Senior Boys Boarding

Legacy Builders

One of the great challenges of boarding life is bringing together a group of individuals with different experiences, interests, strengths and weaknesses, to form a harmonious and successful community. The dilemma we face is deciding what values and attitudes we are going to share. Each person involved in the community plays an important role in defining these values: the Principal, the Head of House, the Boarding Supervisors, and the students themselves. Collectively, we determine the way in which we live, the interactions we have with one another and the way we want to be viewed.

Hawkins House is relatively young – in fact, some of our students remember the old boys’ boarding houses, School and Deconlay Houses, and some parents and staff would even remember Old Kingswood and when Cunningham was a senior boarding house. Each of these houses has an incredible history, and each had its own traditions and individual culture. Those boys who lived in these houses understood the history of their house, they knew its secrets (and guarded them carefully), and you only have to speak to an ‘old boy’ to understand that they were proud of them. We often find ourselves envious of the traditions of these other houses – so many young men passed through their doors and all of their lives were shaped by their house in one way or another.

Whilst Hawkins House does not have the years of lived experience that these other houses possessed, the boys are certainly forging a strong culture and their own identity; over time they will also foster their own traditions and I am sure that the Hawkins House traditions will be just as important and valued as those that developed in other houses. As a way of helping to grow this culture and our own sense of belonging within the College, we are going to undertake a number of House activities between now and the end of the year – including designing a crest and motto for the house, to sit alongside those of Deconlay, School and Cunningham Houses. This will be a genuine opportunity for the young men of Hawkins House to take responsibility for determining the values and attitudes that will define our community now and into the future.

Before I finish, it would be remiss of me not to mention the outstanding contribution our Year 12 boys made to the Cardinal last weekend. The boys ‘scrubbed up’ pretty well, and their behaviour and upbeat attitude throughout the evening was both wonderful to see and infectious. This type of display convinces me that our culture and traditions are in safe hands.

Regards, Mr Fraser Bolton