Lessons from Paw Patrol

Mr Mark Richards | Director of Teaching, Learning and Innovation

The following is an abridged version of the speech I delivered at both academic assemblies last week, though as our College Captain Hannah Myer mentioned in her speech, it is very unlikely you remembered what I said.

My 3-year-old son never stops, he is constantly on the go, continuously inquisitive in the world around him, searching for new experiences and new skills to learn.  His favourite question is ‘Why?’  Why is there a caterpillar in the lounge?  Why do I have to go to bed?  Why can’t I be a member of Paw Patrol?

I found out the answer to the caterpillar question, the plague is a phenomenon that occurs when white cedar moth caterpillars try and find a quiet nook to hide or some food.  He has taught me as much as I have taught him, he is a constant reminder that curiosity and inquiry need to be at the heart of successful education.  I have also learnt how much children’s programs can teach and influence, so please let me share a few things I have learnt by watching many hours of Paw Patrol.

  1. Be responsive.

Every show opens with the pups having fun, but when they are called to respond to a need, they do so immediately with a positive sense of duty. Rather than complaining, they are excited to help. When needs arise, a lot of people today don’t always lean into responsiveness, which is defined as ‘the quality of reacting quickly and positively’.  But helping others is not just our obligation, it is our exciting privilege.  It is a fundamental part of being a student at SCOTS PGC, being involved, helping, and expressing our collective College Spirit.

  1. Be ready.

After all the pups rush to Lookout Tower, Ryder fully explains to the whole team the need that has arisen. Ryder then lays out the plan for how the Paw Patrol will respond.  Only a few of the pups are sent out to help, even though all get ready.  This is key: they all are called for action, and they are all ready, but only a few of the pups are sent on the mission.  We must all be ready to jump into action to save the day.  You never know when it will be you and your excellence the team needs.

  1. Be respectful.

Paw Patrol teaches us that it takes people (and pups) with different skills, mindsets, and experiences to solve problems.  Respect for each other’s skills, experiences and feelings lead to a greater collective ability.

  1. Be tenacious.

Inevitably for the Paw Patrol, their first attempt at rescue falls short. But when the first plan fails, they don’t give up. They reassess the situation and try again.  Failure doesn’t hold us back; it can aid us to better success – if we learn from it.

It was great to be able to award certificates of Excellence and Merit, and full and half colours.  These students have shown all these values and more, they have shown a willingness to devote regular energy to their studies, managing their time exceptionally well.  They are all well-rounded individuals who consistently exhibit the school values of Spirit, Excellence and Tenacity.  These are achievements of which they should be truly proud.

The criteria for these awards will be changing in 2022 to reflect the new senior system.  We will be changing to a Grade Point Average, allowing a fairer assessment of overall achievement.  Details of these changes will be included in communication at the end of the term.

We were also able to welcome back William Gilmore, who achieved an amazing ATAR of 99.45, to represent the Year 12 Scholars of 2021.  This cohort achieved fantastic results, given the struggles and challenges of learning through COVID-19.  A quarter of ATAR eligible students achieved 90+ and 10 students have successfully been awarded apprenticeships.  This is a great legacy to leave behind for all students to aspire to.

From the Senior School featured image

From the Senior School

It was great to be able to acknowledge the academic excellence of our senior students at a special Academic Awards Assembly last Friday, where students …


From the Senior School

It was great to be able to acknowledge the academic excellence of our senior students at a special Academic Awards Assembly last Friday, where students were recognised for their outstanding efforts and the results they achieved for Semester 2, 2021.

Congratulations to these award winners:

Academic Merit AwardYear LevelAcademic Excellence AwardYear Level
Holly Densley8Stevie Collins8
April Ries8Phoebe Sellick8
Lucy Unwin8William Angus8
Mackenzie Taylor8Eliana Amos8
Eliza Hartfiel8Neve Kruger 8
Adam Brennan9Ellyse Kruger8
Myles Burgess9Heather Cox8
Lachlan Tweddell9Connie-Anne Sue Tin8
Isabelle Twidale9Briana Groves8
Georgina Bucan9Anna Brown8
Darcy Noller9Maggie Myer9
Amy Morris9Benjamin Carey9
Sophie Brennan10Sarah Mauch9
Georgie Cavanaugh10Lauren McAdam9
Bryce Zerner10Lucy Phillips9
Alivia Sharples10Alexis Casey10
Alana Gray10Bridget Hardy10
Jessica Angus10William Auger10
Sophie Poole10Alexis Zerner10
Luke Stephenson10Eliana Jones11
Ala Frankcom11Hannah Myer11
Julianna Cox11William Gilmore12
Niamh Fender11Dhanyil Jackson12
Mia Benson11
Faithe Repo
Kirra-Louise Kuhn12
Madison Kane12
Elliot Plummer12
Ewan McFarland12

From the Junior and Middle Schools featured image

From the Junior and Middle Schools

Experimenting with Chemistry in Year 6 Throughout Term 1, Year 6 students have been working through a Chemistry unit focused on reversible and irreversible changes …


From the Junior and Middle Schools

Experimenting with Chemistry in Year 6

Throughout Term 1, Year 6 students have been working through a Chemistry unit focused on reversible and irreversible changes and conducting fair tests. Students have discovered that when working as a scientist and conducting experiments that only one variable at a time is changed to ensure the accuracy of data collected. In small groups, our Year 6s were required to design and implement an experiment using their knowledge of a fair test, measuring three possible outcomes.

Students developed experiments that included eggs, icy poles, balloons, and chocolate. The classroom, verandah and surrounds were a buzz of activity as observations were made and results discussed, even if experiments didn’t quite go to plan.


Flexible Learning Spaces | What do our students think?

Flexible learning spaces is a student-focused approach to teaching. The learning space is divided into smaller task focused spaces that relate directly to the learning behaviours of students. Our Year 5 classrooms received an injection of new, flexible seating and furniture towards the beginning of Term 1 and students and teachers have embraced the opportunities these new editions present.  Here’s what some of our students have to say:

I think the furniture is the best because they are comfy and you don’t have to keep pulling a desk out from under the table. We use the furniture when we’re reading and when we are revising things, we draw on the whiteboard tables. It makes the classroom more colourful and it helps us be more spread out so we have more room to learn.

– Naomi Ratcliffe | 5A

I think the new furniture is amazing. I like the setup in our classroom. The whiteboard tables you can draw and learn on. Having our drawers in a tower is good for putting leftover work away.

– Connor Hoffman | 5A

Year 5 students have embraced and are thoroughly enjoying the fresh new flexible furniture in both classrooms. In particular, the students love writing and brainstorming their ideas on the whiteboard tables that come in different shapes and sizes. Students love having more space and room at their personal desk area but are still able to collaborate and work independently when needed. They also love not having tidy trays and chair bags to weigh them down.

– 5B students

 Feedback from our teachers…

For the teachers, our new furniture enhances our pedagogy by having a classroom environment that mirrors what students will encounter in their future careers, and collaboration, problem-solving, and meaning-making are important for most job descriptions. Flexible furniture provides students with the opportunity to openly communicate and collaborate. Students feel valued and personalized having options in how they want to navigate and journey through their educational lessons.  We are admiring the ways that students now take a more active role in their educational journey when provided with a choice as small as where they preferred to complete an assignment or working with a group or individually.

The new flexible seating allows the students to select the seating option that they know helps them to work best in the activity they are completing. Mobile benches, cupboards and tables are easily reconfigured to form whole class, group and individual working spaces. This has supported a pedagogical shift towards greater interactive instruction, group facilitation and feedback, as well as allowing for traditional direct teaching.

Our students, who have a developmental need for movement, spend less time sitting still during class time. They have a choice of sitting or standing to suit the various activities, learning styles and needs. With greater choices comes the responsibility of choosing a smart seat. They are learning to select the seating option that they know helps them to work best and solve problems to optimise their learning space. From an organisational perspective, belongings are better organised as they are allocated their own storage spaces. Students spend less time digging through tidy trays and chair bags to find their equipment.

– Mrs Charmaine Butler and Mrs Julie Gander | Year 5 Teachers

From the Co-Curricular Desk featured image

From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Acting Director of Co-Curricular Activities Arranmore Afterschool Activities Term 2 will see us offering the following activities for Years 1-6 students. …


From the Co-Curricular Desk

Mr Tom Bradbury | Acting Director of Co-Curricular Activities

Arranmore Afterschool Activities

Term 2 will see us offering the following activities for Years 1-6 students. Enrolments for these activities will be forwarded to families via Microsoft Forms in the final week of the term. Please keep an eye out in your emails for details.

Role Playing Games Years 4-12,                    Cooking Club Years 3-4,

Dance Years 1-6,                                               Craft Corner Years 1-6,

Junior and Middle Choir Years 1-6,                 Arranmore Rugby Years 2-6,

Arranmore Netball Years 1-6,                          Arranmore Athletics Years 1-6

Girls’ Futsal Season Wrap  | From Coach Derek Kane

The Girls’ Futsal season was somewhat shortened this term due to external factors. There was a great rollout of new and returning girls who experienced Futsal at its best in the region. It was great to see the enthusiasm of all girls across all teams. We quickly outgrew the gym and training sessions had to be carried out on the WALEC Courts.

The competition was a sharp learning curve for the girls. We worked on individual skills, the basics of futsal and a positive approach, no matter what! All girls improved throughout and by the end, all teams had at least one win, with shots being saved and goals scored!

Ivy Sterling and Mackenzie Fritz excelled for the U12s at every opportunity. Mylie Caldwell and Bonnie Petersen showed great examples of team play and leadership in the U14 team. Gabby Sellick, Brianna Groves, Phoebe Sellick and Claire Eckersley, constantly put their bodies on the line for the U16 team in all their encounters. Finally, the Open girls made their Grand Final against Downlands College but came up short against a very physical opposition. All girls performed outstandingly and were a credit to the team.

Many thanks to Ms Carey and Mrs Bradbury for the numerous roles that they carried out during the course of the season. I’d also like to thank Mr Bradbury for his ongoing support of girls’ Futsal at the school and in the region.

Boys’ Futsal Season Wrap | From Coach Simon Mascadri

With Futsal vastly expanding within SCOTS PGC over the last few years, Mr Bradbury has become deeply involved to ensure we continue to evolve, taking on the position of tournament convenor, organising and running the tournament out of Harristown SHS every Thursday night. Our futsal teams would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank him for the hours of work he continues to put in to ensure we have a competition to compete in.

This year SCOTS PGC numbers grew again and we were able to field a side in every age division and two in the U14s competition. Round one saw a few nervous additions to the teams as well as some senior year rugby boys throwing their hands up to help the senior team with numbers. This was a welcome addition that has led the Open team on an unbeaten run into the finals – a vast improvement on last year when our senior team struggled to win a game. Well done to our senior boys and the unity they showed as a College.

The U16s team struggled against some very stiff competition finishing the competition in 4th place. This team was made up almost entirely of new players. It was very pleasing to see them grow through the tournament and improve each week. Nelson Madua was a stand out with the South West Coordinator recognising his talent and recommending he attend the South West titles next term.

In the U14s competition, we had mixed results with all players covering for the opposing teams as numbers varied each week with absences. At training, players fine-tuned their skills and set plays which resulted in quality gameplay in practice – watch this space in the coming terms/years. From these two teams, we will be fielding one team in the South West Titles next term with all players working hard to fill a position in the team.

The U12s continued to surprise and surpass each week with what they can achieve, playing in the U14s competition and only losing one game which is an outstanding result. This is purely down to the fact that each week they have shown up to training and have gelled extremely well as a team and are happy to fight hard for every ball. It also needs to be mentioned that a couple of key players are still only 10 years old, so the future is looking bright for the SCOTS PGC Futsal program in the coming years.

The finals week produced some quality games, with 3 of our 5 teams in the playoff for first place.  From that, the U12s had a comfortable win as they have had all season. The U14s had a hard 3-0    loss in the game of the tournament,  with some unlucky calls going SCOTS way as well as some exceptional goalkeeping from Harristown. Their top two placing in the U14 Division has also earnt them a place in the State finals to be held later this year in Brisbane.
Finally, the Open’s had a tough game that they ran away with at the end to win 6-2 which was very pleasing to see and shows the growth as a College we are having in our Futsal development.
I look forward to the challenges ahead next term of the South West titles and school boy’s championships for our teams moving forward.






Futsal Farewell
We are both sad and happy to announce that Mr Derek Kane will be leaving us to follow his family to the Sunshine Coast at the conclusion of Term 1. Mr Kane has been the rock in the Fustal space.  He has helped us found and establish a solid program over the past 3-4 years and has been instrumental in the success of both individual players and our teams, with our greatest success being in attendance with three teamss at last year’s Champion of Champions Tournament.

We are considered quite a force now across the region in Futsal and this has been largely due to the efforts of Mr Kane and Mr Mascadri as they have led our students, week in and week out to build the program. I thank Mr Kane for his tireless efforts in supporting our students and helping them to succeed.

On behalf of the students and the College, I wish him all success as he moves to be with his wife and daughters on the Sunshine Coast.

Boys’ Teenage Rugby

Our U13 and U15 Boys continue to hold their own in the Downs Teenage Rugby Competition with a narrow loss and a solid win respectively last Friday Night.

The U13s ventured north to Gold Park, where they faced the South’s boys. In what was another tight affair, the boys showed some real mettle but again succumbed to the final minutes going down 15-12 in a great battle. Innes Nowlan and Angus Bauer dominated the forwards with barnstorming runs and solid defensive efforts.

The U15s ventured to Gatton where they faced the new club ‘Valleys’ in a rematch from round 1. The result favoured us a little more than the last effort with a 35-5 win over the home side. Ryan Bohm and George Handley put their bodies on the line for the team on several occasions with the battle scars to prove it.

Games go into recess now for the holidays with the next fixtures against Dalby here at the home of the Water Rats on April 22.


Queensland Swimming Success

Last week we had five students participate in the Queensland School Sport Swimming Championships at Chandler in Brisbane. All students performed admirably and represented the College, the region and their families with distinction.

We congratulate Ella Hutchison and Chloe Harm on their efforts at the 10-12 Years State Championships, where both gained valuable experience at the highest possible level in Queensland.

Following on from this event was the 13-19 Years State Championships which saw Ellyse Kruger, Bailey Harm, and Nicholas McGahan contest the State Championships also at Chandler.

Bailey was the most successful, making three finals in his program. He went on to take the silver in the 50m Freestyle for his age and gained selection to the Queensland Team for the Nationals later this year. He also gained 5th in 50m Backstroke and 8th in the 100m Breaststroke.

Ellyse gained 15th out of a field of nearly 40 swimmers in her event and this was a great return to the Darling Downs Team after an absence of a few years. This is a deep testament to her determination and drive to succeed.

Nicholas had the swim of his short career with a smashing 59.4 in his Freestyle event to make the top 10 in Queensland and swim in a State final for his first time as a Darling Downs team member.

We congratulate all on their achievements and wish Bailey the very best at the National Championships later in the year.

Term 2 Sports – Expressions of Interest – Last call for players!
Please see notices for expressions of interest (EOI) for Basketball and Hockey for our Years 7-12 students. Hockey players are to send their EOI to Mr Bradbury and Basketballers to Mrs Michelle Brown (michelle.brown@scotspgc.com.au)

SCOTS PGC Equestrian Extravaganza

Last weekend our merry band of volunteers gathered under the guidance of Mrs Cheryl Paganin to present our first Equestrian Extravaganza for 2022 at Morgan Park.

The day was well patronised by schools from Tamborine on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba and Roma. Keen riders and their families descended upon Morgan Park for the Dressage and Combined Training events.

Our team performed admirably with several placings across the categories. Our best performer was undoubtedly Jessica Angus who claimed the overall title for her classification.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Cheryl Paganin, Mrs Claire Angus, Mrs Beck Poole, Mrs Joanne Sellick, Mrs Kylie Brasch, Mrs Deb Bischoff and all their other helpers and officials that contributed to the conduct of the day. Please enjoy some of the action shots below of our riders in action on the day.












SCOTS Pipes and Drums Competition

Last weekend the SCOTS PGC Pipes and Drums Band Competition was held on Briggs Oval in beautiful Scottish summer weather conditions (cool and overcast). Twelve bands came from near and far with teams from Brisbane and Moree keen to come and ply their wares in front of the small but appreciative crowd on the back of the Celtic Fest the day before.
The SCOTS PGC Band was outstanding taking the Class 4B Juvenile section of the competition and finishing 2nd behind BBC Pipe Band in the Class 4A.
The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the massed bands performance aka Edinburgh Tattoo, where all 12 bands were assembled to play together with some classic pipe tunes to finish the day’s entertainment.

Breaking News: EDINBURGH TATTOO Invitation

In speaking of the Edinburgh Tattoo, I am very excited to announce that five of our students have been invited to attend the Edinburgh Tattoo as part of the Brisbane Boys College Touring party to this amazing celebration.  The pinnacle of Pipe Band performances is what these lads will experience in a five-week tour to Scotland. The tour will include the World Pipe Band Championships held in conjunction with the Edinburgh Festival.

We congratulate Joshua Hullock (Drummer), Nicholas McGahan, Fraser Collins, Rory Macfarlane and Samuel Bourke (Pipers) on their selection to attend this once in a lifetime event. Numbers on offer were quite limited and these lads were identified as our best credentialed and most experienced performers to attend.

They will now learn some 20 pieces of music over the next three months prior to their departure for some twenty-five plus performances on the hallowed grounds of Edinburgh Castle.
We wish the boys every success at this event and thank Brisbane Boys College for the opportunity to join them in representing the country as the only Australian performers at this year’s Tattoo.

Cattle Club Update | Daniel Hughes (Cattle Club member)

The Cattle Club has had a great year so far after taking part in four regional shows, which have all proved to be a great success.  Here’s a wrap of results from the shows we’ve been to in Term 1.

A big congratulations to the following students:

Pittsworth Show

Mackenzie Taylor: 2nd in 12-15 years Young Paraders.

Georgia Mulcahy: 3rd in 12-15 years Young Paraders and 1st in 12-15 years’ Stud Cattle Young Judges.

Dan Hughes: 1st in 15-25 years’ Young Paraders and Champion Parader.


Inglewood Show

Oliver Miller: 1st in under 12 years paraders.

Georgia Mulcahy: 1st in 12-15 years’ Young Paraders and Champion Parader.

3rd in 12-15 years’ Prime Cattle Young Judges.

Mackenzie Taylor: 2nd in 12-15 years Young Paraders.

Tiffany Litt-Baker: 3rd in the 12-15 years Young Paraders.

James Buchan: 1st in 12-15 years’ Prime Cattle Young Judges and Champion Young Judge.

Ben Carey: 3rd in 15-25 years’ Young Paraders.

1st in 15-25 years’ Prime Cattle Young Judges and Reserve Champion Young Judge.

Dan Hughes: 1st in 15-25 years’ Young Paraders.

2nd in the 15-25 years’ Prime Cattle Young Judges.

Georgina Buchan: 3rd in 15-25 years’ Prime Cattle Young Judges.

Our SCOTS PGC Cattle also went very well at this show with our Angus Bull receiving ‘Grand Champion Bull’ and ‘Supreme Champion exhibit’. We also won Champion Led Steer as well as Reserve Champion Led Steer.

Warwick Show

Oliver Miller: 1st in under 12 years’ Young Paraders.

Cruz Hamilton: 2nd in under 12 years’ Young Paraders.

Grace Muller: 3rd in under 12 years’ Young Paraders.

1st in under 12 years’ Prime Cattle Young Judges.

2nd in under 12 years’ Stud Cattle Young Judges.

Mackenzie Taylor: 1st in 12-15 years’ young Paraders.

James Buchan: 1st in 12-15 years’ Prime Cattle Young Judges.

Georgia Mulcahy: 2nd in 12-15 years’ Prime Cattle Young Judges.

Georgina Buchan: 2nd in 15-25 years’ Prime Cattle Young Judges.

Dan Hughes: 1st in 15-25 years’ Stud Cattle Young Judges and Champion Young Judge.

Maddie Taylor: 5th in 15-25 years’ Stud Cattle Young Judges.

Toowoomba Royal Show

Natalie Mulcahy: 3rd in 12-15 years’ young paraders.

Georgia Mulcahy: 5th in 12-15 years’ young paraders.

Maddie Taylor: 5th in 15-25 years young paraders.

Grace Mcilroy: 5th in 15-25 years’ Stud Cattle Young Judges.

On behalf of the Cattle Club, I’d like to thank the following people for making the first four shows of our 2022 show season possible. Firstly, to Mr Peter Collett, for organising our trips, show entries and everything else he takes care of, as well as your knowledge and expertise which helps us prepare for shows. To Mrs Marcella Mortison, thank you for committing your valuable time to the Cattle Club Team. Also thank you to Mr Cameron Mulcahy for your assistance in taking the show trailer to Inglewood Show, your help is very much appreciated.

In Term 2, the team will continue to partake in a number of regional shows, as well as the Darling Downs Sub Chamber Finals. All the best to the team for another successful term.











Upcoming Trials
Please see below events in which we have students attending at the beginning of Term 2.
• Darling Downs Schools Cup Hockey – April 20 and 21

• Friday Boys Rugby Fixtures resume April 22

• Friday Girls Rugby Fixtures commence April 22

• Campdrafting Training Day – Allora – April 24

• Darling Downs 10-12 yrs Rugby League, Netball and Hockey – April 26

• Southern Downs and Border District Cross Country – April 28

• SWQ Futsal Titles – April 27, 28, 29, May 4 – Various ages to be advised

• Darling Downs Trials – U15 Rugby Union, U15 Basketball, Open Football – May 3

• Equestrian Extravaganza – Morgan Park – May 8

From the Boarding Houses featured image

From the Boarding Houses

Our boarders have finished the term extremely well in many ways. The time and effort put into academic homework or prep have been consistent throughout …


From the Boarding Houses

Our boarders have finished the term extremely well in many ways.

The time and effort put into academic homework or prep have been consistent throughout the term and hopefully, all students can look forward to some good results from their various pieces of assessment. In addition, the positive attitude toward the various co-curricular activities available at SCOTS PGC has seen a vast majority of students contribute to at least one or more teams or clubs this term. It has been wonderful to witness new and continuing friendships forged over the past eight weeks – this has been the real highlight across all our boarding houses, as boys and girls continue to commit to being the best person they can and being someone who cares about others.

Suncorp Stadium Rugby match

As can be seen in the photos, both girls’ and boys’ boarders enjoyed an excellent excursion last Saturday to watch the Reds vs Waratahs match. Not even a heavy shower of rain could dampen their spirits as the Reds secured a wonderful victory. Thanks to all those students who attended, and special thanks to our boarding house staff and parents who supported this event. We look forward to returning to Suncorp next term for a Broncos home game.

On behalf of Mr Stewart Bailey, Susan Everson and myself, we offer our thanks to all our boarding families and we wish everyone all the best for the upcoming vacation period. We look forward to the students returning in Term 2 on Travel Day, Monday 18 April, from 1 pm onwards.

David Marriott | Head of Senior Boys’ Boarding

Our SCOTS Community featured image

Our SCOTS Community

Past Students Reunite On Tuesday 15 March the Foundation and Past Students Association co-hosted a luncheon in Toowoomba at the Downs Club.  The sell-out event …


Our SCOTS Community

Past Students Reunite

On Tuesday 15 March the Foundation and Past Students Association co-hosted a luncheon in Toowoomba at the Downs Club.  The sell-out event was a fabulous opportunity for past students to reconnect both with each other and the College.  Principal Kyle Thompson and College Chairman Martin Webb (also a past student) provided an update on what’s been happening at the College.  Past students travelled from as far as Canberra and Hervey Bay and Tenterfield to attend.  75 past students attended the event and many more memories were shared.

The event was a wonderful success and we hope to make a Toowoomba Luncheon an annual event in our Past Student calendar.


As we reach the end of Term 1, we will be farewelling two members of staff.  Mr Garth Miller will conclude his tenure as the College’s Facilities Manager and Mrs Leanne Francis has resigned from her Middle School teaching role.  We thank Garth and Leanne for their work and wish them well for the future.


Mrs Monique Trim will be replacing Mrs Leanne Francis from the commencement of Term 2.  Monique is an experienced educator and is looking forward to teaching English in Years 7 and 8.

Mrs Cheryl Paganin has been appointed as the College’s new Uniform Shop Manager.  Mrs Paganin will start work in the Unform Shop during the coming vacation period.  Thank you to Mrs Sophie Bourke for her work in the Uniform Shop during Term 1.

From our Student Leaders featured image

From our Student Leaders

I’m Alexandra Rickert, a 2022 College Prefect. I’ve been at SCOTS PGC since 2010 and have eagerly taken up many opportunities that have been thrown …


From our Student Leaders

I’m Alexandra Rickert, a 2022 College Prefect. I’ve been at SCOTS PGC since 2010 and have eagerly taken up many opportunities that have been thrown my way. The most recent one was the Hospitality trip to Sea World Nara Resort, participating in the H.O.T.E.L School Program.

At SCOTS PGC, we offer a Certificate III in Hospitality through the Aurora Training Institute. Allowing students to participate in practical lessons which involve making beverages, whilst also completing the theory component of the course. Events such as Cardinal and World Teachers’ Day offers opportunities for Hospitality students to utilise their newly learned skills.

Last week, Year 11 and 12 Hospitality students packed their bags and boarded the bus to Sea World. After an action-packed Sunday afternoon in the Sea World theme park watching the dolphin show, patting stingrays (if you were brave enough) and jumping onto as many rides as you could, we settled down in our rooms to prepare for the following two days where we would be working in the Resort part of Sea World. We took part in almost everything there was to offer, from housekeeping to concierge to engineering to restaurant shifts, there was never a dull moment. Working in the resort also tested out navigation skills, with over 400 rooms, making your way to the pool or the Shoreline Restaurant or to your next shift was a challenge in itself.

On Tuesday afternoon after we’d all successfully completed the program, each student was awarded a graduation certificate and a ‘Star Performer Award’ was given out to the most enthusiastic and ready-to-learn student – congratulations to Olivia Lack for being awarded Star Performer.

Finally, on behalf of all hospitality students, I’d like to thank Mrs Melissa Bellingham, Mrs Beverly Hobbs and Ms Kirsten Fisher for organising and accompanying us on this wonderful trip.