Senior Boys’ Boarding

Greetings Parents and Carers,

This week is perhaps one of the most important weeks for many of the Year 12 boys (and girls) as they sit their Qld Core Skills test, the dreaded QCS. I must admit that although I have heard this spoken of and referred to many times it was still a bit of a mystery to me before I started working in boarding. Most boys are coping admirably with the pressure and as each step of the process is completed they will be, and it will definitely feel like they are, one step closer to the end of this 12-year journey. However, I encourage all boys to stay focussed – there are still exams to be sat both this term and next and, for all of the boys, across all years, these last 2 exam blocks are critical in setting them up for what comes next, whether it be the next year of school or, for the senior boys, further study. For more information on the QCS or OP system please either contact the College or follow this link –

Last weekend the under-16 rugby boys travelled up to Toowoomba for a game against TACAPS and returned triumphantly after a hard-fought match with a try to our own Joe Thompson (the next JT), in a game that saw the lead swap numerous times. It wasn’t until the last few minutes in fact, that the SCOTS boys sealed the win – resembling in a way the Bledisloe game later that evening, albeit with slightly less-pleasing result (a good game but still no trophy!) On Sunday we all settled in to the common room for the Mayweather/McGregor bout and whilst I’m not exactly a boxing fan, it was one for the ages in a much anticipated and written about spectacle.

I look forward to catching up with many parents this weekend for our annual Father’s Day brunch, followed by the trip to Toowoomba for Skirmish. As I have mentioned in previous newsletters, with just 2 weeks until the end of term, could I respectfully request that leave arrangements be confirmed as soon as possible, particularly for those boarders travelling on public transport either interstate or overseas.

One last point, I have the school photos for this year in my office and, where possible, I would prefer to hand them directly to parents. I will try to remember to hand them out as I see many of you during the term and particularly during the last week. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries regarding your sons’ progress at the College.

Kind Regards, Phil Stiles