Senior Boys Boarding

At this time of term, we all start to feel a bit tired, sometimes a bit unwell, and occasionally overwhelmed by the amount of work that we have to get done before the holidays. In the case of our Hawkins House boys, we are in the middle of rugby season, have a number of boys playing futsal and soccer, are busily preparing for the upcoming assessment period and the Year 10s will be on camp in the coming weeks. There is no doubt that the boys are busy.

When our schedules become crowded and our minds overwhelmed, it can be tempting to want to lock ourselves away and begrudge those times where we must follow others’ plans, rather than just being able to set our own agenda. The Hungarian psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, has become well known for his ‘flow theory’, which describes the state of being ‘in the zone’, where we work most effectively. Anyone who has experienced the frustration of being interrupted when about to set a new high score on their favourite video game will be able to relate to this idea. We all have different activities where we experience this state of ‘flow’, and each individual experiences this in different ways.

At this time of term this is something that may cause conflict.  This could be because boys who are in a state of flow when studying or completing assignments are interrupted by others, or because the natural rhythms of boarding house life, such as attending meals at set times, can sometimes prove frustrating for individuals who would like to spend their time differently. One of the biggest challenges in communal living is working out how to get along with others and how to find enough time for yourself to pursue in depth your own studies and interests.

It is worth remembering that the events organised in boarding are designed to support health and well-being by providing the opportunity for some nutritious food and a chance to stretch the legs, all whilst spending some time in the sun and enjoying the company of others. At this time of term, we encourage all of our boys to pay particular attention to planning their time effectively, taking into consideration the compulsory or fixed events in each day and week, so that they feel they are making the most of their personal time.

Fraser Bolton – Senior Boys Boarding