Students Work on Display for Creative Generations

In September Morgan Gander and Bryce McKenzie had an opening for their exhibiting works in the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery. Their works featured in an annual exhibition display for the Darling Downs and South West Region Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Arts. The awards celebrate and recognise the highest standard of Year 12 artworks by students within the region. From there, works are shortlisted and one artwork was announced for the final selection which is to be displayed at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane. Both Morgan and Bryce should be congratulated on their achievements in being selected for the regional exhibition. An outstanding effort by both students.

Bryce McKenzie. Untitled, oil on canvas. Measures 25.4 x 30.5 x 3.6 cm

“This work illustrates the intrinsic connection that art has with human emotion. It was deliberately untitled so that the viewer would not receive any indication of what the work was about. The ambiguity around the subject, encouraging the viewer to connect to the work personally. The process of painting the work was kept instinctive, with no real plan for composition or choice in colours.  The message that the viewer takes away with them is that the elements of art and how they affect our emotions are ingrained into our very being.”


Morgan Gander. You Know What I Mean, oil on canvas. Each measures 122 x 91 x 3.8 cm

“You Know What I Mean, a two-piece portrait series of iconic musician Elton John, and the Scottish-American actor John Barrowman. The title of the work was taken from lyrics chosen from Elton John’s All the Girls Love Alice, a song about a teenage lesbian. These paintings were initially a part of a body of work, the third piece including text, where the titles come together to read Accept It . . . You Know What I Mean. The large scale of the portraits are deliberately made to feel imposing representing the current pressing issue of social acceptance of marginalised communities.”