Year 11 UQ Geography

At the University of Queensland, there was an extremely large range of ‘Earth and Environmental Sciences’ opportunities offered, which we got to experience first-hand. I and the rest of the Year 11 geography class weren’t too thrilled to go on this field trip, to begin with, this was mainly due to the 5 o’clock wake up but after a brief coffee and lolly stop in Aratula, the early morning start didn’t seem so bad after all.

We were directed into the meeting area of the Earth and Environmental Faculty where we soon discovered that we were one of the smallest groups there, with a class of eight students. So of course, we had to stick together and we all chose the same lectures/ classes. The first class we attended was the ‘Eruption Hazards’. I think we could all agree that although it was quite interesting, examining rocks isn’t our strong point. Once that class was over it was time for lunch and as a group, we decided a sausage in bread just wasn’t going to cut it so we set off on an adventure to find ‘Guzman Y Gomez’ and ‘Subway’ (probably the highlight of the trip).

The final activity of the day was ‘A bug’s life’, the objective of this activity was to measure the pH, turbidity, etc in different water samples and to test the living conditions of different bugs in their habitat. I must say, this was much more stimulating than the tectonic plates. At 2 o’clock it was then time to get back in the van and start our journey home. I think we could all agree that it was a day well spent at the University of Queensland and we all had a great time learning about the Earth’s environment, especially because we got a Freddo and a Chuppa Chup in our goody bag.

Ryan Balint – Year 11 Student