The Armidale School Rugby Visit

Last Friday afternoon SCOTS PGC U13 and U15 rugby teams travelled to The Armidale School to continue with the fixture we started last year.

Despite the size difference of our schools both the U13s and U15s teams played with great spirit and commitment to do their very best. The U13s only lost by a small margin (34-32) and it was a great game to watch.  Of particular note was Peter McFarland who tackled like a machine – a very consistent player!

As the coach of the U15s, I could not be prouder.  The score suggested a one sided game, but the boys’ performance was outstanding.  I could not have asked more from them.  Of highlight was the exceptional try-saving tackle from Willem Wiid and the consistent surges by Will Gilmore.

I would like to thank Mr Savovski, Mr Bradbury and Mr Davies for their help and the organisation of the tour.  It was a great success, and I hope the tour continues in the future.

I would also like to thank the players who attended.  You all showed great sportsmanship and commitment to your team.  You positively represented the College, and I hope that you all enjoyed the experience as much as I did. – Mr Jonathan Fender

The following students attended the Tour:

U15s                                                     U13s

Bailey Fowler                                    Fraser Collins

Will Gilmore                                      Seb Christensen

Christian Seidel                               Evan Doughboy

Darcy Zammit                                Peter McFarland

Willem Wiid                                    Luke Petchell

Ewan McFarland                            Hamish Swift

Ben Savidge                                  Geoff Warren

Joseph Byrnes                                Lachlan Woods

Toby Rozynski                               Hank Zammit

Buchanan Titus

Tyran Petrie

Casper Toft