keep them at home until they are symptom-free.
  • If your child becomes unwell at school, they should report to the Health Centre to be assessed. If staff observe symptoms, students will also be referred to the Health Centre.
  • The Health Centre will contact parents to collect their unwell child as soon as possible.
  • The Queensland Government is strongly urging anyone who has any symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, fatigue or loss of smell/taste), no matter how mild, to get tested.
  • Students will not be able to return to school unless they have received a negative COVID-19 test result, and they are symptom-free.

Until advised otherwise, the College has no option except to abide by the above protocols. I respectfully ask all our parents to understand and comply with these mandated responses. While I understand the inconvenience these protocols may create for all of us, including the College, I would ask that appropriate consideration be given to the staff charged with the responsibility of implementing these safety measures. We appreciate the good grace that many of our parents have shown in these circumstances.

Getting to Know: John Rogers – Our School Chef featured image

Getting to Know: John Rogers – Our School Chef

Kirra-Louise Kuhn and Madison Kane Hello and welcome to our next instalment of “Getting to Know…”, where this week we get to know John Rogers, …


Getting to Know: John Rogers – Our School Chef

Kirra-Louise Kuhn and Madison Kane

Hello and welcome to our next instalment of “Getting to Know…”, where this week we get to know John Rogers, our very own Master Chef!

At our school, we are very lucky. Whilst students at other schools are up each morning packing lunchboxes, we as SCOTS PGC students can happily while away our mornings carefree. For us, when the morning tea bell goes, we walk to the dining hall and are given a fantastic array of cakes, biscuits and muffins. At lunchtime when the bell goes, we all file, once again, to the dining hall, where we grab a plate and lunch is served to us.

Throughout our days, we often see John around the dining hall. Always with a smile, he lets us know what the meal that has been prepared for us is and what extras are available with the salads. How many of us really know John, further than the ‘hellos’ that we exchange and the smiles of greeting? Well, we decided to remedy this issue, and ask John a few questions so that we as a community can get to know the man behind the chef’s hat.

As many us know, John is a very busy person, so we bent the rules of a traditional interview and emailed him the questions in advance. John was then able to type his responses, allowing us the time to get to know him better, without detracting from his important and busy job. Thanks again, John!


How long have you been at SCOTS and what influenced your decision to work here?

SCOTS has been privileged to have John with us for seven years now. Originally, he was looking for a job in the mining sector, however, a company he applied with asked him if he had considered a school. Previously from Ballandean, John had heard about SCOTS through customers at his previous job and luckily for us, this connection brought him to inquire taking up the post at SCOTS PGC.


We heard that you ran a restaurant before coming to SCOTS, can you tell us what this was like?

John and his wife had Shiraz Restaurant in Ballandean for eight years. John has managed clubs and restaurants previously, and even owned his own restaurant! However, these were all located in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, so Shiraz Restaurant was something special due to its rural location. John and his family enjoyed living in Ballandean and he was able to focus on certain aspects of catering that he finds exciting. John wrote, “Ballandean was a great little community and, happily, a lot of people in that community made wine for a living. I enjoyed working with winemakers to make dishes to match their wines”. Personally, we found it intriguing how specific wines can affect how particular meals taste and spent a successful procrastination session finding out more.


Is catering manager at a school something you have always been interested in doing?

John mentioned that he had previous catering management roles, but never at a school. This position intrigued him due to the uniqueness of the situation. Most schools only cater for boarders however, SCOTS PGC caters for all students.


What is one of the most rewarding parts of your job?

“Nutrition and exercise have been interests of mine for a long time. I really enjoy the opportunity to provide a balanced diet to our busy students and, hopefully, inspire healthy lifestyle habits”, states John. What a great sentiment, I don’t think we as students understand the thought and preparation that goes into each meal that is prepared for us. How lucky are we?


Is there a specific moment in your life when you realised your passion for cooking?

“My mother used to cook a lot and I spent a lot of time in restaurants from a young age”. There wasn’t a specific moment that John realised his passion for cooking, it was more the fact that his mother spent a lot of time cooking and he has always been around the restaurant scene.



Lastly, do you have a favourite dish to prepare and/or to eat?

We got a very specific answer from John when this question was posed. He explained that it was a signature dish a long time ago, but despite its age, it’s still a classic. The dish is grilled Queensland scallops, white truffle potato, coriander pesto with leek and salmon caviar. John also mentioned that Mr Thompson can attest to the greatness of this meal.

Well, there you have it, our very own Catering Manager John Rogers. We hope that you have enjoyed this week’s article “Getting to Know: John Rogers – Our School Chef” and have gained a further insight into the experience and thought that goes into our daily meals here at school.








From Junior Boys’ Boarding featured image

From Junior Boys’ Boarding

Mr Stewart Bailey | Head of Junior Boys’ Boarding Many of you probably know or have heard of Mrs Roslyn Hart.  She’s a SCOTS PGC …


From Junior Boys’ Boarding

Mr Stewart Bailey | Head of Junior Boys’ Boarding

Many of you probably know or have heard of Mrs Roslyn Hart.  She’s a SCOTS PGC stalwart and is seen as a boarding mum to loads of SCOTS PGC students.  “Rozzy” often has a camera in hand at most College events and is also on staff as a residential supervisor.  Our Junior Boys have spent quite a few afternoons with Ros, so I asked to her to jot down a couple of tales for this week’s newsletter piece…

After almost 25 years working in both girls and boys boarding houses, I think I have seen and heard it all from both sides.  It’s hard to believe that today, in Cunningham House, I am caring for the son of a girl I cared for in Girls Boarding over 16 years ago. Thank you Mac Morris and Jenna Eyles – It’s wonderful to know that my services extend beyond generations of families.

The 2021 junior boys are a delightful group.  They all have their funny little quirks and are equally independent with their views.  When asked what they liked best about boarding, some were not really sure and were stumped for a response.  Perhaps it’s because most are relatively new and are still discovering the great benefits of boarding or maybe they are too tired from all the activities they’re involved in! 

My observations of all of them, is that they enjoy one another’s company, be it mucking about in the dorm (not too much Mr Bailey!), being outside playing games or flying toy planes (there is one on the roof!) Owen and Rayne imagined that they could retrieve it, but were told it was not an option!

All boys love and enjoy their sport, be it Rugby, Futsal, cricket, Basketball and for Darcy H and Cooper B, it’s their horses.

I really enjoying working with all the boys, (two of my boys boarded) and when they were in Year 12, helped look after the junior boarders – perhaps the love of this school and boarding runs in the family! 

After some thought and deliberation, the boys came back to me with a response as to what they really liked about being in boarding…. the answer was “my caramel slice for afternoon tea.”


From Girls Boarding

Mrs Susan Everson | Head of Girls Boarding Well, we have passed the halfway mark of Term 1 and over the last two weeks our …


From Girls Boarding

Mrs Susan Everson | Head of Girls Boarding

Well, we have passed the halfway mark of Term 1 and over the last two weeks our girls in residence have been in full swing of getting through the term with commitment and confidence.  Lots of girls have embraced this busy time by immersing themselves in various club activities, sport, and taking time to catch up with others outside of boarding on the weekends.

During the week, prep time has allowed the students time to plan and organise themselves to ensure assessments are being completed on time. The girls have access to three staff members to assist them with homework, so please encourage your girls to ask for support if they ever need it – we are all here to help!

We’ve had the pleasure of a few past students visit the boarding house, which has been nice for some of our older girls to talk to past boarders and listen to their stories. We love hosting visitors, and for me, it has been lovely to see just how connected our boarding students remain to the College long after they’ve graduated.

The Girls’ Boarding house are very excited to introduce the newest member of our boarding family, “Ember”, an 8-week-old Toy Poodle who is now fondly known as our house mascot. The girls are loving our new furry friend who is also proving to be a great team member to help girls chat about boarding and other topics of discussion.

The College hosted its first Open Morning this week.  Erin Fearby and Arena Wheeler did a fantastic job of showing new families through the PGC building and provided lots of insightful information to mums, dads and potential new students.  They certainly show how much they love their time in boarding – thanks girls.




Equestrian Centre News featured image

Equestrian Centre News

Natasha Paganin | Equestrian Captain Over the past week our SCOTS PGC Equestrian Team has been very busy, not only at competitions but also onsite, …


Equestrian Centre News

Natasha Paganin | Equestrian Captain

Over the past week our SCOTS PGC Equestrian Team has been very busy, not only at competitions but also onsite, around the centre.

On 22 February, Angie Seidel visited the centre to give some of our campdraft enthusiasts lessons to get their horses back up and running for our busy year of campdrafting ahead. These lessons will continue once a month at Goodwood Equine for all those interested in attending this is a fantastic opportunity at first class campdraft facilities.  Contact Cheryl Paganin at the centre for further details.

On Wednesday Hillary McGregor-Potter held her second very successful dressage coaching session at the College and will continue to do so every second Wednesday. David Finch will also be coming tomorrow also visited on 4 March, for jump lessons and will continue every second Thursday.

This weekend, Warwick Horse Trials is hosting a two-day event comprising Dressage, Showjumping and Cross Country. We have five equestrian team members competing – Best of luck to all! Last weekend we had a number of members compete at Millmerran show. Congratulations to everyone who competed, here are the results:

Millmerran Show | 27 – 28 February

Thomas Brasch:          1st 1m Showjumping

3rd 90cm Showjumping

Jess Angus:                  1st Working Hunter

5th Overall in Combined Training

Sophie Poole:              1 rail down in the 80cm jump off in Showjumping

1 rail down in her two 90cm Showjumps