Theatre At SCOTS PGC

Year 9 and 10 at the Theatre in Brisbane

Years 9 and 10

On Tuesday 21st August the Year 9 and 10 Drama students travelled to QPAC in Brisbane to see Shake n Stir’s performance of George’s Marvellous Medicine. The performance was energetic and engaging. It was particularly wonderful to see the young children in the audience react to the performance and to see the elements of drama manipulated by the production’s director to suit the specific age group. Going to Brisbane as a class group was a great way for us to see the theory we have learnt, in the classroom, put into practice on stage and to see the words on a page come to life! – Written by Abby Dalziel (Year 10)

Year 12

Senior students who are involved in the Musical had the opportunity to go to the Empire Theatre on Thursday to watch an Opera Queensland production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s lesser known work Ruddigore or The Witch’s Curse.

Students enjoyed the opportunity to experience live theatre, to see characters develop on stage and watch as actors sang and danced.  It was an amazing experience thoroughly enjoyed by all. This opportunity was made possible through the generosity of the St Baker Energy Innovation Fund.