Speech Day Wrap up

Speech Day for 2019 was a momentous occasion and an opportunity to recognise the effort and academic achievement of students from across the College.  Held in the John Muir Sports Centre last Friday, performances from our Pipe Band and Choir featured amongst the afternoon’s proceedings.  A long list of prize winners were acknowledged across various prize categories, with the pinnacle announcement of College Dux saved until last.  Congratulations to Bridie Shooter who took out this prestigious award and was also named as an OSCA prize winner for the best all-round achievement.  Amelia Meek was named Runner up Dux, while Samuel Proudlove was also awarded with an OSCA prize.

We are very proud of the achievements of our students in all areas of the curriculum.  We have published a complete list of the prize winners for those who were not able to see the presentations on the day.  Congratulations to all students on their persistent efforts and also to our teaching staff for their unwavering support and guidance.

Year 1 Academic AwardStephanie McCosker
Year 1 Runner Up Academic AwardAlayna Jones
Year 1 EffortMatilda Brand
Year 1 EffortEuan Bolton
Year 1 Most ImprovedFinlay Brown
Year 2 Academic AwardTreshawne Achari
Year 2 Runner Up Academic AwardGenevieve Hunter
Year 2 EffortNaomi Ratcliffe
Year 2 EffortCharles McCosker
Year 2 Most ImprovedZahra Hussain
Year 3 Academic AwardBenn Hunter
Year 3 Runner Up Academic AwardTimothy Amos
Year 3 EffortSophia Pettiford
Year 3 EffortAlexander Baker
Year 3 Most ImprovedShya-Rose Thompson
Year 4 Academic AwardTierney Stewart
Year 4 Runner Up Academic AwardLachlan Groves
Year 4 Effort AwardHannah Bourke
Year 4 Effort AwardNathanael Amos
Year 4 Most ImprovedClea Reid
Year 5 Academic AwardIsaac Ratcliffe
Year 5 Runner Up Academic AwardJames Bourke
Year 5 EffortElla Johnson
Year 5 EffortLiam Poole
Year 5 Most ImprovedLeah Mauch
Year 6 Academic AwardEliana Amos
Year 6 Runner Up Academic AwardConnie-Anne Sue Tin
Year 6 EffortNeve Kruger
Year 6 EffortRiley Wainwright
Year 6 Most ImprovedEllyse Kruger
Year 7 Academic AwardLauren McAdam
Year 7 Runner Up Academic AwardJack Perkins
Year 7 EffortMaggie Myer
Year 7 EffortSamuel Bourke
Year 7 Most ImprovedLachlan Woods
Year 8 The W R Black Academic PrizeWilliam Auger
Year 8 The W R Black Runner up Academic PrizeRosie-May Proudlove
Year 8 Effort AwardBridget Hardy
Year 8 Effort AwardLuke Stephenson
Year 8 Most ImprovedRyan Millard
Year 9 Academic AwardHannah Myer
Year 9 Runner Up Academic AwardEliana Jones
Year 9 The Bailey Memorial PrizeLily Kruger
Year 9 The Bailey Memorial PrizePeter McFarland
Year 9 Most ImprovedGeoffrey Warren
Year 10 The DeConlay Academic PrizeWilliam Gilmore
Year 10 The J R Simpson Academic PrizeLucy Jackson
Year 10 The Deane Butcher PrizeJayden Blacket
Year 10 The Deane Butcher PrizeHolly Naughten
Year 10 Most ImprovedCaitlin Fogarty
Year 11 The Noakes Memorial Academic AwardAndrew Wu
Year 11 The Hunter Memorial Academic AwardAidan Ryan
Year 11 Prize for All Round AchievementBraith Rohde
Year 11 Prize for All Round AchievementCaitlin Auger
Year 11 Prize for All Round AchievementRenée Lack
Year 11 Most ImprovedJack Kenny
Year 12 Accounting Uniting Church Investment Services Prize
Year 12 Business
Amelia Meek
Year 12 Accounting Uniting Church Investment Services PrizeGeorgia Rohde
Year 12 Visual ArtRose Dearden
Year 12 BusinessAmelia Meek
Year 12 Biological Science Deane Butcher PrizeBridie Shooter
Year 12 ChemistryBridie Shooter
Year 12 DramaGeorgia Johnson
Year 12 English DeConlay PrizeBridie Shooter
Year 12 English Constance Mackness PrizeBridie Shooter
Year 12 English CommunicationDarcy Turner
Year 12 Geography Hemingway Robertson PrizeRose Dearden
Year 12 Legal StudiesBridie Shooter
Year 12 Maths ABradley Cook
Year 12 Maths BBridie Shooter
Year 12 Modern HistoryBridie Shooter
Year 12 Physical Education Certificate III FitnessEmily Rhodes
Year 12 Certificate II in AgricultureOscar Rutherford
Year 12 Certificate II EngineeringJonathon Winter
Year 12 Industrial Technology SkillsAnthony Hodges
Year 12 PhysicsSamuel Proudlove
Year 12 School Based Trainee of the YearJonathon Winter
TAFE QLD SW Outstanding Vocational Student of the YearJonathon Winter
Ron Douglas Memorial BursaryJonathon Winter
Seniors of ‘79 Scholastic Progress ShieldJonathon Winter
Bond University Collegiate ScholarshipBridie Shooter
Bond University Collegiate ScholarshipAmelia Meek
Bond University Collegiate ScholarshipSamuel Proudlove
The James McClymont Memorial Award for Junior Boy BoarderWilliam Bryant
The James McClymont Memorial Award for Junior Girl BoarderIsabelle Twidale
Girls’ Boarding AwardJessica Brierley
Boys’ Boarding AwardCameron McNair
Deane Butcher PrizeAysha Bowley
The Principal’s Award for Contributions to the Cultural Life of the CollegeJessica Welsh
Caledonian Society Awards for Most Improved PiperRosalie Mauch
Caledonian Society Awards for Most Improved DrummerSarah Mauch
The Mayall Band Trophy for Conscientious EffortNicholas McGahan
The Pipe Band PrizeAbby Dalziel
The David Littleproud Award Year 11Andrew Wu
ADF Leadership and Teamwork Award Year 12Siobhan McEvoy
ADF Leadership and Teamwork Award Year 10Ewan McFarland
The J A Dunning Memorial PrizeWilliam Gilmore
The W W McLaren PrizeHolly Naughten
The A D McGill Memorial PrizeRachel Somerset
The R G Steele Memorial PrizeAidan Ryan
The W J Crawford Memorial PrizeAbby Dalziel
E & M Wilkie Prize - DebatingHannah Myer
Uniting Church Prize for Christian Character and ServiceSiobhan McEvoy
The Parents and Friends’ Prize for General WorthinessAmelia Meek
The Parents and Friends’ Prize for General WorthinessCameron McNair
The SCOTS PGC Past Students’ AwardSiobhan McEvoy
The A W Fadden Cup for outstanding Citizenship  and ServiceSamuel Proudlove
RJ & SL Shilliday Memorial Prize for outstanding Citizenship and ServiceEmily Rhodes
Caltex All-RounderChase Naylor
Mayor’s MedalRose Dearden
The OSCA PrizeBridie Shooter
The OSCA PrizeSamuel Proudlove
School Captain AwardEmily Rhodes
School Captain AwardSamuel Proudlove
The University of Southern Queensland Prize (Runner Up Dux)Amelia Meek
The W R Black and University of Qld Prize (Dux)Bridie Shooter
Prep PresentationAndrew Amos
Prep PresentationAddelyn Andrews
Prep PresentationMatilda Bibby
Prep PresentationBronte Charles
Prep PresentationElsie Davis
Prep PresentationSamuel Dwan
Prep PresentationEliza Geraghty
Prep PresentationFelix Lubben
Prep PresentationNaysa Mehta
Prep PresentationIsabelle Pettiford
Prep PresentationHarrison Price
Prep PresentationAmalee Salvestro
Prep PresentationJack Unwin
Prep PresentationCharlie Ure
Prep PresentationLaura Worboys