Senior Boys Boarding

Future Pathways

At this time of year, Senior students across the nation begin thinking about life after school. What wonders lie beyond the (metaphorical) gates of the classroom and College? Recently, I have been lucky enough to have some of our Hawkins House boys come and discuss their futures with me, and I have been reminded of the important role that schools and educators play in not only preparing our students for life after school, but in fostering inquiring minds, and encouraging our young people to be courageous and adventurous. The zest for life that our boys have is infectious, and it is inspiring to hear about the dreams and aspirations of these young men.

I would like to think that the opportunities afforded to our students have helped propel them towards whatever goals and ambitions they harbour. The SCOTS PGC College boarding community is rich in diversity; our students’ interests vary wildly and their strengths are as disparate as they are remarkable – our Hawkins House community currently includes, amongst others, aspiring mechanics, carpenters, lawyers and aviators. It is an environment in which students of a huge range of backgrounds can flourish and become the best possible versions of themselves.

It is worth remembering that pathways after school, and indeed whilst at school, can look very different. Some students will be insistent on heading off to university straight away, whereas others will want to travel, take a gap year, head directly into the workforce or begin an apprenticeship. Some of our boarders may want to return home, whilst others will be attracted to the bright lights of the city. All of these options are valuable and worthwhile in their own ways, and what happens next is really about the individual. What is most important is that every student works out what their strengths and interests are, so that they can make informed decisions about the goals and future they wish to pursue.

The options available to young people today seem endless, and the information to help people make good decisions about their futures is rarely more than a click away. For example, TAFE and universities provide extensive information about the courses they offer, and the UK Boarding Schools’ Association Job Board is frequently updated with opportunities for individuals who may be interested in a gap year working at a school in the United Kingdom. I would encourage all boys to discuss their goals and ambitions for the future with their families, and also with us so that we can work together in ensuring the best possible outcomes for our young men.

Fraser Bolton – Head of Senior Boys Boarding