Year 5 Camp Report

As recalled by the students of Year 5 ……

On Tuesday 20th February, the SCOTS PGC Year 5 class set off for Storm King Dam. They went in two of the SCOTS mini vans. They were packed with bags and noisy children. Briana said that the bus trip was super long and loud. “The singing was terrible”, complained Mr Fender and he asked Briana and Phoebe to calm down. When they got to Applethorpe they had to stop for a long time for a very slow train to go past. Campers waved and made horn signal for the driver to honk his horn.

After the Year 5 students had settled into their dorms, they went on a hike. It was long and rocky and they also saw a dead kangaroo. It was trapped under a huge pile of rocks. They also made amazing creations with natural materials. The top creative teams were Holly, Maggie, Ellyse and Briana.

The elated campers said that their favourite part of the camp was the canoeing. The wind was so strong for their little arms and it tossed and turned them when they struggled to steer the canoe. Because they were so light, they had three people in the canoe. One person was in the front and the middle person was on their knees on a mat. The person at the back was the captain of the crew.

The campers had a visitor from next door, Dusty the cattle dog. He was an excellent pet as well as a mascot for the Year 5 class. They even named themselves the “Dustys” for their canoeing activities. He was awesome company as he paddled along side the canoes. Dusty loved to play with balls and kept trying to steal the volleyball and cricket ball. The children learnt to hide the ball behind their back so that Dusty didn’t know where the ball was.

The children suffered a number of non-life threatening injuries on their camp. Briana had a small burn on her arm from a melting marshmellow. Lachlan had a minor spider bite. Mackenzie slipped on a rock and fell into the water. Finally, Tanner got his hand stuck in a bunk bed. But they all insisted they still had a great time.

On Wednesday night the campers performed in an incredible talent show. In first place was Alyxis singing “Africa” by Shakira. In second place were the dancers Phoebe, Ellyse, Mackenzie and Stevie. Third place getters were the Comedy Magicians, Dylan and Adam. At the end of the show everyone got up and performed “Bananas in Pyjamas” with Mr Campbell.

Most of the students were sad when they had to leave but they enjoyed the bus trip back. The children were chatting and laughing while some tried to get some sleep after the activity that they did that morning. They were glad to be heading home to their own beds.